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    Locating private tennis instructors

    I've typically done group lessons at the park district but with Covid, I'd prefer to find a private instructor for outdoor lessons. I have no idea where to start looking though. Anyone know good resources for finding instruction in the Chicagoland area? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Contact point exercises

    Hey guys, our local adult tennis class got a new coach and this guy made me realize how much better a tennis coach could be. After years of this class, one of the first things he worked on with my was addressing my contact point on both wings. My issue is I tend to make contact 1) too close to...
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    AITA: 4.5 player crashes our 3.5 drills

    4.0-4.5 level player crashes our park district 3.5 drill sessions because he seems to be friends with a bunch of the coaches. Great, I love playing higher level players so I can get better. ...but he seems to not play within the spirit of a given drill. Example, we'll do a drill where we play...
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    Good string for Wilson US Open 17x16

    It feels a bit head heavy for my 2yr old. Is it a good candidate racquet for full poly or should I wait until she's 3 for that? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Hyper G with slick cross?

    Anyone try Hyper G with a slick / round poly cross? Thinking it might dampen it and decrease notching. Looking at crossing 18g Hyper g with RS Lyon or YPTP in an 18x20 frame. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Follow up: Rebuilding my serve -- focus on trophy position and racquet drop

    Hi all, this is a follow-up post from earlier where I got some great pointers from the forum! Earlier service motion and thread found here: I went out and focused on going straight to my...
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    Strings for 16x19 vs 18x20

    I'm venturing into some 18x20 frames after playing with 16x19 for a while. Are there changes in string considerations I should be making in addition to tension? I'm thinking of considering a higher gauge. Any thoughts of "snap back" slick polys vs more shaped oriented polys in 18x20 beds? Other...
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    Offensive backhand slice instruction

    I play a OHBH and I grew up doing incorrect backhand strokes that resulted in weird slice that was was more sidespin than underspin. I've greatly improved my backhand now and hit a proper topspin OHBH. However I'm struggling to add a good aggressive slice backhand to my repetoire which I feel...
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    Serve Inconsistency / Serve Feedback

    I posted an earlier thread around my struggle with serving consistently. When my serve is in, it's definitely a strength at the level I'm playing at (3.5). However, I don't have a serve that I can absolutely rely on unless I do something ridiculous like lob serve or drop shot serve. I was able...
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    1st/2nd serve development suggestions

    I feel that the most inconsistent part of my game is serving. I'm playing around a 3.5 level and though I have a strong first serve (flat and heavy on the ad court and a hard slice on the deuce court), I don't feel I have a high enough percentage second serve to warrant chancing the first serve...
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    First tweener racket string recommendation

    I have taken lessons for a long time but just started playing matches and am playing at a 3.5 level. Most of my training was with a more classic player's racket (think Prestige MP, 6.1 95S, Angells TC95) but after trying out a Babalot Pure Aero Tour, it's really helped my game (I admit it.)...
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    First Match Tips?

    Hey guys, I only got around with guys on the tennis team throughout high school, then YouTubed in college and practiced with a camera, then I finally started taking group lessons and about 4 years of lessons later, I finally have time in my life to join a league. My coach rated me between 3.5...
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    Moving on from Six.One S

    Relatively new user to these parts but avid reader. I've been ramping up my tennis now that I finished grad school and came back to using my Wilson Six.One Spin (with added wait on the tip and handle). I want to take a fresh look at what racquet I should really be playing with. I like the...
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    One handed back hand contact point

    I grew up playing recreationally and originally learned using a one handed backhand because my dad played racquetball (don't worry, I got rid of lots of the bad racquetball influence) and grew up a Sampras fan. However since I've gotten more serious in the past year about my game, I'm really...
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    Rebuilding the serve

    Hey guys, Over the past year I have put a lot of effort towards my game (after learning via YouTube for several years) and increased my rating to 3.5-4.0ish after starting formal lessons for a year. However, they are group lessons and for obvious reasons, we don't have a ton of time to practice...
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    Beginner Set Up

    I'm getting my wife into playing with me and she's played as a kid but nothing intense. I'm a 3.5-4.0 myself and am looking for a racquet for her that isn't the one she is using from WalMart. The Volkl V1 Organix looks nice, but basically trying to get her something slightly head light, under...
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    Arm friendly-ish spin poly

    Transitioning from a prestige flexpoint to a 6.1 95S and looking for a poly with good access to spin, lower powered because of the transition away from my flexpoint, and relatively friendly on the arm, though I know we're looking at polys. Thanks!
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    Wilson Six.One 95S

    Been playing with the flexpoint prestige MP since I started playing semi-seriously and not knowing what kind of racquet to get. Since then I've developed my game and have found success playing with heavy topspin, one-handed backhand. Thoughts on moving to the Wilson Six.One 95S from the...
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    Prestige FXP MP to Youtek IG

    After much demoing I'm thinking maybe the easiest transition would be to the Youtek IG MP purely on the huge amount of word of mouth and high ratings. I'd be coming from the Prestige FXP Midplus so I feel like this would be an upgrade? Thoughts on not going towards the newer prestige and opting...
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    Between Player's Racquet and Tweener

    First time poster, long time lurker! Looking for possibly a racquet between a player's racquet and a tweener. Long story short, I played a lot as a kid then got back into it in high school and college. Decided to pick up a racquet from Sports Authority back in the day and knowing nothing about...