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    Read Federer's Post Match Interview Today, Very Interesting

    Q. Do you think you're a significantly better player than you were a few years ago? And if so, could you talk about that? ROGER FEDERER: I mean, I used to play obviously much different at the age like Djokovic. I would chip and charge, serve and volley a little bit, play like my idols...
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    Many posters on this board are short sighted

    Federer loses a match in non-slam event, or even struggled in his win, the sky is falling. Roddick won a tournament with Connors, and getting close in one match against Federer, he is going to challenge Federer. Nadal got to Wimbledon finals two years in a row, he is going to take over No. 1...
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    Some Sports Writers Should Be Banned from Writing on Tennis

    Toronto - (Sports Ticker) "A native of Spain, the second-ranked Nadal fell to 44-6 this season. He won the French Open on grass and reached the Wimbledon final on grass but still is looking for the first hardcourt tournament win of his career." It is so far off, it isn't funny...
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    Navratilova on Overall Slow Down of Surfaces

    Q. In general do you subscribe to the theory that the general homogenization of surface in the game, that clay is faster, grass is slower, hard courts are maybe MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: Pretty slow. Q. Even in the U.S.? You do? MARTINA NAVRATILOVA: It's a bad thing. It's a bad thing, no...
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    Federer on Overall Slow Down on ATP

    From Federer's interview: Q. Across all surfaces have you noticed any sort of change since you came on the tour or not? ROGER FEDERER: I think the indoors has gotten a little slower than it used to be. I think clay's been pretty much similar because, yeah, there, I mean, I think it's...
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    China Wins First Grand Slam Title

    China's Zi Yan and Jie Zheng have upset top seeds Lisa Raymond and Samantha Stosur to deliver China its first ever Grand Slam title with a 2-6 7-6 (9/7) 6-3 win in the women's doubles final at Australian Open 2006.
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    Federer on Agassi vs Blake match

    Q. Why do you think Agassi won? What did he do to come back like that? ROGER FEDERER: In my eyes, James gave it away, so... James should have locked it up many times. But happens, you know. It's for him also first time he's in this position, and obviously against Andre it doesn't make it...
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    Economic issue

    Partisan aside, how many of you believe this country is headed toward right direction economically? Seriously.
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    My analysis of Pete vs Roger

    Let's separate achievement from this discussion since Federer just started. Federer matures a little bit later than Pete. Most of the discussion on this board don't compare Pete's game at same stage of his career at Federer. Pete had improved his game througout his career especially his...
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    Hewitt and Henman on Federer

    Q. If you were trying to describe to someone what it's like to face his forehand when he's hitting it the way he was at times today, how would you describe it? LLEYTON HEWITT: It's hard to predict, you know, where he's going on it. He moves into the forehand so well. He can -- there's not...