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    how can i donate for manufacturers making ventilators?

    Are there any sites where I can donate directly to non-profit organizations that make ventilators? Please provide your input.
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    Ball boys and girls

    Why do they have to handle players towels? I always had this question not just because of recent pandemic but I thought it was glaringly wrong unhygenic to handle players' fluids. How do they protect themselves?
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    Shoulder Bursitis

    Experienced increasing chronic shoulder pain. Went to ortho, took xray and diagnosed bursitis. Gave me an option to get cortisone. I went for physical therapy. Have been doing physical therapy for one month. Initially saw improvement but pain level plateaued after sometime. These days am not...
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    2019 ATP Miami - QF: GOAT vs Big Kevin

    Discuss. Roger in 2.
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    ESPN and WatchESPN app

    This morning when I opened watchespn app, I was given an option to download ESPN app. What's the difference between two apps?
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    Help with upcoming stair climbing event

    I will be participating in a 1000 step/40 floor stair climbing event. I can climb 11 floors without a problem. How can I prepare for this event? Firstly, I would have been happy if there was an escalator coming down but there's none where I am practicing. Real event has elevator. Secondly...
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    This is scary...

    Hundreds of Dietary Supplements Are Tainted with Prescription Drugs Less than half of the products were recalled, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration analysis found
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    This is super exciting!

    Amazon 'just getting started' as it prepares for tennis debut from Queen's "Later this summer, the US Open will also appear via Amazon Prime, while from next season the four...
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    Cilic vs Fognini French Open 2018 R16

    Moved to pro results section.
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    Federer's diet
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    Is AusOpen site down?

    sorry it's up.
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    Rotator cuff pain

    I do not play tennis. I stop playing tennis about 4 years ago. I''m going to gym and started doing chest press, incline press, compound row and pecs. I am not sure which of these exercises causing shoulder pain. Any suggestions?
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    2018 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Please discuss your predictions, ambitions, raves, and rants. New ATP rules and lot more. You are limited by your imagination ☺
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    Stan and Magnus Norman

    Stan Wawrinka parts ways with coach Magnus Norman in surprise split. Read more:
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    Leg press and knee pain

    I did a leg press with new weights a week ago. This morning I experienced knee pain on my right knee. It lasted for few minutes and there's dull pain now. In the morning I had pain when i tried to stand straight. Could my knee pain be due to leg press or something else?
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    Bowflex Calf Exercises

    Hello. Are there any calf exercises I can do to strengthen and bulk calf muscles? Any videos or links?
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    Uncle Toni admits Rafael Nadal's US Open win is not special after avoiding Roger Federer, Novak Djok

    Uncle Toni admits Rafael Nadal's US Open win is not special after avoiding Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy.
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    Strength Training - Questions about weights

    I am getting differing opinions out on the web. If I just started doing 10 pounds weight, is it ok to do all three reps with the same weight or do I have to do three different weights for each of the sets? I cannot lift more than 10 pounds weight now but at the same time I want to improve my...
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    Andy Murray -- Woman Coach

    “When it first came out in the press that I may be working with a woman, I got a message from one of the players who is now coaching,” he added. “He said to me, ‘I love this game that you’re playing with the press, maybe you should tell them tomorrow that you’re considering working with a dog.’...
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    Roger Federer roadshow to continue at the Rogers Cup

    The next chapter of Roger Federer's remarkable renaissance will take place in Montreal next week, after the Swiss confirmed that he will play the Rogers Cup, which begins on Monday.
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    Bernard Tomic

    When is he playing next? Montreal? Is it fair for spectators to go and watch his match or just stay at home?
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    ATP Radio

    ATP & ATP Media Launch ATP Tennis Radio ----- Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; ATP Tennis Radio is easily accessible through TuneIn Radio’s website, mobile and car apps, and...
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    Endurance exercise tips

    I am currently doing 3 sets of 15 chest press and rowing without weight. My goal is to improve endurance. I am pretty comfortable with 3 sets. As a next step do i need to add weight or increase sets or continue doing what I am doing, to improve endurance?
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    If not for Murray

    Andy Murray once again reminds reporter that women's tennis players exist too
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    No tennis on ESPN 3?

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    Is RB Agut one of the most hard working player?

    Is RB Agut one of the most hard working players? Does it also mean that wimbledon courts are much slower this year?
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    2017 FO QF - [3] Stan Wawrinka vs [7] Marin Cilic

    Let the predictions begin!
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    Semis and finals on ESPN3?

    Does anyone know if ESPN 3 is going to live broadcast semis and finals in continental US? I don't have cable subscription but have been watching it on WatchESPN app.
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    Stan and Magnus Norman

    Stan was so overwhelmed before the final that he cried in front of Norman. What do you think Norman might have told Stan at that time? What might have transpired between them? Also how did Norman transform Stan?
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    Wishing Bartoli a speedy recovery

    I hope she recovers from this mystery illness soon. Best wishes for her.