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    Longest toilet break

    Is this the one?
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    Is Nadal greater than Laver?

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    Nole fans, should he fight for 7th YE n1?

    Medieval is invading the kingdom. Is war an option?
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    Courts looking fast like AO

    Did the organizers finally received the memo? Fed likes fast courts! We will probably see a rematch of Australia final.
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    Federer AO17 vs Djokovic AO21

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    Has next gen finally surpassed lost gen?

    Lost gen being Nishikori, Raonic, Dimitrov, Goffin. Next gen being Tsitsipas, Zverev, Medvedev, Berrettini.
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    Which is greater, Fed 2006 season or 4 titles year CYGS?

    Let's say a player wins only four tournaments during the year, but they are all slams, how does this compare with Fed 2006 season?
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    Seven deadly pros?

    Fed - Pride Djokovic - Greed Gluttony - Wawrinka Lust - Dimitrov Sloth - Tomic Envy - No idea Wrath - Kyrgios
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    Will Djokovic or Nadal get the slam win longevity record?

    Rosewall has the record with 37y, 1m and 24d. Fed came close to breaking it but failed. Djokodal seem to be aging better than Fed, i think they have a good chance to go beyond what he achieved.
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    If Wimby21 was played on 90s grass...

    Would Djokovic still be the favorite? If not him, who? According to this site, all Wimbledon tournaments of the last decade played a lot faster than any year of the 90s, even in what is supposed to be a slower grass. Some...
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    2006 Fed or 2020 Nadal, who would win at RG?

    Very interesting. Could peak Fed lose against the 34 year old player?
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    Nole fans, which AO speed do you prefer, slow or fast?

    We all know Djovak is the greatest AO player in the slower speeds, but since they changed to a faster court Novak proved he can be great there too. So i ask fellow Djokovic fans, which AO speed do you like seeing him play more?
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    Real bounce exposing the corrupt mark system on clay

    Will RG finally implement this beauty that ends all discussions pronto?
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    Fed fans, Fedal match at USO21, do you want?

    Probably one of the most desired encounters by tennis fans at a slam stage, but Fed might not be in the ideal form to face Rafa. The question is, at this point, do you still want to see Fed facing Rafa at USO? If he is in form, do you think he has a chance?
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    What happened to Nadal?

    He destroyed the greek hot 2 years ago and made it look easy. Rafa was beating him again this year but suddenly he incarnated Fed and decided to give the match to the younger gen. It was also useless because Stefan got massacred in the next round.
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    Fed with the neo backhand since 2004, more slams?

    If he had the 2017 neo backhand in his arsenal since 2004, would that change anything in his slam performances? How would he fare against the Nadal at RG?
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    Is Nadal an indoors ATG?

    He already said it is his favorite alongside grass.
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    Does Novak needs Boris again to win RG?

    With Boris he achieved what some believed was impossible. Killed the king of clay inside his own castle. Conquered the clay kingdom to hold all slams at the same time. Is it time to hire the right man to do the right job? Disgust and discuss.
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    Baby Djok vs Massu AO07

    The Baby schooled Thiem master, perhaps Massu harbors a feeling of vengeance everytime he trains Dom to play against Novak.
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    What is Medvedev problem on grass?

    I can understand why he sucks on clay, his flat shots just don't penetrate enough. But on grass.. i just can't see why he isn't a force there yet, perhaps 2 years ago his game just wasn't ready. He has all the tools (good serve, good mover, small lag in his flat strokes) to go big at Wimby...