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    Head Ti S1 Pro stringing instructions

    Does anybody have Ti S1 Pro stringing instructions or know where I can get them? I checked the Head website but can't find it.
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    Which racquet? IGNORING playability

    If you knew where you wanted all of the mass in a racquet which of these would be the best choice as a platform for a bunch of lead? basically I want to compare the characteristics of a racquet that you consider after playability like feel, quality, grip shape, and even the paint. I prefer...
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    Fischer pro tour ft>

    I'm thinking of trying this racquet because they are selling really cheap at a local shop. Can you guys comment on this racquet for me? My normal racquet is a prostaff 6.1 classic. Thanks also I've read that the grip is very square (i didn't get to hold one in my hand) Is it at all like...
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    LM Instinct Tour xl mass distribution

    Is it me or does it seem like most of the mass is in the throat. I haven't tried it yet but I held my friends instinct in my hand and that's what it felt like. Am I imagining this? This is a racquet that I was interested in but I prefer racquets with a most of the weight in the head and...
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    Tweeners of forgiving player's racquet with consistent stringbeds

    Could someone give me some suggestions. I'd be especially interested in 27.5in long racquets.
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    What are you 5.0s using?

    I'm not a 5.0 myself and I'm not making this thread to help me choose a racquet (though I may test some). I'm just curious.
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    How do you poly users demo racquets?

    I'm just wondering how you poly/kevlar guys demo racquets from tw. I demoed some racquets a while ago and they came strung with some multi-filament string (I could just tell by the way they looked and wore out). I've been using kevlar and polyester strings for at least 8 years and found that...
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    Where can I get a reel of tourna-poly premium?

    I cant find it anywhere
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    Question about Kirschbaum super smash tension loss

    People say that this string loses a lot of tension in an hour or two My question is does it continually lose a lot of tension or does it lose a large amount and then hold tension well? I know that string will always lose tension but does it seem like it has a break-in period or what? thanks
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    Can poly hybrids distort the frame

    A friend of mine that i string for has been using kirschbaum super smash for a long time and he says he wants to try using a softer cross. Since this string is known for losing a lot of tension fast, can a hybrid of super smash and synthetic gut that holds tension better (probably forten sweet)...
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    Klip Scorcher question

    I just got done trying some strings and I was very impressed with this string. I want to make it my normal string now but I restring often and 10 dollars is kind of expensive for me. Is there a cheap cross that will make it play like the whole string bed is klip scorcher?
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    Is superfine play the same as the old fine play

    I used to play with babolat fine play a long time ago. Is superfine play the same thing just a change in name or is it a different string
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    Has anyone tried the Kirschbaum P2 string?

    I'm supposed to be getting a sample of these strings soon. Has anybody tried these yet? or does anyone know where i can buy some? I'll post my thoughts on it after i play with it.
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    Question about yellow forten sweet color

    Is the yellow forten sweet a regular yellow(like volkl v-rex) or an optic yellow (like a tennis ball color)? and is it opaque or translucent?
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    Soft gold string

    Is there a good soft gold string that i can use for a cross. I know that it shouldn't matter too much but i wanted the cross to match the mains.
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    Donnay Pro 25

    item # 7204208474 at e b a y does anybody know anything about this racquet? its a midsized racquet i saw on the auction site
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    Klip Hardcore

    I searched and there are some old threads about this string but not that much info. I was wondering if maybe more people have tried this string since then and can give some info on how it plays and feels. thanks
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    Whats the difference between the Prostaff 6.1 classics (white/black butt cap)

    Whats the difference between the two. I've only played with the one with a white butt cap and i want to buy some new ones which have the black butt caps.
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    John mcenroes strings

    what strings did he use back then later in his career? those gold colored strings on his max 200g
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    Prostaff 6.1 and Slazenger pro x1

    I've played with my buddy's prostaff 6.1 classic and i love how it plays and the feel. I've heard that the x1 is similar and theyre cheaper now so i want to buy a couple and make the weight and balance similar to a 6.1 classic. Could someone compare them for me? I like the feel from the...
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    Any good black overgrips?

    I like the white yonex supergrap but the black one doesn't fell good or last long same with the babolat vs original are there any good ones?
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    i.radical mp - crisp racquet?

    Is this a crisp feeling racquet. Some say the radical line is crisp feeling but some say its buttery or soft. I guess some people have a different meaning of the word crisp. Can someone tell me which of these racquets have the closest feel to the i.radical mp -rdx 500 -pog mid/os -pure...
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    i.Radical head size

    I've read that the head size of the i.prestige mid is really around 90 not 93. Is the i.prestige really 98 or maybe 95? And since the i.prestige grommets can fit the i.radical I was just wondering
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    Replacement for Head Atlantis

    I was given a racquet called Atlantis. The frame is black and metallic green, on the inner part of the frame it says Technology in yellow and metallic purple and on the other side it says x-tralong. near the throat it says double power wedge and it is similar to heads new flexpoint technology i...
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    modern racquet with alot of feedback

    I'm in search for a new racquet. I'm still demoing a bunch of racquets and I tried the ps 6.0 85 just for fun and I really liked the raw crisp feedback it gave me. I understand there are no other racquets that give as much feedback but are there any modern racquets that give alot of feedback...
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    Sounds like RDX500 MP

    This is a weird question. Are there any racquets that sound like the yonex RDX500 midplus on ball impact? I have demoed many racquets so far and I havent found anything I liked yet but I loved the loud pop noise from my friends yonex. It could have been from his strings (Gamma Live Wire...