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    How is this for volley skills?

    Vid of the Byan brothers practicing volleys no wonder, how they have such great form. I never saw a practice like this before, with such a precision and velocity on the net..
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    Sampras and Agassi (no real comparison)

    I mean Andre Agassi is without a doubt one of the most talented players to play tennis and helped shape the game we see nowdays but, I have read in a few places and some people actually believe that he is more talented then Sampras. Which in my view is nonsense, I mean Sampras had it all and a...
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    Alright, let's be real Honest here...

    The one handed Backhand by all standard is a nice shot...Looks fantastic, Specially on TV being Hit by pros that make a living out of Mastering Tennis. Most would argue, that is the most beautiful shot in the sport.... But... Most of us are seduced by the superficial beauty and the nice...
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    College player doing Pro Impressions...

    Take a look at this guy hability to imitate the Pros, especially Guga and Coria.. lol, not only their body expressions but, the way they move around the court and the strokes.. I thought it was pretty good.. and notice that he filmed a While ago. Before, Djokovic Hit the scene...
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    Djokovic Forehand Grip?

    I beleive is between Semi western and Western. Is really consistent and good with angles... but for put aways balls, he struggles, because he tries to angle and doesnt really have that flat ball. Can somebody post a good pic of it too Thanks!
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    Novak Djokovic

    Really impressed me in this Final not only by his game but his mental strenght. Not easy to play so close in yout first grand slam final and those 2 first set could have gone either way. Now, I think he has 1 major hole in his game that he was to improve is his Put away Forehand, he needs to be...
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    Can someone tell me WTF is this?

    He looks like a beast in this photo :
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    Any TV ratings news??

    I'm curious because I know that the Roland Garros final was more widely watched on TV, then many years before. This Wimbledon final was really exciting and it is interesting to know if the jump in TV ratings that the Federer x Nadal Rivalry is giving to Tennis, specially in the U.S...
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    Federer trainning with a lefty..

    Can anybody confirm, I read somewhere that before Playing against Nadal, Federer usually practices with a Lefty Junior? to get used to the Lefty spin, If anybody has the link of the information, I appreciate it...
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    James Blake ..what else can we say...

    I think a lot of people are very surprised with him. He is now winning on surfaces that he never really did well before. In the clay season he had two good torunaments and only did not go further because he faced an Inspiring Ancic in Hamburg and a home crowd favored Gael Monfils in RG. He has...
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    What a coincidence...

    In Rome this Year, Nadal equaled Guillermo vilas record of conescutive victories on clay and eventually passed his mark in Roland Garros. This week in Halle if Roger Federer win the tournament he will equal Bjorn Borg record of 41 victories on grass also, will have a chance to pass Borg record...
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    Will Nadal Win Wimbledon or the U.S Open?

    Will Nadal ever Win Wimbledon or the U.S Open? Lol...There so much damn talk about Federer winning the French.. I tought It would be fun to put into perspective..
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    What is The Rush people??!

    Some people seems to lose their perspective on the whole just because of circunstancial things. We just had almost 2 months on the Red clay = 3 Master series events in a roll, leading to a Grand Slam event in Roland Garros... All of that in Federer least favorite surface clay. Of course...
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    ESPN Got love them!!

    Seriously , they buy the rights to broadcast all the grand Slam and most major tournaments in the U.S. They are actually doing a pretty good job at boradcasting the tournaments but, when is time time promote the game in their other spaces such as Sportcenter, Pardon the interruption, ATH etc...
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    James Blake..Spoiler*

    The American player is making a strong case, to show that he is the best palyer from the US at the moment. Today was a slap in the face of the people that believed that Americans are very weak on the red clay. Defeating Almagro who many considered to be one of the favorites after Fed and Nadal...
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    Still Marcos Bahdatis??!!!

    Come on! I mean ok, He had a inspiring run at the Australian Open this year but, he hasn't done much at all since then. Clay is not his best surface, there is a great match going on in the center court between Hewiit and a Talented Frenchmen. ESPN decides to showcase Baghdatis in Court Nuber...
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    Just watch this...

    and be quiet please...: No comments....;) is this possible? did you really see what you think you did.....Reflect in your life afterwords.. BTW what tournament is this, it seems to me that is in 2004, can anybody confirm it? Thanks..
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    Center court with Rafael Nadal

    Is somebody watching it ? It is so can only understand 3 words in each sentence but, he is a very nice guy. Guillermo Coria did the same interview and requested it a translator but, Nadal seems to be really pushing it to learn English...Good for him... Did you see that one Vamos Rafa?
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    Nalbandian the hero of overwieght tennis players?

    Nalbandian the hero of overweight tennis players? I mean, it is amazing to me how a player like him who is visible overweight be able to be at the top of the rankings in tennis. where especially now days physical conditioning is so crucial, such constrast in athleticism from a player like him...
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    Which U.S player would like to be ahead the Rankings?

    Also, Which American do you enjoy the most in terms of the combo personality and game. Who would like to see being the Leading American Player in the ATP Ranking for the next years?
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    Are you happy today?? I'm sure you are, because we are getting tons o WTA coverage and Sharapova "versitale" game...;)
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    When it comes to Federer

    do you feel that... Damn this 100 characters limitation per poll question! I couldn't reallt formulate my poll the way I wanted... But it's ok.
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    Seriously isn't Federer...

    absolutely Insane? I just hope some folks out there realize, that we are experiencing a golden moment in our sport... This guy is just amazing.
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    Question Blake x Nadal

    It will not be televised Live by Espn in the US?? I don't see it in the schedule..
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    Players Resemblence...

    Where did that Player remblence Thread went? Anyway here is an interesting one that I found recently... Oliver stone Director Roger Federer
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    ESPN What's up??!!

    Is it just me, Or we should be watching James Blake against Tommy Haas insted of Women's Colle Softball??? WTF!
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    Position of the foot in serve

    One thing got me thinking when I was Playing today. You front foot when you serve, I usually have it facing the net post at about 40 degree angle. I have notice it tough, that many Pros have it at a 180 Degree angle which means directly parallel to the baseline .. does it really make any...
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    What Happened to John Roddick?

    I heard that He was a great Junior Player , and that it was he that Intially was set to be The Professional Tennis Pro of the Roddick Family and that Andy just Join along as the little brother. So , does anybody Know why his career didn't quit Work out as well ?
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    Here we go McEnroe is in the Court

    What do you guys think? I don't know that match about who they are palying. Are they a good Doubles team?