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    Individual Grommets

    I am curious if you guys can get the individual grommets like the ones on the Prince Original Graphite that you sell. I don't like the Fittex with the slotted head. I think a round head would fit better.
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    I have not had a chance to play pickleball yet, but I'd like to. But before going crazy and buying paddles, can you play both tennis and pickleball successfully? Are there areas that are similar?
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    Racquet Head Shape

    I noticed that most racquets have a similar oval head design, they are more tall than wide. But a majority of the time when we swing racquets, the head is parallel to the ground so we end up creating spin using the most narrow part of the racquet. That never made sense to me. I think we could...
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    Dunlop max racquets

    I have been using the max 300i off and on for several years and I have a 200G on reserve. I have idolized the max racquets since the 80's and have imagined myself hitting blistering forehand passing shots and wicked slices with the racquets. But once I get out on the court, they play completely...
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    Yonex VCore Pro 97 330 grommets

    I don't see grommets listed for the Yonex VCore Pro 97 330. Are they on order?
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    Advice on cleaning leather grip

    I purchased an old racquet that has some overgrip (looks like tournagrip) residue on the original leather. Any advice on how to clean it without ruining the leather? I'll try to link a photo later.
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    Can't find one :(

    Ever since I started playing in the late 80's, I have wanted a Donnay Revolutive Apollo or Athena. I can't seem to find any around lately. I tracked one down 2 years ago, but the grommets were so brittle that it cracked when I touched it (I ended up not getting it). Can anyone point me in the...
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    Slazenger Phantom IMF

    I just picked up a Slazenger Phantom IMF tonight. I am really excited about the racquet since I am a fan of the Dunlop Max series. This frame was made the same way as the Max 200G. In fact the throats of the 2 racquets look almost identical. The only thing that is majorly different is the head...
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    Babolat Aero Pro Control going away?

    I saw that the inventory on the APC is down to only the smallest grip size and no listing for other grip sizes. Are they being discontinued?
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    Old strings making racquet play stiffer?

    I don't know if this is possible, but can old polys (strung 6 months ago) make a racquet play stiffer? I have a Fischer Pro Tour Extreme FT which is suppose to be a pretty soft racquet. But lately it feels stiffer than I remembered. I was just curious if any of you had any experience with this.
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    Prince O3 sighting...

    At my club this morning, I saw new demos for the O3 Hornet Hybrid MP, O3 White MP, O3 Shark Hybrid MP, O3 Tour Mid/OS. I was in heaven. I didn't have time to hit with all of them, so I tried the Tour Mid. It was nice and hefty, but still head light enough to generate fast head speed. It is very...
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    Cracked Grommet

    TW, I purchased a TT Warrior OS a few months back. Currently on the first string job, one of the grommets for a shared hole is cracked. The racquet has no scratches on it and has not been banged. Is this covered under Prince's warranty? Can I get them to send me a replacement grommet strip?
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    Courier and Estusa?

    I just saw Courier's match on the Tennis Channel (Stanford Financial tournament). He was using a Wilson nCode Tour 90 (maybe a paint job), but the stensil on his strings is clearly Estusa. What's up with that? Did anyone else catch that?
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    Clamping the last string...

    I have a stringing issue. On several of my racquets, the last cross strings are so close to the frame that it is difficult for me to slide a fixed clamp on the string (after tensioning). I usually have to clamp it more toward the middle of the racquet leaving a large bit of the string loose. And...
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    Is tensioning 2 strings okay?

    Will it cause a problem to tension 2 main strings at the same time? I don't like to pull on the throat side because the string always drag over the throat really tight when tensioning. The only way I see around that is to thread it back up and tension from the head. Do you guys think that is okay?
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    New idea for a replacement grip...

    Today I stopped by my local bike shop. The were having a 1/2 off sale on the handle bar tape for the road bikes. I looked at the bar tapes and they look and feel a lot like the synthetic replacement grips for racquets (even have the adhesive tape strip on the backside). They are much longer than...
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    Custom paint ruined by stringer clamps?

    I am considering painting my racquet. For those of you that have painted your own racquets, did the paint chip or rub off when clamped down to the stringer? Any sugggestions to avoid that?
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    Grommets for Estusa racquets

    TW, do you know where I can get grommets for the Estusa racquets?
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    Tecnifibre Grommets

    Will TW be stocking Tecnifibre grommets in the near future?
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    Help finding grommets for Wilson Triad 6.0

    I am having a hard time finding grommets to fit my Triad 6.0 95. This is the Hammer version (copper/black) not the ProStaff version (white/black). I purchased the grommets listed on the TW site and they did not fit. In some areas the grommets were 1/4" from the holes (too far to stretch). If...
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    Grommet installation question

    I have a racquet that has flared ends on some of the grommets. The ends seems to be bigger than the actual hole. Is there a correct way to install the flared ends without mangling the grommet? Can anyone out there help me?
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    How to add weight in handle?

    I read in a forum thread some where that some hollow handles have trap doors that can be used to add weight. Can anyone who have done this instruct me on how this is done, what kind of weights to use. I have a Wilson Triad 6.0 (Hammer), does my racquet have the hollow handle and trap door? Any...
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    Prince More Series Racquet concerns.....

    I have a questions for the Price More Series racquet owners out there. I just bought a left over More Precision MP and am concerned about the grommet-less frame. After numerous time of stringing, will the strings cut into the frame or cause it to crack around the holes? I saw a demo one at the...