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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Looking for suggestions to prevent hydrate and cramps. Seems like everytime i play my hamstrings tighten up, can't make it through a singles match without tweaking my hamstrings Currently using - bananas + water to nuun tablets, coconut water (3:1 ratio) + pickle juice upon cramping TIA
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    Kettering, Ohio 4/18-4/28

    Anyone fancy a hit? I'm going to be in town (South Dayton) and I'm wondering if it's worth bringing my rackets. Male 4.0.
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    Info on new Pro Kennex Sq Rackets

    Anyone heard any info on the Prokennex Sq rackets that are supposed to be coming out during the US Open?
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    gauge of cross string in hybrid

    I'm sure someone has mentioned this before but, Does the thickness of the cross string in a hybrid determine the amount of spin I can get out of strings? I know overall playability of the stringjob is determined mostly by the mains (especially with poly mains). I was just wondering as a rule...
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    dunlop vibe absorber

    any chance of tw getting the dunlop muscle weave worm damp, they look almost exactly like the pro-kennex worm damps cept they say dunlop on em. thanks
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    racket buzz

    Hi, my tennis rackets both developed a very high pitched buzz, independant of the sound of the strings when hit. It is especially noticable when I use a vibe damp because then I no longer hear the strings and only that weird buzz. My friend told me its probably the grommets. What do you think?
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    wilson tl gel replacement grips

    do you think it would be possible to restock the wilson tl gel replacement grips, they are the thinnest replacement grip i have ever used. if not could you point me toward a grip of the same thinness. thanks
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    Dunlop mfil tour

    anyone try the dunlop mfil tour yet? how does it play?
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    Micro-Dry Grips by Wilson

    Could someone compare the Micro-Dry line of grips for me (feel, comfort, max, touch) how do they compare to the TL line? I'm looking for something thin and non-contoured. I will be using an overgrip. thanks
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    Gosen Polylon SP

    Hi TW staff, This string and its description are hard to hunt down. It appears to be missing from the gosen strings page, although i was able to find it by searching for polyester based strings on the string finder. thanks btw, how soon do you think it will be before it and remplir are...
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    Alpha Ultra Spin Classic

    Just wondering if anybody tryed this string before and could tell about its playing characteristics. thanks