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    Return policy change

    Hi, just noticed that the return policy has changed from 365 to 90 days. When did this change happen, and will I be able to return items that were purchased before the new return policy took effect? Thanks ...
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    Prince Lightning Pro as cross string

    Anyone else use Prince Lightning Pro as a cross string? It seems to resist locking up the string bed much better than any other synthetic gut I've tried. I have about 4 hours each on 2 rackets, one with Cream mains (very bouncy) and Ghost Wire mains. For grins and giggles I even have one...
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    Cutting it a bit close (string length)

    Posting this here because you people might be the only ones who would understand. Without further ado: That is the amount of string left after tying off the right main, before trimming off any excess. First time stringing this racket with Forten Nylon and my notes said I did it with 16' of...
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    2HBH - off hand dexterity (poll)

    For those of you with 2 handed backhands, how much dexterity do you have with your off hand? I'm a 1HBH righty goofing around with new strokes (2HBH, lefty forehand) to see if I can strengthen my non-dominant side, yet I still can't do the beginner drill of bouncing the ball on the racket with...
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    Non-prestretch poly users

    How do you deal with the tension loss after the first hour? So far most non-prestretched polys I've tried have had catastrophic tension loss after the first hour or so of hitting and the ball starts trampolining off the stringbed. Many of the threads I've read also argue against prestretching...
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    Interesting article on the grind of modern pro tennis and injuries Didn't know tennis was this bad ... almost sounds like the quotes coming out of (American) football players. Maybe pickleball ain't so bad.
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    String creep observation

    I've read that people pull their strings (particularly polys) for 20 seconds to reduce static tension loss. I wanted to see it for myself so I taped a ruler to the wall and recorded a video of my Klippermate's drop weight arm while pulling 55 lbs of tension on a set of Ashaway Monogut 16L. Even...