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    Faulty racket or bad luck?

    I had a Prince Warrior 107 textreme crack severely just above the handle on a medium-paced overhead. I had this happen once to a dunlop 200g in the late 80s only it snapped completely in two. There's a video on youtube where this happended to McEnroe with the same stick! Anyway, Dunlop...
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    Could someone translate Novak's outburst please?

    I'd love to know what he was saying - anyone able to translate? I think the lack of a crowd produces a more unfiltered version of the players, at least in this case. He also came unglued at the referee in Rome for not stopping the match soon enough due to rain. Lots of screaming from Novak of...
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    Re: Djok vs Nadal - The Template for Success

    Re: Djokovic has found a winning formula: attack the Nadal BH crosscourt. Does any other player have the game to match their backhand with Nadal's forehand? Djoko's goat backhand seems to make this possible, but are there others who could employ this strategy? Djoko brings great movement to...
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    estusa jimmy connors pro tour os

    Anyone play this old stick? My wife just found a couple at a pawn shop for $20. 'Optic' yellow frame that looks like a head radical os. Anyone have specs? It's 18/20 and feels pretty flexible. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Steel building for 2 tennis courts - recommendations?

    I'm looking into a steel building to house 2 USTA compliant tennis courts - I believe I'm looking at a 120' x 120' - no insulation, some skylights, and a couple of doors. Anyone have their finger on the market for such a building, either new or used in terms of price? I'm in a cold windy...
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    Wilson 6.1 95S

    Hi folks - I've followed a few threads on this racquet, as well as the other "S" series frames. Do you think the string pattern has less to do with an improvement in spin than the reduced weight and thus higher swingspeeds for most folks compared to the beefier standard 6.1 95? I'm at a loss...
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    Will open string technology catch on in the pros?

    Do you think we'll see some pros take advantage of more open string patterns - particularly in the women's game? I don't think the men need extra rpms given their crazy racquet head speeds. I used to play a pog mid (14x18) and you couldn't keep strings in it unless they were kevlar mains - I...
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    Has anyone objectively compared rpms/string patterns?

    Has anyone in the industry ever demonstrated objective differences in spin rpms between frames that have different string patterns, while establishing constants, like racquethead speed and swing angle? Thanks!
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    Greatest casualty of AO for Rafa

    I think this is just one more chink in his aura of invincibility, much like what happened to Fed a few years ago. Other players will believe more and more that they can get into his game. Plus, if Rafa is prone to strategic time-outs, and other forms of gamesmanship, he will be less likely to...
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    Gil Reyes - give Fed a call!

    Fed needs a little more beef on his frame. At 32, he's clearly capable of building more strength - I think his movement is adequate to compete with the best, but he needs a little more snap on higher balls. Reyes came to Agassi's rescue and really became a physical and emotional guru for Andre...
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    Navratilova makes a nice observation

    She points out that Stan has a higher strike zone than Fed, and as such is less troubled by the higher bounce than Federer. Also, Stan is simply more stout than Fed and can muscle the ball a bit more off of both wings. Fed needs a lower ball to really fit into his wheelhouse. Also, as lame...
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    Wimbly Courts look faster this year

    Might be a little early, but the courts seem to be playing a little faster than last year - even in the 1st round. Did Wimbledon change anything with respect to balls, turf, etc? The early rounds are always faster I realize. I'm watching Rafa right now and he's slicing every return back - it...
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    Why don't more pros use the slower wide serve in the deuce court?

    I think Delpo would've held serve more easily in IW having used this serve more - I would think that the spin top pros could put on the ball would make this serve higher percentage and very effective against the guys who stand 20ft behind the baseline. With all of these tall guys on the scene, I...
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    Advice sought on grip/racket combo

    I've been demo-ing a dunlop 4d ag 300, and i think I like it well enough to track a couple down. The issue is that the demos were 4 1/2 and I usually play 4 1/4 or 4 3/8 - and I always use an overwrap - even on the 4 1/2. When I say demo, I mean I've been borrowing my friends stick for the...
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    Nole's Service Motion in Wimbly SF

    I just watched the SF again - It looked like Nole was lacking his usual knee bend and arch before contact...did anyone else think his serve looked a little watered-down?
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    Fed downshifts his game to win Wimbly 2012

    I thought Fed really scaled back his groundies to win the last several rounds - he still had the explosive shots at times, but by and large he was extremely patient and did only just enough to win the point - look at how many high overheads he played today - a sign that Murray was getting to the...
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    Andy wins some fans today...

    So when Sampras retired, I didn't know who I'd cheer for - then along came Federer...and now, I know who I will root for in the coming years - Andy Murray - really moved me today and all tournament long.
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    FO Loss will help Novak in the long run...

    I think this much is clear - 1) Novak lost to a competitive match to Rafa while not consistently playing his best - on clay no less 2) Rafa was arguably playing the best tennis of his career throughout the French, and throughout much of the final 3) Novak got a little unlucky with the...
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    Head Shoe Guarantee

    Has anyone redeemed shoes from head under their sole guarantee? I read the requirements and my shoe seems to fit the criteria for replacement - I'm just curious about the experiences of folks redeeming sole guarantees, particularly from Head - Thanks!
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    Most Obscure FO Finalists of the last 30 years...

    I think Martin Verkerk has to take the cake - who am I forgetting?
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    Novatna vs Stosur

    Who wins this clash between the greatest one-slam wonder head-cases of all time? What a meltdown today for Sam - not to take anything away from Errani, but, sheesh.... Apologies for the misspell of NovOtna...couldn't edit the subject line...
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    It bears repeating - Gasquet's bh is unreal...

    I don't think there is another player on tour including Fed that handles high balls as aggressively as Gasquet. He's the only guy that can trade topspin groundies reliably with so many of them up around his ears. His grip seems more Guga-like - extreme eastern, vs Fed's classic eastern. Fed...
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    Did playing a fellow Serb make it easier for Djoker to tank?

    I disliked watching that weak's crap like that that make it tough for me to root for that guy. Maybe playing his buddy made it easier to tank...I don't know...
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    Best Tweener Golf Clubs...

    Can anyone recommend a set for an intermediate player? Looking for some game improvement clubs that are a bit more forgiving yet allow me to grow into them as I improve...thanks!!!!!
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    Best Non-Poly spin-producing string -

    Which string would you all go to for spin production - I play a PK Redondo MP 18/20...I go through a 16 ga syn gut in about 2 weeks if i'm playing 4x/week, so not a chronic string breaker...thanks!
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    Modern POG OS Review

    Does anyone have a link to a review of the current POG OS (Tour)? Alternatively, can anyone comment on how they play - I don't expect them to be just like older models, but I am interested in how the racket plays, especially when compared to similar frames (the donnay os and redondo 98s come...
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    Djoker's CC forehand in AO 2012 final

    I thought he under-used his nasty CC forehand - the heavy one that lands shorter in the court and pulls Nadal really wide. He went with more of a driving CC forehand (still great) but he was particularly effective against Nadal last year when he rolled that topspin forehand wide and made Rafa...
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    < NTRP 2.5 - does it exist?

    Why does NTRP start at 1.0 (or is there a .5) when brand new players are typically considered 2.5's the day, week, or maybe in extreme cases, month after starting the game? Can anyone be rated, say, a 1.5? Why have a gap in true beginner and 2.5 when it doesn't exist in the first place?
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    Playing districts in another state - is this ok?

    I guess the title should read, "Why is it ok to play districts in another state, and potentially represent that state at sectionals? There are a few sparsely populated states that basically only have districts at the state level. To make it to sectionals only requires winning districts against...
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    NCAA Recruiting rule question...

    Can DI tennis coaches work with HS and JR HIGH juniors - as in give them clinics, private lessons, or are they in violation of recruiting rules? My understanding is that once kids reach a certain age, they are viewed as potential recruits, regardless of ability, or even intent to play college...