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    Yonex Power Cushion Durable II again in TWE?

    Im interested in this shoes it will be back to TWE? Specially in dark/blue color Thanks
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    Yonex SHT Durable 2 more expensive than the last week?

    Durable 2 was in sale i think the last week. Now, with the 30% code shopping 3 items, i want to buy this shoe, but, surprise, its price is higher! :confused: and its price is in red, like if it's in sale maybe an error? tomorrow is the last day of the 30% offer...
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    Why VIP Codes Doesn´t work with sale items?

    I have tried with some items that their prices are in red colour, and VIP Codes doesn´t work. Whats wrong?
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    VIP Code

    Hi. I´m an user of a very important tennis forum from Spain. We use to buy a lot in TWE. Every day i post the daily TW offer in our forum, or other TWE Brands. We want to recieve a VIP Code for our forum if it is possible. Most of tennis players in Spain are registered in our forum. Thanks for all.
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    about heat shrink tubes

    Hi Someone could say me what is the weight and diameter of the 1/8 heat shrink tube? And what about the 1/16 one? Thanks
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    Fundas Termoretráctiles

    Cuando habrá en TWE fundas termoretráctiles para aumentar la talla del grip al igual que las hay en TW?
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    how does extra 20% discount textil and Shoes works?

    Hi There is a promotion that says "extra 20% discount in textil and shoes" that it suposed to work when you are going to pay Im trying to buy a pair of nike zoom vapor 9.5 (woman), but it doesnt works Can anybody help me? Sorry for my english
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    Duda sobre el Descuento extra del 20% en calzado y textil

    buenas estoy interesado en comprar el siguiente articulo: Zapatillas Hombre Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Violeta/Rojo cuyo precio está en 83,90 € según esta promoción: se indica "20% descuento adicional en textil y calzado, el...
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    about 4x2 strings

    Since this offer started, there are the same strings, only 2 reels (polystar energy and wilson sensation) Yesterday i saw others reels, like Signum pro poly plasma I tried to buy it, but the offer didn't work Today, these reels have disappeared, whats wrong?
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    oferta en cordajes 4x2

    Buenas Ayer habian otras bobinas, como por ejemplo 2 bobinas de signum pro poly plasma Intenté añadirlas a la oferta, pero no funcionó Hoy están los mismos cordajes del principio Que pasó ayer? Se añadirán nuevas bobinas?
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    Babolat Aeropro Team Wimbledon

    hi there I'm interested in buying this racquet, but I need it in L2 When the stock will be replenished? why this racket doesn't accept VIP codes ? another question, will the Babolat AeroPro Team in standard version or Wimbledon in the coming days as a special offer be?
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    Babolat Aeropro Team versión Wimbledon

    Buenas Estoy interesado en comprar esta raqueta, pero la necesito en L2 Cuando se repondrá el stock? y otra duda, por qué únicamente en esta raqueta no funcionan los códigos VIP? Aprovecho y lanzo otra pregunta, saldrá en los próximos días como oferta especial del día el modelo...