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    Shapovalov Geneva Sleeves What's he wearing underneath? I can't tell if it's a long sleeve or just individual sleeves. I definitely want to get some myself since the sun sometimes burns a hole through my skin.
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    Muted feel of a Racquet

    I see a lot of people on TTW and also IRL talk about a racquet being muted or not getting much feedback from the ball. A lot of times they fail to mention if a dampener is used in conjunction. Folks IRL tell me they feel like the racquet is too muted but I also see them using a dampener, and...
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    Gray OG-Sheep Micro 16

    I have never seen this before. Is this a legitimate OG-Sheep Micro?
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    Tips to recognize ball is going out while at net

    I think in general these would apply when you should go for it instead of waiting for the bounce: If you reach the ball and place it a good position If you can reach the ball and volley it hard enough so your opponent will make a more worse shot If you watched your opponent and he swung low to...
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    Poly string has snapback but it's dead?

    Currently using Blade V7 18x20 with Max Power @ 40# I think clocked in about maybe 14 to 18 (or more, didn't count) hours on it and before you grab your pitchforks I was really considering cutting it cuz I felt like my game is gradually becoming more and more off. I definitely noticed there is...
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    Any other hardcourt sliders wearing a hole in the side of their shoe?

    I'm not sliding on purpose and I didn't even think I was sliding (someone had to point it out to me that I must be sliding). I've been wanting to record myself to check my habits but I never had a good chance to... I'm not even sure what I'm doing that causing me to slide. I'm guessing it's when...
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    Adjusting to high swingweight racquet

    A series of unfortunate events led to me getting 3 matched blades with a high swingweight of 307 and now I want to get better to adjusting to frames with a strung swingweight of around 337-340. I've been playing with these for about 3 months now and I honestly think it's really demanding to use...
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    Leather grip + replacement grip?

    Anyone ever tried using leather grip as the base grip and adding a replacement grip over it? To top it off, add an overgrip to it? The leather grip usually is not too thick as replacement grip so I thought it might work if your goal to: 1. Add weight to the handle AND/OR 2. Increase grip size I...