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    poly tour pro 1.20 vs solinco hyper g 1.20

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    Head Graphene Speed Pro : Strings

    I've been using gut/poly the past 7-8 months but I am trying to test poly/gut again. I went from Hurricane Tour/Gut to Gut/Lux to Gut/Sonic Pro Edge. It's really coming down to the Gut/Sonic Pro and Sonic Pro/Gut.
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    Official Head Graphene Speed Pro Club

    What difference did you feel? Did you find that the SW stayed relatively the same by placing the lead in the throat as opposed to the hoop?
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    Official Head Graphene Speed Pro Club

    How much lead do you have there? I am thinking 3 grams in the throat.
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    Official Head Graphene Speed Pro Club

    Anyone try lead in the throat to just get the racquet to feel a bit more solid without affecting SW? Lead at 3/9 has been a rough experience because I'm so sensitive to the increase in SW. And I have tried counterbalancing it at the buttcap but it hasn't made too much of a difference.
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    Blade 98 (16x19)

    Can anyone compare this frame to the Radical Pro and Speed Pro? Also a comparison to its cousin the 18x20 would be fantastic.
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    Graphene Speeds MP and Pro - Mold Question

    Do they share the same mold? Is the only difference the SW, balance, and static weight? If I lead and customize the MP to a stick that shares similar specs as the Pro, will the racquet be very similar to the Pro except with a more open string pattern? I am looking to get a racquet with more...
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    TW customization and reverse engineering tool.

    Sorry for reviving a dead thread but does anyone know what the L would be for lead placed at 10/2? Just a general estimate would be great.
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    Graphene Radicals and Instincts that bad?

    Love my Graphene Speed Pro so I can't agree with the sentiment that Graphene has been a step back.
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    Thanks for that. I am curious and might want to measure the exact distances between the center of mass of 3/9 to the balance point and the butt cap to the balance point. Where exactly is the balance point on my racquet? Additionally, how would I know if I need to add more than 1.5g in the butt...
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the feedback. So just to clarify again. You said that 1.5g would be fine with counterbalancing if I were to have 3 total grams (1.5 on each side) at 3/9. However, I am actually going to decrease the total amount of lead from 3 to 2.5 (1.25 on each side) at...
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    Spintowin, I am going to be decreasing the lead at 3/9 from 3 total grams to 2.5 total grams. Shouldn't I be putting 2.5 grams in the buttcap as well to counterbalance the lead I am putting at 3/9?
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    The Official Lead Tape Placement+Racket Customization Thread

    Can anyone comment on whether or not 3 grams -> 2.5 grams TOTAL at 3/9 will garner any difference in feel? I am trying to maintain a good level of stability and plow even though I want to reduce the SW by a tad. I know I cannot get the best of both worlds and its a compromise but I am wondering...
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    I actually have 3 grams of lead TOTAL at 3/9, not a total of 6g. My Graphene Speed Pro is already a very polarized frame from what I know so depolarizing it a bit with lead at 3/9 and then some at the butt seems like it would be fine. The only thing I am wondering is if the method that I am...
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    Is there any other way of counter balancing with lead other than sticking it on the backside of the butt cap? I don't want to use fishing weights nor do I want to take off my replacement grip to put lead on the handle. Thanks
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    I am trying to counterbalance the 3 grams of lead I have at 3/9. This is what I did... I popped open the butt cap and on the back of the butt cap, I stuck layers of lead tape on top of another (12 inches cut up into several pieces). I then popped the butt cap back in. Will the lead be...
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    College players racquets

    Based on some pics I've seen, it looks like he's leaded up.
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    The Official Lead Tape Placement+Racket Customization Thread

    Can anyone comment on whether or not 2-2.5 grams at 3/9 will be noticeable? I am trying to open up the sweet spot a bit and help get some pace with some off center balls.
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    Looking for a poly - Suggestions needed

    I am looking for a polyester string that has a crisp feel of a Luxilon ALU Power, but is less stiff. I also do not want a string that has a plasticy and mushy feel. So middle of the road stiffness, not overly soft but not as stiff as a Lux ALU...with the pop and crispness of a ALU. Fire away
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    Hybrid Strings

    Nishi doesn't use gut in the mains anymore. Tsonga is also not using this setup anymore. Lisicki, Karlovic, and Baghdatis use poly main, gut crosses.
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    Tsonga String

    Seems like he has gone back to full poly in the clay court season. Does anyone know how long he was playtesting the gut/poly hybrid? It seemed like he was doing that in Australia and might have given up due to his lackluster start to the year. Or is this just a case of playing full poly on the...
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    Tension on Gut/Poly Hybrid

    The power was only too high and evident when the string bed went dead after 12 hours. At this point the string bed felt a bit more mushy and lost the crisp feel. So when I brought the tension up it actually didn't feel great. I am using the 17g gut because it allows me to get a higher level of...
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    Best Prestige Line

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    Tension on Gut/Poly Hybrid

    Wanted to bump this thread up because I have a question pertaining to the difference in the mains and crosses (gut mains, poly crosses). Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to it? I am positive I want to string my gut at 55 (VS Team), but I am unsure if I want to drop the poly by 2 or 3 lbs...
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    I have made the decision to just use VS Team instead of VS Touch in the mains. This way I can maximize the playability of my gut mains while the ALU is still feeling fresh. I will sacrifice some durability but that seems fine with me because the gut will hopefully be close to breaking once the...
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    I can't disagree that the string plays more consistent for a longer period of time but is it worth it even though the 4G doesn't come close to the playability of the ALU? That's what I'm trying to figure out
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    Want to update this thread again because I just came off the court after playing a 2/3 set practice match. I have come to grips with the fact that 4G has absolutely zero spin potential when compared to some of the poly's I have used, PHT (when I used a poly/gut hybrid) and ALU Power (the cross...
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    Individual Draws

    D3 has one too. It is happening in Claremont, CA right now