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    Wilson K Lite ??

    Does Anybody Have Any Experience/opinion About 'this' One ???!! I Think It's A European Release (can't Find A N Y Information/history/availability On It Anywhere!)....??!?!? It Has An Interesting Combination Of Features..and I Had A Chance To Hit With One...and Really Liked The...
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    Technical Swingweight Question....

    ...Hahaaa!! I KNEW that would get some of you guys !!!! Seriously, here's my question : regarding JUNIOR racquets in particular (but feel free to expand on 'regular' frames as well!) ---all other comparative things being the same....would a 'same' racquet with a higher swingweight be...
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    Any Pros Or Humans Playing With Short Racquets ?

    That about says it.....I'm curious if anybody is playing with anything SHORTER than standard 27" frames....whether BOUGHT as a shorter length (junior models, etc...) OR modified/customized ....... I am SO 'hooked' on playing with a shorter frame...exCEPT for: struggling to 'reach' on...
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    anybody been to the Del Ray tourn. ??

    .....any equipment 'updates' or things worth mentioning ?? I'm hoping to get up there SOMEtime before it ends; hoping to catch Blake...playing DOUBLES !!?!?!? And maybe some other glimpses...that's a GREAT location for up-front/up-CLOSE watching...!!!
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    Kfactor Pro Open ...uh-oh...!!!

    ....forget 'who's playing with WHAT' for a minute...I have the KPro Open demo (local !) in my little mitts....HOLY COW !! What a surprise !! I can't wait to compare it WITH the KPro TOUR....I actually had them BOTH in my hands, and the 'Open' actually felt better initially..... If you read...
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    Questions About Junior Player's Frames...

    I'm wondering if anybody has actual experience with the better quality 'player's-type' JUNIOR to stability and control...?? I DO know of the limitations...!! Thanks....
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    Prokennex Out Of Business ??

    Did anyone definitively establish whether or not PK DID go out ?? I'm asking because I got an interesting reply when asking a dealer on The Bay whether or not he had a ProKennex Charged or Charged Light model racquet.... Here's his reply : '......When we bought all of the existing inventory...
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    Racquet Experts/addicts/mavens, I Need Some Help On This One!!

    Who has the back-story/history on a racquet mfgr. ?? I know about their string....but how about a BR-220 EQUIPE racquet ?!?!? I've been all OVER and can't find a thing....period...!! Elements of play-ability: throat area (where it joins the head) reminds me lot of a Radical, and...
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    Help with ASIAN nCode nsix-95

    ...Can somebody tell me what the 'specs sticker' says on the Asian Nsix-95 frame....not the AK95 or AK90...the nCode 95...with the 16x18 string pattern...Thanks !! :)
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    Djokovic's FUTURE....

    .....I thought the Final was a great match....even though I WAS rooting for Djokovic to win....just to 'water down' Fed's current run...AND because I really like the way N.D. plays !! The bigger thing I saw in the match....was the EXPERIENCE that Novak got....and with that close-to-a-win...
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    Venus And Serena Racquet...

    ...Did we ever get a real/valid 'update' as to what the Williams Sisters are actually playing with, these days ???!?!?!?
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    calling all MAVENS and VINTAGE FRAME EXPERTS!!

    I just got my hands on a REALLY interesting frame....ROSSIGNOL....smooth/hi-gloss graphite. Name : ROSSIGNOL GRAPHITE 102 COMPETITION. Does anybody have a 'clue' --- nothing on the Internet, that 'I' could find..?!?!?!? Some peculiar things; it has an offset/diagonal throat stabilizing...
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    Need Some Help On An Older Prokennex Kinetic Model!?!?

    I was letting somebody swing my new SpeedPort Tour racquet this morning...he traded me his ProKennex Kinetic 'SOMEthing' ... ??!! HE said it was a 10g, but I've been all OVER the Internet and could only find 1 reference even remotely similar... His did NOT say which model it was ANYwhere on...
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    Junior Racquets To Try...!?!??!?

    ....believe it or not...I have been experimenting/modifying (I've done everything from lengthening shorter racquets to cutting DOWN a Prestige Classic to 26 1/2" !!)/trying out some of the JUNIOR racquets out there (read as 26 inches /size 0 grip/light weight)...!!! Obvious shortfalls are...
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    I'm looking for something that feels/plays like a Prestige Classic...but with a 95-100 headsize....1/2 ounce lighter...and at least 1/2 inch longer...???!?!?!?
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    Nadal's Wimby Set-up Different ??

    ...It just seems like his action is 'quicker' all the way around; racquethead speed, ball off the strings,etc...etc... Is his racquet/string set up like 'normal' ??
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    Ncode Asian 90 string set-ups ??

    ...I'm curious as to what anybody else is using in this frame, and what tension... I'm thinking of trying a Full Luxilon TiMo at 42 pounds...????!!?!?! I've played with a demo (it was the Kfactor 90 NONAsian frame!) that had a Hurricane Pro/NXT hybrid that felt pretty good...strung low, with...
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    Luxilon String With Most Control ??

    ....that pretty much asks my question....I really DO like TiMo....but have had limited experience wuth the rest of their string...I'm looking to experiment with some hybrid combos on a K Factor Team racquet.... (example: Timo/NXT [Max]!!)...
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    Kournakova's Racquet ??

    Didn't Anna use the Yonex MP TOUR 5 ??
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    Justine Hennin's CURRENT set-up ?!?!

    I was wondering if anybody has her current/clay-court racquet set-up ?? I know she plays with the European HH 5.2 w/PowerHoles...and I've read some other stuff about her past setup configs...but I'm wondering about now; going in to the French... Also, I'd like to know anybody ELSE'S...
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    What Kind Of Pure Drive Is This ??

    Can somebody tell me what kind of Pure Drive THIS is ??: BABOLAT PURE DRIVE RACQUET RODDICK MINT 3 DAYS NO RES!! Item number: 160118013495
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    MOST Maneuverable 'player's racquet'??

    ...what's the latest take on the above question ?? I'd prefer comments in the 95-100 inch headsize range...but I realize there are some real 'cherries' in the small-headed classics/relics, as well!!
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    Fish and Tursinof signed with WILSON!!!

    OUCH !! That's pretty neat....Wilson guy on 'filler' spot during the doubles last night...announcing these 2 guys are going to be touting the (paintjobbed!) K Factor racuet...?!??!! You guys with the cameras....let's start working on getting those close ups!!
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    Asian n90 string setups ??

    ....I'm wondering how some of you guys have your n90s set up...and particularly the ASIAN nCode 90s...I play all court/good serve/play 95% on hard courts/play about 80% doubles (lately!!).... I don't see me trying the 45 pound 'fishnet' approach...OR the 65 pound Luxilon 'death wish' either...
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    Best Electric Stringing Machine Under 1200 ??

    I'm seriously thinking about making the plunge...!?!?!? I'm looking for (experienced0 recommendations on an electric consistency/ease of use/hopefully with RDC built in...??!?!?! advance !! :)
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    Largest sweetspot/most forgiveness of small-headed racquet...??

    ...boy, that's a MOUTHFUL !!!! I'm looking for opinions from people that have PLAYED with the frames they reccomend !! What racquet (90-93 inch) had the biggest sweetspot/most forgiveness...??? My own concensus is the RDX and the Tour 10V...!?!?!?!
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    Anabel Medina Garrigues RACQUET ??

    I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one wondering about Anabel Medina Garrigues ...oh yea...AND her racquet ?!??!?! Who's got the answers...and the phone number...?? OUCH :)
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    Bjorkman's Setup ??

    Does anybody have the scoop on Bjorky's racquet; weight/string/swingweight/balance/grip size...etc...etc...?? advance !! :)
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    Santoro's Racquet/string Type And Setup ??

    I don't think THIS one has ever been covered....and I'm interested....thanks in advance !! :)
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    Slazenger ???

    I just noticed...TW has stopped carrying Slazenger...???? What happened ???