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    Which Luxilon for my New KPro Tour

    Hey everyone, I just got a Wilson KPro Tour to replace my K6.1 95 (16x18, which I thought was a little heavy for me. (I couldn't "whip" it fast enough, being only a high school player.) Anyway, I had been using ALU Rough on my 6.1, and since I'm not much of a string breaker (and these are...
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    Switch from K 6.1 95 (16x18) to K Pro Tour 96"

    Hey people, I'm a high-school 3.5 player. I'm currently using the Wilson K Factor 95, but I feel that at times, the high swingweight affects me and I can't return serves or dive or balls effectively. I am always late and have no time to swing through the ball. I hear this new K Pro is a very...
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    How to tell if racquet's broken

    Yeah I'll try that. The paint cracks seem so perfectly straight, that's why I was suspicious haha. Two straight (slightly jaggered) cracks leading up to the right hoop, where the nCode thing bulges
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    Which Hybrid set-up is better?

    haha try 9 hours
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    Which Hybrid set-up is better?

    Hey I used to use: Mains: NXT Tour 18 (60) Crosses: ALU Rough 16L (58) Now I use: Mains: NXT Tour 17 (60) Crosses: Hurricane Tour 17 (58) It seems that my old set-up was better. What do you think? Should I switch back? And if not, what would be a better set-up with these two...
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    How to tell if racquet's broken

    Hey people, I see a few paint job cracks in my n6.1 95, but I'm not sure if the frame is cracked. Is there some sort of test?
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    New Hybrid Set-up for Season

    I just got these strings: Mains: Wilson NXT Tour 17 Crosses: Babolat Hurricane Tour 17 I am replacing my old setup: Mains: Wilson NXT Tour 18 (60) Crosses: Luxilon ALU Power Rough 16L (57) I liked the feel of my old setup, but I wanted to try something new. Any ideas for stringing...
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    ALU Power Rough Full or Hybrid

    hybrid with NXT Tour AMAAZING FEEL
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    What's the secret to handling low balls with a

    Hitting with western or semi/full is so much easier on low balls, cuz the topspin can give you a huge margin for error...cuz if you try to slam a flat ball from a foot above the ground, you either push it or it goes out
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    Found a really effective way to nail serves

    I must say, if you try to copy Fed's serve without knowing how he does it, you get the most screwed up serve. But after thinking about it, somethings have helped me nail a flat serve. The left foot should be very closed on the baseline. When you toss, toss high, and quite in front, really...
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    Best raquet for a 3.5.

    I'm a 3.5, and i use n6.1 95 16x18...i like spin, but i mix it up, i swtich one and double backhand, and i like poppin hard flat serves...volleying is amazing
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    which do you prefer

    Several Months!
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    which do you prefer

    lol, i use NXT Tour in my mains, and Lux Rough in my Crosses. Have any of you tried this setup, except replace the Lux with Hurricane Tours?
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    Best forehand of all time?

    hahah i say nadalgirl gets banned for being stupid...i wanna see you play nadalgirl lol
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    Racquet for heavy topsin?

    My Racquet (see sig)
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    Power of Ncode 6.1 95

    Yah! 16x18 is a pop-machine! I'm going to try Hurricane Tour instead of ALU Power Rough...Anyone have feedback?
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    Is ALU 16g Power ETERNAL..??

    now, have any of you compared ALU Power Rough (i used that b4) to Hurricane Tour? I wanna try Wilson NXT Tour 17 Main/Babolat Hurricane Tour 17 as opposed to Wilson NXT Tour 18/Lux BB Alu Power Rough...The difference in NXT Tour gauge is due to reliability, but what about the polys? which one...
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    Wont different tensions on main & cross...

    I'm not too sure about's only happened once ;)
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    Low Balls!!!

    They talk about how western/semifull western is bad for low balls, but i can snap my wrist on those low balls for topspin drives better than i've seen semi-westerners do, i hit them better than high balls...any comments?
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    have you guys ever tried taking a semi-western grip and doing a lefty spin serve with's hard, but it's swing right to
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    Wilson ncode six one tour 18x20 or 16x18?

    16x18...string hi...i love this racquet...serve, spin, volley, groundstroke BEAST lol
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    NXT 16 or NXT Tour 16

    tour is a better more expensive version. i like it more than has great gut-like feel, power, control, SPIN!, and the durability isn't great, but who cares
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    How long does Adidas take...

    i have a does adidas know that you're for real? do they require a picture or what?
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    Pick Your Favorite Pro Serve

    roddick got it back...he basically aced his way into winning the 2nd set when it was 5-3 roddick's serve
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    Adidas or Nike?

    i just wished apple would open their eyes and sell their ipod stuff to adidas's the only thing keeping me from buying that shoe
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    A Good Cross for NXT Tour?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering...what cross would go well with 17g NXT Tour if I want a hybrid. Will a hybrid work better than NXT Tour mains and crosses? The Rough ALU right now works amazingly, but I was wondering if I might be able to get more out of my racquet. Thanks!
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    Do the Rough versions of Luxilon make a difference?

    Haha. Maximum 3 days. I want to try 17g for NXT Tour, maybe that'll last one week ;) It's such an amazing combo tho!
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    Ridiculous Flat Shots..

    maybe he doesn't want to drastically alter his style from all-flat to extreme spin...;)
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    Picture of Ivanovic nBlade

    HAHAHA nice call