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    Demoing the Babolat Pure Storm Limited?

    How would this work, are we going to be able to demo them before they're all sold out?
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    Wouldn't it be funny if Sharapova and Roddick both won the title?

    I'm sure they would be very excited.
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    Justine Henin-Hardenne is the Roger Federer of the WTA.

    Fact. Period. End of story.
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    What the hell is Sharapova doing with that lefty shot?

    Can't she hit a slice backhand? Or does she think it's cool or something?
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    Who's the girl sitting in front of Venus???

    It looks like Kelly Rowland!
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    Serena vs. Mauresmo!!

    Who do you want to win?
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    So did Capriati officially retire?

    Did she ever say she wasn't coming back?
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    Roddick's not carrying a lot of fat?

    LOL good one.
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    Do any pros hold they're racquet down real low?

    Or up real high... Uhh I'm not sure, but what I mean is, do any pros hold the racquet so the bottom finger or two are hanging off the racquet? I'm just wondering because I've been holding my racquet like this (with the butt in my palm) for as long as I can remember, and only about a week or...
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    Who did I miss??? I just started watching..

    Did Sharapova/Serena go up yet?
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    Ughhhhhhhhh Grip size...

    So I recently bought two 5/8 racquets. Originally I played with overgrips on, and I was doing OK, but I noticed it did feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Now, a couple months later, I started playing without any overgrips and I'm getting much better feeling. Alas, weeks of playing have...
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    Nike T Shirts QUESTION!

    So I'm interested in getting a couple 100% cotton shirts from TW. I'm just wondering though, do they shrink a lot? I have a problem where I'm like... between a medium and a large, but closer to medium. I like the fit of medium shirts but sometimes they shrink too much and then they're too...
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    Idea: Andre Agassi livestrong bracelets!

    I came up with this idea last night while watching the Agassi match. He should make livestrong bracelets! Not literally livestrong, of course, but the same idea. I mean, it's perfect. First, I think it would be a great thing to remember him by. I mean, you can wear them anywhere, and I've...
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    Pavel - Wow!

    Wow tonight was the first time I've seen him play but wow! He certainly is talented. Now my favorite 1hb but I like all his shots. I'm surprised I haven't seen more of him after the way he played tonight.
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    So... Did I miss anything important?

    I just turned on the TV... Did anything happen/did Billie Jean King say anything I should know?
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    Davenport looks like she's in excrutiating pain whenever she's playing...

    So much so that I wonder if she's actually in pain... Does anyone else notice this?
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    Where can I get Roddick's warm up jacket??!?!?!?

    Where?!? I like it a lot.
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    Why do the players in the US Open Series commercials sound so...

    Blah? I liked Venus though, "what am I bringing? My bling, duh" Speaking of Venus... She looks good in that "glamour" shot which was in the latest issue of Tennis mag. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    Ferrero Robredo?!?!??!

    Sweet! 2 straight Spaniard matchups.
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    Yay Go Roddick

    wooooo! murray is going to lose
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    Ivanovic is HOT.

    I hope she wins.
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    Roddick's shirt exposes a lot of his skin.

    Just an observation.
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    So if Murray doesn't win this tourny..

    It will look bad.
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    Is this my rotator cuff?

    When I'm serving, at the point where I "throw" my racquet up to hit the ball I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. It's not muscle pain, I don't know if I would call it joint pain though. After warming up the pain goes away, but it's pretty painful the first few serves. Is there a test or...
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    Does Blake seem affected during his matches?

    He does to me, but of course I've never seen him outside of tennis so I don't know how he is otherwise. But during his matches, the way he seems SOOOOOO calm during big points (especially when he's down), and the way he kept smiling after a good shot from Roddick (in today's match) just seemed...
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    So... Is there any televised tennis these days?

    Like Cincy? I don't have the Tennis Channel but I was wondering if there was any tennis on like ESPN or something..
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    So what do the pros do for blisters?

    I know they tape them up, but is that it? I heard New Skin was good for blisters so should I put that before I apply tape? Also, what kind of tape should I be using... I know it's not that soft "cotton-y" kind.. Thanks in advance..
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    Enough with the Henin bashing please.

    One topic is enough. Thank you!