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  1. J

    Why do pros hit lightly at practice?

    For example, Federer: When they play, obviously they are hitting the ball a lot harder. What does this do for them?
  2. J

    Help! My new poly setup gave me tennis elbow

    I had been playing with Tourna BigHitter 17 gauge black with no problems. However, with the latest batch, I broke 3 strings in 3 days, incuding one in 10 minutes (!), all on the mains. So I decided to use RPM Blast on the mains and continue with Tourna BigHitter black on the crosses...
  3. J

    Five things every pro does on his forehand Worth a read IMO.
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    Lost a match point in the worst way

    Yesterday...Up 7-5, 5-4, 40-30. Serve probably the best serve of the match, out wide to his weaker side, his backhand, with really great pace. I put everything I had on this serve. He stabs at it with his BH, it goes straight up, way, way, way up. And its heading out, but...
  5. J

    Hitting Forehands more Out Front

    Was looking for an easy way to get more power on my forehand. I was trying to add power by swinging harder. Wasn't working. So my local pro told me to hit more out front of the ball. Wow, what a difference. He was saying the pace I created was tremendously more, which was great. And I...
  6. J

    I'm surprised more players don't do this:
  7. J

    Kitzbuhel no more?

    Saw the Bet-At-Home tourney is in Hamburg this year. That's really too bad. Kitzbuhel is a really beautiful alpine town in Austria. I was lucky enough to go there in 2013 and even play at the club. Unfortunate.
  8. J

    Hitting dropshot returns long

    I have a problem with opponents dropshots where I have to hit up on the ball. Most of my shots go long on the FH side. Any idea where I'm going wrong or how to fix it?
  9. J

    Finally beat my tormenter by imitating Nadal

    So every week for the last 4 years or so I play a friend of mine. He's a high 4.5 and had some success at 5.0. I'm a low to middling 4.5. His game: Big serve, huge huge FH (it jumps off the court something fierce), solid BH My game: Big serve, good FH, ok BH We get in a pattern where he...
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    Opponent stares down Venus, gets the business (video) "Was that look for something?" "Well done" "Ok, good" Go get 'em Venus. Say what you will about Serena, but Venus has always had a lot of class and was...
  11. J

    New serve grip -sore upper back/rotator cuff

    Instructor told me to change my grip so that my palm covers the 2nd bevel rather than the first. This is what all the pros do, according to him. After a week, my upper back into my rotator cuff hurts pretty bad. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. J

    Having trouble with the "Modern" Forehand, help!

    A couple of months ago, I changed my FH significantly with the help of a local tennis pro. My goals were simple: Get more power easily out of my FH. My model was Federer and Nishikori. He taught me the modern, windshield wiper FH with a looser wrist and more of a snap. I have struggled...
  13. J

    Thinking about switching from Babolat Pure Drive

    So I broke two Pure Drive Roddicks recently, and replaced one of them with the last generation Pure Drive. To put it bluntly, this racket wasn't the same. The weighting felt different and I definitely play better with my old racket. But they don't make them anymore. I know there's a new...
  14. J

    Ever notice at the Open level...

    Opponents stop calling lines and mostly stop calling out score? They just assume you know the ball is out, and frankly, 95% of the time, it's obvious. The most you'll get is maybe a finger pointing out if its close. I actually really like this. Most balls its obvious they are out, I...
  15. J

    Gimelstob to coach Isner The first genuine WTF moment of the month.
  16. J

    Trying to emulate Nishikori's forehand, help!

    This is what I'm working on with my pro, I've had 2 lessons. He's teaching me how to hit it just like Kei Nishikori (and many other pros) Nishikori FH: Buttcap forward, very wristy, and a window wiper finish. I can't seem to get the hang of it yet...
  17. J

    Which will be Nishikori's first Slam?

    I'm thinking US Open. Kei's on fire right now.
  18. J

    Never take a lesson right before a tournament

    So I take a lesson last week to get easier power from my FH. I had just made the finals of a 4.5 tourney but that wasn't good enough...I wanted to win the sucker. Pro completely revamps my FH.. less shoulder turn, more wristy, buttcap forward. I have visions of hitting the ball like Fed and am...
  19. J

    Hitting from B to C

    Took a lesson yesterday, interesting piece of advice was really accelerating at "B to C" instead of all the way through the stroke. In fact, any shots I dumped in the net I was accelerating too early and not getting enough power. Wonder if anybody else heard of this concept, can't be a new...
  20. J

    Drama at my local club

    So Saturday I go to my local club to play their social hit and giggle doubles program just to hit some serves and volleys and get ready for my Sunday match without exerting myself much. People take it serious, but it's a bit of a joke as it's usually low level. First match, I get paired with...
  21. J

    Bizarre disqualification at Challenger yesterday The lineswoman buckled as if shot, but was fine in the end. Still, they defaulted Darian King for throwing his racket against the tarp. Haven't seen this kind of thing since Nalbandian.
  22. J

    New Asics Gel Resolution 5 are crazy good

    About me: 4.5, size 12.5. wide feet. Nagging plantar fascitis in left foot. Formerly used Nike Ballestics and Asics Gel 4. These are seriously great shoes. Comfortable right out of the box, fit is perfect. Plush but definitely supportive. Foot didn't hurt after first an hour of heavy...
  23. J

    The transformation of Caroline Wozniaki

    I stayed on after the Fed match ended, expecting to see retrieving and light hitting from Caro against Errani. Instead, she was smoking the ball off both wings. Her backhand had real power and her placement was superb. She's turned into a slugger and her defense is already legendary. I couldn't...
  24. J

    Played a master 5.0 yesterday

    Got the opportunity to play a solid 5.0. I'm a 4.5. My strengths are my speed, power, consistency. Weaknesses are fitness and volleying. Lost 6-2, 6-2. I wasn't blown off the court, but he had a greater variety of shots, terrific defense, and superior fitness. We had several long rallies...
  25. J

    17 year old Borna Coric crushes Rosol -a star in the making?

    Crushed Rosol today, ranked 27 in the world,in 1st round US Open 6-4, 6-1, 6-2. Played Murray tough at Davis Cup, beat Janowicz and a host of other players ranked higher. Keeping my eyes on him. This kid seems to be the truth.
  26. J

    The biggest mistake I see at 3.5 and below

    The biggest mistake I see at players 3.5 and below is not hitting balls in their strike zone. Because of lack of footwork. You have to move your feet in this game to hit shots that are comfortable for you. I might move slightly inside the baseline to hit one shot, and 5 feet behind it on the...
  27. J

    More powerful poly strings still easy on the arm?

    I play with Tourna Blue strung at 54lbs tension. I like them because they are soft, I get decent power out of them, and it doesn't hurt my arm/elbow like the harder polys did. I need a little more power, though, can anybody recommend better strings along these lines?
  28. J

    From country club to poppin' bottles in the club

    The Kyrgios/Drake feud is just the latest example... Nick Kyrgios has had himself quite the month. First he shocks the tennis world by beating No. 1 Rafael Nadal in his Wimbledon debut to advance to the quarterfinals, and now it seems he's ****ed off Drake. In the third round at...
  29. J

    Why do people act like Fed never played Sampras? Sampras had a 31 match win streak at Wimbledon going into the match, and was 56-1 overall. It's not like he was at the end, he was younger than Fed is now. Fed won in 5 and even if Sampras was in his prime, I think...
  30. J

    Changing directions and hitting a FH winner down the line

    There's a shot I have trouble with, the FH down the line. Especially on a ball coming from my opponents backhand where I can run around my backhand and go down the line. My opponents sit on their backhand side and try to run around their backhands all the time. I want to make them pay by going...