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    Posterior Shin Splints

    Tried foam rolling earlier this afternoon. I'm used to foam rolling my quads now, but all I have to say is foam rolling the inside of my shins/side calves hurt like hell. I also find it harder to hold myself up when foam rolling these areas compared to rolling quads with my face toward the...
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    Posterior Shin Splints

    1) Yes, both in the same areas 2) It only started getting very painful when I increased my frequency of playing. I used to only play once per week if not less, but now I am playing maybe 3 or so times per week. The SuperFeet have helped quite a bit, I feel a lot less pain than usual though...
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    Posterior Shin Splints

    Thanks for the tip, I do have a foam roller at home that I never though to use for my lower legs (only ever used it for quads and hammies). Will do some research on shin rolling.
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    Posterior Shin Splints

    I picked up some Orange SuperFeet. I was tossing up between the 2 you suggested Systemic, but opted to get a bit more padding - I figure they will sit better in my Kobe 8 basketball shoes which have very little cushion once the default insole is replaced. And yes I'm going to stay off...
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    Posterior Shin Splints

    Can anyone recommend solutions for Shin Splints? I have deduced (from Googling :confused:) that it's posterior shin splints, pain is mostly around the Posterior Tibial Tendon, I have slightly flat feet - somewhere between regular and flat I guess. edit: Seems the correct term is "medial tibial...
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    If Fed gets past Nadal his title will be automatic after that. The amount of confidence he'd be going into the finals with against Berdy or his buddy, after beating Nadal on HC? Off the charts
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    Not going to lie, I haven't watched tennis properly in about a year, only highlights.. but Murray seems like a completely different player from 2012, way more agressive.
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    Feels like a changing of the guard coming up Federer passed the torch, but he's comin back for it
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    Multi-purpose shoes (tennis/basketball)

    The rubber being too hard is not really a problem for me, I can't remember the last time I played on indoor, when I play basketball it's either on concrete or a surface similar to tennis hardcourts. Most of my tennis is done on synthetic grass now, though every now and then if the grass courts...
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    Multi-purpose shoes (tennis/basketball)

    Looking for some advice/suggestions on some shoes I can buy. I always play in Free Runs (bad idea, I know) and after putting my ankles through some pain this week I decided I need a pair of shoes with more support. Not only that but the concrete has shredded up my Free's quite nicely too. I'm...
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    Is the notion of "Prime Federer" problematic?

    it's a lot easier to tell the difference between federer now and a few years ago if you watch some videos side by side and look at his feet rather than his racket
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    Australian Open R3 - The GOAT v Roger Federer

    So I put up $60 against my cousins $20 for Federer beating Tomic. Not bad odds at 3-1, considering the bookies are basically paying 7-1 LOL. Easiest $20 I'm ever going to make.
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    100 Million Dollar man

    I think Fed passed the 100 million net worth a while ago. With all his endorsements on top of prize money I wouldn't be surprised if he was hitting almost 40-50 mill a year.
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    Roddick vs. A Kid

    Haha it would be awesome until you realise you've lost the last 20 points in a row without getting a single touch on the ball.
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    How great would the Australian Open 2013 be if...

    i know its indoors but 2006 fed? i dont think anyone but the 08 nadal would be able to take 3 sets off him
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    2012 ATP World Tour Finals: Roger FEDERER vs. David FERRER

    Ferrer is classed a pusher by most people but he really goes for a lot of winners, just doesn't have as much power as some other players.
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    Stefan Edberg Award & Fan's favorite award

    No, Federer winning the Sportsmanship award has chapped the asses of Nadal & Djokovic fans, hence the reason this thread has turned into another debate as opposed to the discussion of Federer receiving the award. It's pretty ironic, isn't it?
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    Tomic brawl video

    yeah, i know he's in damage control mode but he didn't come off as a huge dick for once in an interview
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    Roger: "number 1 not in my hands anymore"

    I'll bet $500usd and an account ban that it's not Feds last year either. Not that it would do any good, because you morons make a new account every year.
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    What Federer would look like if he was a volleyball player.

    the only thing he uses his left arm for is bouncing and tossing the balls lol
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    Some serious Fedal value can be had on next year's slams

    I think it would be safe to put money on Nadal winning RG and Federer winning 1 of the other 3 purely given his odds. In fact I might go do that
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    Racket bags & covers

    Are you meant to use your racket covers inside your racket bags? Feels like a pain in the ass to take a racket out of 2 bags, but having them without covers in there, they just bump around and I constantly hear them smashing into each other :confused: I figure pros don't do it, but they have...
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    Federer is the only player in history ...

    A bo5 would only work in Federer's favour in those situations.
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    McEnroe just said that ultimately the Olympics will be equal to a Slam

    You can't really compare the format of a 1 on 1 sport like tennis to athletics such as swimming and sprinting though. I can't speak for the athletes, but I'd put money on boxers (aside from the fact that it's amateur only), footballers, basketballers, etc. would all say that an Olympic gold...
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    Olympics 2012 Men's Singles Final: [1] Roger Federer vs [3] Andy Murray

    Fed's going to tank this set then god mode the next 2 sets, prob be tired by 5th which will be a close set that goes either way.
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    The problem with reducing women's pay now

    Shouldn't be equal prize money IMO. Imagine if it went down like that in the workplace. A man works an 8 hr shift, a women works say 5 hours (a rough ratio of bo3 sets to bo5 sets), they both get paid $200 for the day. Fair? Nah.
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    Nike released limited edition shoes to celebrate Fed's record for most weeks at #1

    Considering all the marketing was purely through social media and consisted of pretty much a few images, I could have done the campaign myself in a weekend. Wouldn't have cost Nike very much to prepare. As for the shoe, probably costs close to nothing for them to make either, the profit they...
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    Nike's gift to Federer (mystery box?)

    Haha not gold enough