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    Most Durable Tennis Bag

    I am looking to get a new tennis bag. My requirements are that it is big (like a super six) and also extremely durable. Any suggestions?
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    Star 4 manual

    Since I can't find my Star 3 manual, I'll just upload my Star 4 manual. This will save me from having to reply to each individual request for it. Adobe PDF format, about 3.5 MB in size
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    Difference in Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 (silver or gold W box on frame)

    I recently purchased two HPS 6.1. Super frames, a bit heavy when I was younger but still super. I noticed that one of them was had the gold box with the Wilson logo while the other had the silver box with the Wilson logo? is that a mistake or just something goofy
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    Grommets for the i.Prestige MP

    which of the Head Prestige series grommet sets would provide best protection in a i.Prestige MP? thanks
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    Helping figuring out which Wilson this is

    It has 18 mains, 20 crosses. Unlike the K6.1 and most other 6.1 version's I've seen, the main end at the top, so it has 6 holes in the throat, instead of the typical eight Which Wilson is this?
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    New Luxilon String

    Luxilon came out with a new string, the ALU Power Fluoro. This is supposed a softer version of ALU Power.. anybody used it yet?
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    Holy Crap... results from 300 MPH tennis ball

    Just watch and awe (not actually built by me but it was a project of this guy I know)
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    New Tennis Ball Machine

    Just watch and awe (not actually built by me but it was a project of this guy I know)
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    blisters and what not

    Today, while rallying with a friend, I busted a blister that had formed (imagine seeing blood smeared all over your overgrip) yeah.. gruesome. I'll turn to juniors as they deal with this more than adults.. what do some of yall do to help the healing/to help play through it? Thanks Chris
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    fair price for fairway's?

    what is a fair price to pay for fairway's? thanks
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    To all EAGNAS owners

    To all EAGNAS owners (+ Steve Huff) Hi, I am wondering on the diameter of the stem on the swivel clamps. I know that Gamma's and Babolat's clamps are both 0.47 inches in diameter. if any eagnas, (or alpha) that have access to a digital caliper, could you please measure it and give me the...
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    Nike Oscillate?

    Yesterday, I bought a pair of old Nike tennis shoes from my country club. They look and feel like the oscillates but have the letters SE on the middle of the shoe and where the laces first start I am wondering if these are a pair of knock offs or are some kind of weird oscillates? Thanks
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    Ncode N6 103, Japanese/Euro?

    Hi, One of my customers brought in a n6 103 and it isn't listed anywhere. I am just trying to figure out the skip holes and/or tie off holes. I assume this racquet is made for the European/Japan market as they sell them over there but non of the websites have the stringing instructions for...
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    NXT or NXT tour in reels?

    Hi, I have been asked to string a lot of these lately and I am wondering if Wilson makes a NXT or NXT tour reel? Also, any place carries them with a quantity discount? THanks, Chris
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    Anything like Tournagrip but last longer?

    Hi, Today, I tried the Wilson Pro overgrip. Decent grip but began to cause formation of blisters rather quickly. I am trying to figure out what I can use besides Tournagrip as I sweat a lot and Tournagrip seems to not last long enough. Thanks, Chris
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    Rapala or Berkeley scale?

    Which scale is more accurate: Rapala, or Berkeley? Any preferences?
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    uncoated gut

    Is it possible to treat uncoated gut with the babolat thermogut coating and make it last longer? or it is impossible to treat uncoated gut with any type of substances to make it more durable? Thanks
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    Fairway leather?

    If fairway leather worth the price of 15 USD for should I go for the babolat or wilson? Thanks
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    Getting a used machine

    Anybody know of an easier way to get a used babolat machine? I can't seem to find a way, even after contacting babolat usa Thanks
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    Two piece stringing question: starting clamp or tie off when starting crosses

    Hey all, I just got a question about stringing the crosses for the two piece. When you start the crosses, do you use a starting clamp or tie off first? What are the pros and cons of each method? Thank you
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    Alpha, Eagnas, Mutual Power or SP?

    Hey all, I am wanting to purchase a machine so I can string my own racquets as well as for my friends and anybody else who wants me to. I am looking for something with either a crank or electronic tension head. Which one of those four manufactures would you recommend? I have heard a lot of...
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    Time takes to string racquets

    Hey, What the average time the stringers here use to properly string a racquet? (cut out old strings and string new ones)
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    Winn Pro II? Buy or no?

    Hey all, My local shop owner just upgraded to a new electric stringer and doesn't have need for his old Winn Pro II. I am not exactly familiar with the quality of the machine but it has been used to string my racquets on numerous occasions. I am wondering from Winn Pro II owners on how...