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    Pro Hurricane

    I currently use Pro Hurricane 16 on my n 6.1 95... and i usually get it strung at 55.. and before i use to play a power game.. and i realized thats my game.. so i go for more control and spin on my game instead of flat out power. I was wondering should i string at a higher tension?
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    wheres the n-code?

    did all the players using the n6.1 90/95 .. immediately switch to the k-factor rackets?
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    i currently play w/ a n6.1 95, and i was wondering if the 90 plays better? From what I've read is that its less forgiving but if I could handle it.. would there be any benefits from the switch?
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    Question about string tension

    do strings move around when the string drops the original tension?
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    Can tension........

    if you string at a higher tension it it be easier to hit a kick serve and make the ball jump more .. or does it just depend on the racket action?
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    fantasy football...

    if anyone is interested in joinin my fantasy football league.. leave ur email and i can send an invite... or go to the league home page.. and register for my league..
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    Felt like...

    Federer, Agassi, Roddick & Nadal all at once. Yesterday, I had a team tennis match and played to matches. I won the first 8 - 1. Due to consistency of serve and placement. Running down almost every shot. Hitting nice returns off the serve. I felt like Nadal, Agassi, and Federer all in...
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    Roddick & his shoes

    Roddick wears the Babolat Team All Court shoes... does he get his shoes customized to have that strap in the middle?
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    Question about the Bryan Brothers

    Since there isn't a lot of coverage of the Double's field. Are they just much more advanced in their skill level or do they just play more as team than the rest of the field. I noticed that they are consistently in finals and semi finals of tournaments..
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    Wilson or Yonex?

    I was looking on the TW, and I saw that Wilson nCode Six-One 95 and the Yonex RDS 001 were listed as similar. I was wondering if anyone had demoed these two rackets and what the thoughts were?
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    Bob Bryan?

    So is Bob Bryan going to win the Doubles Title with his brother, and the Mixed Double Title with Martina N?
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    Can a string...

    make your feel some pain in your elbow and wrist? Does it depend on the gauge, type of string, tension?
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    TW - Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed Question

    I saw that you have the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed Red/White but the shoe size is 12. I was wondering where I could get a bigger size or if you'll get any?
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    Pro's Overgrips?

    I've noticed that when I watch Federer or Nadal play. Their overgrips don't get red with the clay. I don't how often they change the rackets, but I've noticed this a couple of times. Federer white grip stays white. Also, while I was watching another match. His overgrip was pretty red. Just...
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    Brad Gilbert?

    Why did Roddick fire him?
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    string question

    I was thinking about putting Prince Tourament Nylon as the crosses and Pro Hurricane in the Mains. Any comments?
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    Has anyone played with...

    Prince Tournament Nylon. My cousin told me I should use this during the summer when I'm practicing more than I'm playing matches. In the summer, I practice with friends, and i'm not in to many tournaments. Anyone?
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    A little help?

    I play with a Western grip, and I like it because of topspin. To hit a flat shot do I have to switch to a SW grip before i take it. There are times when I see an opening to hit a winner, and I cant hit it because of our the spin.
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    Babalot Pro Hurricane

    Babolat Pro Hurricane I'm considering using this string. I have a couple of questions. 1) How long does this string last? 2) Recommended Tension? I currently string at 54. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    anyone played with...

    has anyone played with technifibre multifeel? I currently play with this, and I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on the string?
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    I always see the mentioning of pushers, etc. etc. So i wondering if anyone can list all the categories w/ a brief description of each category?
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    so do dri-fit shorts make any difference than regular shorts? This past weekend at my tournament, I noticed that my shorts & boxers get wet/sweaty from all the running around, and I was wondering do dri-fit shorts make any differnce?
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    Here are two links to my serve. Comments & suggestions are welcome.
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    clay court tourny coming up

    This weekend im gonna be playing in a tournament. Half of the courts at the tournament site are clay and the other half is hardcourt. I've never played on clay before. Does anyone have any advice on how clay court play?
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    Advantages in using two strings?

    So I see around here that a lot of people use 2 strings when getting there rackets strung. Is there a big difference when using 2? Are there any pros and cons?