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    Help with stringing pattern

    Does anyone have the stringing pattern for a Prince Air Lite? Its 118 sq inch and 8.5 oz according to the hanndle. I can't find it anywhere. It may be a big box racquet with no stringing pattern published. My friend cut out the strings before writing down the stringing pattern. He's restringing...
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    USTA League and scores

    Does anyone play not only to win but to keep the scores close so you won't get bumped up to a level where there is no league play in your area? If so, isn't it as though you have to play your opponent and the USTA computer in the same match?
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    Need racquet specifications Please Help

    I need the racquet specifications for a Dunlop Max Superlong +2.0. I have a 2005 Stringer's Digest and the racquet specs are not in it though the stringing pattern is. If anyone has an earlier Stringers Digest with racquet specifications in it I would appreciate you posting the specifications...
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    Gosen Polylon SP 17

    I understand Gosen renamed Polylon SP 17 to Polylon Polyquest 17. Are you going to continue to handle packages and reels?
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    2-handed backhand volley video

    Does anyone know of a link to a video properly demonstrating a two-handed backhand volley? Unfortunately I have to make a temporary switch to a two-handed backhand volley due to a recurring shoulder injury. Thanks JHP
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    Head Liquidmetal Fire Pro - swingweight?

    Anyone know the swingweight of the Head Liquidmetal Fire Pro? This is the 27 inch edition of the Liquidmetal Fire. Thanks
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    Gamma Poly-Xtra Poly

    Has anyone tried 18g Gamma Poly-Xtra Poly? It's $48 a reel. It's a polyester monofilament
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    Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 (17) vs Gosen Polylon SP (17)

    Has anyone tried both strings in the mains? How do you rate softness, spin, durability, tension loss and power of each string? Thanks
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    Gosen Polylon Comfort 17 vs Polylon SP 17

    Has anyone hit with Gosen Polylon Comfort 17 and Gosen polylon SP 17? If so how do they compare?