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  1. Luka888

    Should Tsonga be charged for his lack of effort against Rafa?

    Just saying :). Discuss.
  2. Luka888

    Opelka vs. Raonic?

    Who will out-serve whom?
  3. Luka888

    Thiem out too

    I mean what the hell ... I'm so sad. What the heck is wrong with younger players. Sorry, I opened another thread. It's just I don't get it anymore. :cry:
  4. Luka888

    Goran Ivanisevic joins the Novak team

    Very interesting. Sorry guys, no links but it's all over the net. You can google it. Your thoughts?
  5. Luka888

    Opelka vs. Isner?

    Who would win :X3::whistle:?
  6. Luka888

    Could we kinda unite when it comes to the big 3?

    They are the best players in the Open Era. Nobody can deny that. Still, every day when I come to this forum someone is fighting who's bigger better etc. You can call me whatever but I truly appreciate Fed, Nole and Rafa. I always hope that we all should be more objective. All fan basis can go...
  7. Luka888

    We just can't get enough of Nick C.

    Oops, I did it again. Mods, sorry, I just couldn't help it :laughing:. I prefer C to K by the way ;)
  8. Luka888

    FlipTsitsipas: Big Four Wimbledon Dominance is Boring

    The link I don't get it. Why youngsters talks so much and do nothing on the court. Are you kidding me? Don't get me wrong but I really can't say who is more stupid. So, you complain it's boring. OK...
  9. Luka888

    Tsitsipas, Libema and GRASS in general

    Discuss. Jarry is a clue. Now, how will Stafanos perform at SW17?
  10. Luka888

    Ryan Peniston (#681) def. ATomic

    Is it OK to talk about this? Mods, excuse me. I'm just speechless and too old to post it in the right forum. My doc will send you some papers ;). What the heck happened? Did anyone watch the match?
  11. Luka888

    The weather in France

    It doesn't look good. Rainy days. It looks like we will not be able to watch anything today. I hope I'm wrong but it is what it is. Novak vs. Zverev might drag today and tomorrow. I don't understand why French guys didn't built the roof when they rebuild PC. It doens't make any sense. It looks...
  12. Luka888

    Shoot me. Both matches suspended.

    :cry::cry::cry:. I knew it. Talk about whatever you wanna talk. Mods, sorry, I'm not sure if it's OK to open this thread but whatever.
  13. Luka888


    Um, she just lost to #42 Siniakova. I didn't watch the match but I find this kinda bizarre. She lost in two. I would be grateful if someone who watched the match can let us know what happened. Thanks.
  14. Luka888

    RG scheduling

    I am pretty neutral here. I'm wondering what your opinion is. You can't have all top players on PC. Yesterday, Nadal played on SL. Today, both Djokovic and Osaka are on SL. Gael is on PC. So, people say he is French. The thing is that I just read some tennis news and people who purchased...
  15. Luka888


    I'm so itching to open this thread. Should I stay or should I go? I'm not posting anything about the match today or his age :censored::censored::censored:. Talk about Verdasco :)
  16. Luka888

    Laslo Djere?

    Doing pretty well. He is getting better and better. Any comments about his game?
  17. Luka888

    Is Stanimal back or

    it's too early to talk abut it? He played great today. I'm kinda surprised to be honest with you. He's never done that well in Madrid. I will not talk about the match tough :censored:. I know it's against the rules. Let's talk about his current form. You just never know what to expect from Stan...
  18. Luka888

    Nicolas Almagro retired

    I'm kinda sad. I love his personality. Only 33yo. Great FH. We will miss you Nicolas. Too many injuries. Some people think think tennis is easy ...
  19. Luka888

    Boris Becker reveals reason for Serbian’s Rafael Nadal success

    OK. Do you guys think that is fair that a former coach 'reveals' his strategy with a player he used to coach to the whole world? I kinda have mixed feelings here. Yes, many of us noticed how and why Djokovic def. Nadal at the AO this year. However, do you think that Boris tries a bit too much...
  20. Luka888

    Paralles between tennis players and Animal Kindgdom

    Post pics, gifs that desribes them ... So, make some parallels between tennis players and their qualities or some lack of. Describe a player as an animal and tell us why, or don't. Have fun. I'll add something later.
  21. Luka888

    Nick Kyrgios: I don't think there has ever been player like Bernard Tomic

    Ah, these two brats. You can love them or hate them but they are hilarious. :) Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios had only kind words to say about fellow compatriot Bernard Tomic after their Priceline Pharmacy Kooyong Classic clash. Tomic, 26, won the first-ever clash between the two as...
  22. Luka888

    Nadal compares Federer and Djokovic in detail

    Interesting article. Nadal says regarding his and Djokovic game style or their match-up 'they use all of their shots', while when playing Federer 'they are both more tactical and more repetitive'. The article is actually not detailed at all ... the media just loves these bombastic titles...
  23. Luka888

    The Kia dude is the best part of the AO

    Every year I can hardly wait for him to show up and give us his speech :D. You just can't help it but love the guy ;). Kim Jong, watch out. The Kia guy for the president. He'll unite both Koreas. Thank to The Kia man the AO is the most entertaining major ... I'm serious, lol.