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    Any good drills with balls for 5-7-year-olds?

    It depends on the skill level..... targets big or small, consistency goals 10 shots in row, rally with sponge balls I have more games if you have a group
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    Simple drill to NOT look up, and keep eye on the ball.

    This is a simple version of the same idea, it works very well. The key is the words should be said based on sight, not rhythm.
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    Serve advice needed

    release the ball when your arm is vertical, then the ball only needs to go only a foot or so.... also, make sure you line-up the arm at the proper angle ... about 1:00
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    When is HS tennis season in your state ?

    There are no mandated off-season practices anywhere in Maryland. The best players play year round in private clinics and private lessons. The notion that the MoCo girls have a special advantage playing in the fall is absurd.
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    When is HS tennis season in your state ?

    Because Montgomery County Maryland has dominated the state tournament. They are the only county in the state that has the girls in the fall and the boys in the spring. The other counties feel the Montgomery County girls have an unfair advantage playing in the fall. So, the other counties voted...
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    When is HS tennis season in your state ?

    thank you, Maryland is forcing the girls to play in the spring, at the same time as the boys. It is a foolish idea; 1) courts must be shared 2) coaches must choose to coach girls or boys 3) Bad weather 4) it will limit participation
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    When is HS tennis season in your state ?

    and do boys and girls play during the same season ?
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    Petition advice please

    has anyone ever done a petition ? can you tell me what to include ?... what information do you include about the people signing ? Thanks
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    coaching advice

    on and off for 4 months..... there is no commitment by her, she has very little chance of developing. As others have said be honest with her parents
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    Thanks to the cold weather on the east coast I will probably have 1 more day of practice before our first match. Any more ideas ? Thanks
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    High School coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ? I have 10 boys that are about the same level. And the weather is minimizing our practice time. I do not think singles play is the best way to determine the best doubles players. Thanks for your help
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    What is the weirdest/creepiest film you have ever seen?

    Silence of the Lambs
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    Develop hand-eye coordination specifically for forehand ?

    Bounce..... hit say bounce (and start your swing) when the ball hits the ground.... then say hit when you hit the ball.... based on sight
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    The animal appreciation thread

    George " The Animal" Steele...... RIP
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    Neighbor's kids keep playing in our front yard

    call I.C.E.
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    Australian Open

    How much does it cost to go from the US east coast ? Air, Hotel, tickets etc.
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    Different toss for first and for second serve?

    yes, assuming you are hitting a kick serve on your second serve, move your contact point back
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    Should everyone under 4.5 be using an oversized racket?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo the notion that the larger rackets are easier to control is false
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    Moving to Vegas in 4 weeks !!!

    There are two seasons in Madison..... winter and not snows in November and melts in April
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    Coaches pay scale for top playing pros

    $10,000. rupees a week sounds about right,000&From=INR&To=USD $146.00 dollars
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    Coaches pay scale for top playing pros

    Robert Lansdorp was paid "nothing" from a top player. True the story focused on the lower level players. And a thousand dollars a week during the season for a top 50 (?) player is next to nothing. I would think top coaches would get a percentage of prize money. I thought golf caddies got a...
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    Coaches pay scale for top playing pros

    interesting article on how much coaches are paid
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    Moving to Vegas in 4 weeks !!!

    1) get a local ID ASAP..... locals are treated better than tourists 2) Go to Spearmint Rhino.... no cover for locals
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    Lessons and dead balls..

    ahhhh, take lessons at another place. Seriously, you cannot expect brand new balls. However, if you have "dead " balls you are not taking lessons from a high quality pro. The balls should bounce about 80% as high and fast as new ones.
  25. 10s talk ?

    do any teaching pros have any positive experiences with this site. They charge you to make offers to potential new students. I keep getting referrals to make offers to...... it is 30 degrees and they know I do not teach indoors It sure looks like a scam
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    Who are the most famous people you have played Tennis with?

    not quite played, just sat with Wilt and watched a match on an outer court in Miami/ Key Biscayne
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    Best Auto Insurance ?

    just got an Amica quote.... $1,500. a year... probably more than the car is worth
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    Best Auto Insurance ?

    Update; Liberty Mutual cut the rate $200. a year. It is still over $700. for a car that is almost 20 years old. And is driven about 6,500 miles a year.... with just liability coverage FYI ....YELP gave GEICO 1 star on 24 reviews in my area
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    Best Auto Insurance ?

    not quite eligible, dad was in the Navy and in the defense department. However, he recently passed away. Thank you everyone for all the advice