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  1. hypervox

    I feel like theres no good racquets nowadays

    You say you have a lot of knowledge about customizing racquets yet on all the other threads you created about shortening a racquet and pallets you seem to know very little
  2. hypervox

    Wilson Clash 98

    Which version blade did you use because the V7 is easy on the arm
  3. hypervox

    Light or heavy racket

    you should demo a clash 100
  4. hypervox

    rublev with new gravity pj?

    They are Only using this pj for 3 days
  5. hypervox

    Tecnifibre rs 305 with Leather Grip?

    Highly doubt you will get any more or less spin by changing over to a leather grip
  6. hypervox

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Al lot of "honeymoon" period with this racket it seems it can't do anything wrong. I'll give it a month or two and see what the results are. I'm to scared to test it after switching to the rs305 two months ago
  7. hypervox

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Mine came in at 305g and 306g so really happy with that
  8. hypervox

    Racquet price increases are insane!

    We just received the blade v8 in South Africa and the price compared to when the blade v7 came out is about $70. Blade v8 works out to $300
  9. hypervox

    Head Dampener Djokovic

    My guess is it's the same as all other dampners
  10. hypervox

    US Open gear thread

    Yes she is also using the new blade paint job
  11. hypervox

    Favorite Dampeners?

    I use the Wilson 4 leaf clover one because I need all the luck I can get and it blends in well with hyper g
  12. hypervox

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    My second technifibre arrived
  13. hypervox

    Demo Tennis Wharehouse questions

    Only way possible that i can think of is removing the grip and fitting a thin overgrip, and the re grip when you are done
  14. hypervox

    Is this a crack ?

    Looks like a scratch in the paint
  15. hypervox

    tsitsipas' racket bag

    It's the new blade v8 pj
  16. hypervox

    Racquets similar to the pro kennex black ace?

    Agreed, just get a new one instead of trying something else
  17. hypervox

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    My favorite dampner actually have 2 spares in my bag as well
  18. hypervox

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Got a technifibre t fight 305rs now waiting for the 2nd one to arrive
  19. hypervox

    18x19 pattern Club - Djokovic, Medvedev, Agassi and...

    Just got a technifibre t fight 305rs and comparing it to my blade 18x20 it definitely has some more power and the control is still there. Definitely adding another one
  20. hypervox

    Brooksby, Jenson

    Maybe a little early for that
  21. hypervox

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Would have to test it when they come out but with that stiffness I might just stick with the v7
  22. hypervox

    The new Wilson Blade 100 v7.. stud or dud

    Pics will get removed, I guess until Wilson officially release the v8
  23. hypervox

    The new Wilson Blade 100 v7.. stud or dud

    The v8 pics looks almost Satin instead of gloss, Raonic pj is obviously gloss
  24. hypervox

    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Don't you need internet for real time processing so not on airplane mode?
  25. hypervox

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Why is pictures of the v8 being removed, it's not a secret anymore Raonic got clips of them on his Instagram acount so it's not like Wilson is hiding it
  26. hypervox

    How to create a custom paintjob (very detailed)

    Did you ever do a spray job on the rf and if so how did you remove the velvet/rubber paint?
  27. hypervox

    How to make a racquet less powerful?

    String with Lower powered strings
  28. hypervox

    The new Wilson Blade 100 v7.. stud or dud

    Wouldn't be a blade v7 if the swing weight wasn't high
  29. hypervox

    Racquet like the Pro Staff 97 but more flexible and soft?

    Was thinking the same must have been the string if the pure strike made it go away