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  1. Topaz

    What should replace my 2012 PD?

    About me....3.5 female, play a lot, two handed bh, prefer baseline but volley when I have to, singles/dubs/lots of mixed. I absolutely love my 2012 Pure Drives, but I think it’s time to stick a fork in them. I string with PSGD 17g at 57-59. Anyone have any feedback on the newer Pure Drives...
  2. Topaz

    40+ mixed nationals

    Decided to post this thread while I sit here delayed by SNOW! :( But later today, warm Orlando weather. Anyone else going?!?
  3. Topaz

    18+ Mixed Nationals

    Since all the levels are happening at the same time and same place, I thought I would give us one place to discuss the evils of mixed dubs on a *National* level. ;) Anyone else going to be there?
  4. Topaz

    Cincy semi: Azarenka vs. Janokvic

    Number 2 vs Number 14...whaddya think?
  5. Topaz

    The Crossfit Games

    Anyone following? These workouts are insane!!! My favorites so far...Julie Foucher and Chris Spealler.
  6. Topaz

    Today's match...

    Should have included a Topaz/Cindy showdown, but evidently nobody from either one of our teams decided to show up! Cindy, this post is dedicated to you. Only against one of your teams would so much drama occur!!! We went into the match defaulting dubs 3. You guys defaulted singles 1...
  7. Topaz

    Can playing mixed cause a strike for a self-rate?

    Perhaps you guys can help with this? A friend of mine self-rated at 3.5 after being out of the game for 20 some years. He has played 7.0 mixed without dropping a match and is now considering playing 8.0 as well. However some have cautioned him against this because he is self-rated and if he...
  8. Topaz

    Stringing at Legg Mason

    Some pictures taken at Legg Mason's stringing booth: Cilic's string Order up!
  9. Topaz

    Legg Mason Picture Thread

    Only have time to post a few...many more yet to be downloaded! Nishikori Blake Sweeting (having a nice run!) Nalbandian and Rajeev Ram wait out a few sprinkles before their match.
  10. Topaz

    ATTN: Tiffani

    Hi Tiffani, I read the blog post on the new women's Roxy apparel, and attempted to leave a comment there, but can't come up with my username and password to save my life! So, I hope you see this... Can you comment on the skorts? They are listed so short (10.5 inches? really?) but I...
  11. Topaz

    Understanding Elbow Pain

    Came across these articles, and thought they may be of interest here... Understanding Elbow Pain, Part 1 - Functional Anatomy (gives an excellent explanation of the elbow joint and how it is really two joints - hinge and pivot - in one place) Understanding Elbow Pain, Part 2 - Pathology...
  12. Topaz

    Sony Ericsson Pictures

    Rafa practicing: Venus practicing: Dr. Ivo practicing: Timea Baczinsky?
  13. Topaz

    So, how many teams are you playing on this season?

    For me, one of the results of the Big Bump is that many teams are sticking together and playing up instead of scuttling the team. In addition, many new teams at my level (I did not get bumped) are popping up, too. The 2-player rule might affect this later on, but so far I think I'm on six...
  14. Topaz

    The official NTRP thread

    In various discussions on these forums, there has been unending debate about how NTRP works, usually between those who are involved in USTA league play and those who do not. In looking up a specific rule, I found some new helpful guidelines that the USTA has put on their website. Hopefully...
  15. Topaz

    Belgians' bans lifted.

    ITF lifts bans, clears Wickmayer, Malisse I think this is good news, and the right thing to do. Save the bans for people who actually fail drug tests. Hope Wicky gets the WC into the AO.
  16. Topaz

    The Please Stop Whining Thread

    Anyone else tired of the complaining about rating changes? Anyone else tired of checking their email and seeing an inbox full of complaints (as if I can do anything about it)? Anyone else tired of people talking smack about 3.5 players, and then complaining when they get bumped to 4.0? Anyone...
  17. Topaz

    Fed Cup Final - Italy vs. USA

    Rain, rain, rain, go away! I only got to see a few points of Oudin/Schiavone before they ran off of the court. Was a bit pleasantly surprised to see Oudin up in the set, but I know Frannie knows her clay and that she won't give up.
  18. Topaz

    So, you think a D1 male can beat up on the WTA?

    Well, you're wrong. Stanford's #1, Bradley Klahn, getting schooled by Jelena Jankovic, this year (a year when she's not even been at her best). He is ranked #52. Thanks to Bud for posting this elsewhere. Now maybe you guys will start...
  19. Topaz

    The *correct* sequence of events.

    ^^^Aw crap, should say 'sequence'. Really, I can spell, just not so much with the typing. In reading all of these threads (ok, not all of them, I don't have that kind of time), it is apparent many didn't actually see what happened, and/or didn't know the events prior that led up to Serena's...
  20. Topaz

    WTA tour shines during tough economic times

    We repeatedly read on this forum that 'the women's tour is in trouble', yet never really see anyone come up with any facts behind those dire proclamations. Turns out, the women's tour is doing just fine financially. They lost only one title sponsor in the recent economic crisis. NEW...
  21. Topaz

    The mystery of combo doubles league

    In my area, Aug/September are combo league. I'm playing women's 6.5 combo (3.0 + 3.5 doubles team) as well as 7.5 (3.5 + 4.0). I played mostly singles during the regular season, and logged about 30 singles matches, and maybe 5 doubles matches? So, needless to say, my confidence and...
  22. Topaz

    Legg Mason '09 pictures/videos/blog thread

    Lots of us TTWers are in the metro DC area, and more than a few of us are probably attending Legg Mason at some point this week. Here is a place to post your pictures, your videos, and/or your thoughts about what you saw! I'll start! Monday. Got to the site and on the practice court was...
  23. Topaz

    Nike Wimbledon ladies - Azarenka's tank?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! I was wondering why the tank top that Azarenka (and Hantuchova) wore at Wimby is not listed with the new items? They wore the 'trend' skort...but any idea if the top is going to be available? Thanks!
  24. Topaz

    What to eat *after* a match???

    Hello all... I know how and what to eat before a match and to get me through the match...but this season so far I'm struggling *after* the matches. I'm playing singles this year for the first time, and I've had four matches that have been pretty grueling. I also work on my feet full time...
  25. Topaz

    Adidas a3 Prevail

    Oh dear TW, please...please tell me they aren't discontinued (women's shoes)??? Or, maybe they are just coming out with a new version? *hopeful* Any info would be great, thanks!
  26. Topaz

    Fed Cup: USA vs. Czech Republic

    The US is in action today, led by Betthanie Mattek-Sands. The rest of the squad includes doubles specialist Liezel Huber, with youngsters Melanie Oudin (the heroine of the first round tie earlier this year) and Alexa Glatch. They are facing the Czech Republic: Iveta Benesova, Petr Kvitova...
  27. Topaz

    This just in! 3.5 woman wields KPS88!

    Who? Me, Topaz, 3.5 NTRP rated woman. My NTRP is well earned through four years of league and tournament play. In my area, I'm a 'low' 3.5, and had a losing record last season. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to hit with the KPS88, although it was modified. If you want to know...
  28. Topaz

    Will Americans Put On 'Recession' Pounds?

    Came across this article today on my yahoo homepage... Will Americans Put on 'Recession' Pounds? Some ideas from the article: People ... are going to economize and as they save money on food they will be eating more empty calories or foods high in sugar, saturated fats and refined...
  29. Topaz

    LMAO!!! New Women's VLOG! 12/24-1/2

    First of all...*great* job! Nice to see the women's vlog getting a bit of 'creative' attention finally! ;) I don't want to give it away, but...fellow posters/readers...if you have not, WATCH THIS VLOG! Yes, even if you are a guy, I'm telling the women's vlog...*trust* me...
  30. Topaz

    Ladies - plain black skort?

    Hopefully, some ladies will chime in! I'm in need of a just plain black skort (I prefer skorts to skirts). Any favorites that you'd recommend? If you have a skirt that you love, go ahead and let me know, I'm just not usually a fan of having to wear the shorties and then the skirt, too...I...