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  1. Spector

    The world's worst parents

    How can you be a huge fan of maddox and find this video so terrible? Maddox's humour is far more extreme than this. And as a side note man he certainly isn't writing many articles these days.
  2. Spector

    How do you make veins appear on your calves? :D

    Yeh thats dye in the left leg. Its not too good if your getting to a satge like that but unfortunately there is not a lot you can do about it. Try to avoid being on your feet all day....sit whenever you can.
  3. Spector

    How do you make veins appear on your calves? :D

    Yeh i know what you mean. It does look pretty cool. There are a few contributing factors. You need to have extremely low body fat. You also need to have muscle mass. But the most significant factor is your genetics and how your cardiovascular system is structured. Some peoples veins and...
  4. Spector

    The world's worst parents

    Agreed. I find it suprising that so many of you find this video so bad. There is a lot of parents who do far worse things to their children than not giving them a luxury good. The kid will probably laugh about this later in life.
  5. Spector

    Post random theme music...

    Funny and catchy: Good cartoon intro: I quite like the movie:
  6. Spector

    Sock recommendations.

    You can get thorlos in black. Thorlo's "hiking" socks are black and still provide great cushioning even for tennis.
  7. Spector

    Recommend string for POG/Oversize

    Prince original synthetic gut 16. Don't underestimate this string just due to its cheap price.
  8. Spector

    virtua tennis 3

    Yes. Top spin is more realistic.
  9. Spector

    Did the ball cross the net?

    From my memory you and your racquet have to stay on your side. If your racquet goes over the net the point goes to your opponent even if you hit the ball on your side. But my memory is a little hazy on the subject. Go to the ITF website, download the rule book and find out.
  10. Spector

    Honestly, how do those skinny guys produce so much power?

    Another thing is that you can be strong without being 'big'. Strength has a lot to do with how your muscles are activated (neuromuscular system) rather than the size of those muscles. If muscles become too big then the power you can generate decreases. Thats why skinny guys can hit with...
  11. Spector


    Get a motorbike'll have more fun.
  12. Spector

    mains vs crosses

    I wasn't actually referring to overall string life. I was soley looking at the crosses, in that if their tension is significantly higher than that of the mains then the chances of the crosses breaking increase.
  13. Spector

    Is the k90 really going to be discontinued soon?

    On a side note all of these serve speeds are unofficial. The truth of these speeds are far from being valid.
  14. Spector

    Fat Burning Drinks?

    Agreed, they aren't a good solution. Just make sure you energy intake is less than your energy expenditure and you'll lose weight. Don't make the negative energy balance too large otherwise you'll feel like crap.
  15. Spector

    mains vs crosses

    Ive never really found that the "sawing" effect of strings play a significant role in string breaking. Since the crosses are usually significantly shorter than the mains, by increasing their tension above that of the mains then you are decreasing their ability to deform under an applied force...
  16. Spector

    mains vs crosses

    The crosses play a large role in how the mains behave. If the crosses are tighter then it reduces the force which is applied and generated by the mains. It will feel stiffer as the mains will not move as much. Also due to more force being applied to the crosses and the fact that the crosses...
  17. Spector

    Do you use a string saver?

    Yeh i place them just like that too. I would have posted a pic too if my strings weren't broken at the time of this thread. In terms of affecting my game it doesn't make a huge difference, maybe a little bit more spin and a bit less feel. But you get tonnes of feel from nat gut so it...
  18. Spector

    Your shoe recommendation.

    First of all thanks to everyone which replied :) As for dsmercado's question yes i do wear wide with shoes. I wear Ascis gel foundation's which have a 4E width, but these are my running shoes and i don't know whether its a good idea to compare running shoes to tennis shoes. Anyway i fit a...
  19. Spector

    Your shoe recommendation.

    I have been looking for a good wide fitting pair of tennis shoes as i have rather wide feet. I'm sure that a few of you out there also have wide feet and have found a good shoe. So what is your recommendation for a pair of shoes for me? If you could also include your reasoning that would...
  20. Spector

    Do you use a string saver?

    Yeh ive been using them for awhile now and find that they do help to preserve the life of your strings. Especially if you are using natural gut. Eventually when I broke my strings it occured outside of the area which I had string savers in. They also help to reduce movement of the string...
  21. Spector

    How best to handle shots with zero pace and top spin?

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  22. Spector

    Saw IV

    Yeh some movies have just stopped trying to create suspense and anticipation and instead just go down the ultra gruesome path....the easier path to take I might add.
  23. Spector

    Help me decide a racquet: POG Mid vs. POG OS

    The POG OS use to be my racquet of choice but after awhile of using it I wanted a racquet which I could get a bit more head acceleration out of and be a bit more maneuverable especially at the net. I ended up buying the K90 and I love it. I haven't actually used the POG mid so I can only...
  24. Spector

    sleeves up!

    Omg there actually are sleeve holder-upperers!
  25. Spector

    anyone try the hybrid-K-Gut 17 and BB Alu Power Rough 16L? ...(or something similar)

    Yeh thats a nice summary but one thing missing is the control factor. With the natural gut in the mains you should get more control. On the issue of feel it really does make a difference.....with the natural gut in the mains you just get a lot more feel of the stringbed which I like to have.
  26. Spector

    most stable racquet/s ?

    POG OS followed by the K90
  27. Spector

    High reps beneficial or a waste of time?

    Very high reps (>18 ) with short rests will be good for endurance. High reps (8-16) with short rests will be good for hypertrophy. Low reps (3-5) with long rests will be good for stength training. The long rest period for strength training is to let the PCr system recover. NB: Those...
  28. Spector

    which gets hotter?

    Its a good question. I would have to say the cabin would get hotter than the trunk due to more insulators within the cabin. However, that being said the trunk will probably increase tempature at a faster rate than the cabin until it plateaus.
  29. Spector

    Hotest Charlie's Angel?

    I would have to say all three of them for a one night stand :-D