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  1. HeeK_ILRF

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    logo Anybody knows if i preorder the rf97 auth if they include the W logo in the strings? There is not a field to buy it apart..
  2. HeeK_ILRF

    Called Wilson and was told they are NEVER releasing the new Fed frame to the public

    I hate him, without him Nadal sucks i'm sure LMAO
  3. HeeK_ILRF

    rogers new frame update,

    questo sito sta sclerando per sapere quando poter comprare la racchetta di federer!! roger fa qualcosa!!!!!!!!!! i tell it in italian maybe it can help!!!!!!!!
  4. HeeK_ILRF

    rogers new frame update,

    same for me :|
  5. HeeK_ILRF

    Best Racquet Ever? Head Elektra Master 660

    interesting, if i find something i will let u informed
  6. HeeK_ILRF

    vibration dampener - necessary?

    it's much time i ask myself this thing.. i see players in tv using these objects and so i give me a reason of that, i mean i understand thay have somewhat utility but...someone that uses them can tell me if he feels difference and benefit using vs. not using a dampener? thanks in advance
  7. HeeK_ILRF

    Best Racquet Ever? Head Elektra Master 660

    OHHH so hard? year=?
  8. HeeK_ILRF

    racquet and overgrip

    ok guys, don't tell me i m wronged my racquet until now having player with all fed racquet until now. now i m waiting for the 2014 model and i ask u an opinion about the overgrip i bought: wilson pro overgrip (little detail: white as the master use to play :p) i am left handed, one back...
  9. HeeK_ILRF

    The effect of difference in tension of main and cross on the frame

    let's help this guy, cmon... chj im not an expert, hope someone opens the door...lets see ;)
  10. HeeK_ILRF

    ''I hope to see you next year.'' ''Bye bye.''

    damn nervous Roger has lost this final i hope in miami cmon champ...!
  11. HeeK_ILRF

    The official 2014 Miami Masters thread

    of course i have to quote the 2. line :-|
  12. HeeK_ILRF

    The WOWrinka Serve

  13. HeeK_ILRF

    Rafa did not like clay???

    ahahaha LMAO
  14. HeeK_ILRF

    Djokovic - can he still bounce back to regain No. 1 & YER?

    i think djo can re-gain n.1 atp rank, but are matches won like the one at i.wells vs. master rogi that can do so..
  15. HeeK_ILRF

    rogers new frame update,

    seems we wait tuuuuuuuuu much fir this racquet! damn :sbav:
  16. HeeK_ILRF


    I want both: prothotype and final racquet! YEAHHHHH
  17. HeeK_ILRF

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    I hate these nike type i prefer vapor sorry if i post it here probably a topic for all lovers of ballistic..
  18. HeeK_ILRF

    Overgrip thickness confusion

    Can anyone tell me if wilson makes "sensation" ovgrips? Or we r talkin only about strings? Thx
  19. HeeK_ILRF

    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    The model fed's using at indian wells is supreme
  20. HeeK_ILRF

    Best String Full bed for PURE SPIN production

    I adore Wilson Sensation
  21. HeeK_ILRF

    If you switch from a 90sq to a 98sq which tension

    On a 90 in kilos id like to try fed tension. Like i mean 26.5
  22. HeeK_ILRF

    Pat Cash vs Wilander and Lendl

    Pat Cash ruled ;)
  23. HeeK_ILRF

    Indian Wells

    Thanks! It can be good also for me away from my home where i have my decoder and my payperview...!
  24. HeeK_ILRF

    Federer vs Djokovic - 2014 Indian Wells Masters final

    Hope fed win this. The new racquet is giving him good sensations...GOO CHAMP!
  25. HeeK_ILRF

    Federer's racket!

    or maybe PWS not i thought yes.... a lot of ppl talk about this myth in the forum but really it's larger then one can see in the pics above....
  26. HeeK_ILRF

    Federer's racket!

    16x19 -> OK PWS -> OK We all wanna buy it! (almost me lol :lol:)