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  1. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    Looks consistent with alot of other stuff, and shows again how N95 usually perform better than their minimum label. The one thing I am not sure about with the study is how they tested the filters. Most tests usually only test the filter media, and not the full mask. So, with the result based on...
  2. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    Anyone find it ironic NY has 33 cases, and the Flushing Meadows Park is named Corona Park?
  3. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    I was plannning on leaving the states since last year, but got stuck here due to family deaths and people playing games with money. At this point, I am not sure what to do. No way I can sell my house in time, and to get food in another country might be hard at this point. I am just going to have...
  4. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    Seems like the size is not something that is easily agreed on Claims 120 nm - Claims 70- 80 nm - Viruses vs...
  5. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    I read the virus is about 100-120 nm, or 0.1 micron. It is more than likely not flying around that small, and is attached to other moisture and particles making it bigger. I saw one study that measured only 42% of flu particles from measured coughs were under 1 micron, and influenza is listed as...
  6. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    I guess that mean p3/p100. Should be good so long as it seals well.
  7. Kobble

    Tennis & Coronavirus

    P100 is not a 100%. It is at least 99.97% for 0.3 micron particles. For 1 micron it is about 99.999%.
  8. Kobble

    Maria Sharapova retires from professional tennis

    I wouldn't be surprised if the coronavirus didn't scare her off the tour. Go back to Russia where borders are sealed.
  9. Kobble

    I ****ing hate tennis now.

    Welcome to junior tennis... junior golf, junior baseball, junior football, junior bowling, pageants, name it. Essentially, assholes are drawn to this stuff like flies to ****. Oddly, the flies and the assholes are one in the same in these cases...weird. The way I used to look at it...
  10. Kobble

    Delray Beach ATP 250

    There was always food on site. Expensive for what you get, but it was ok. There used to be really good restaurants in the area, but I haven't been to Delray in years. One called Da Da's was supposed to be really good and featured on some shows. It is walking distance from the site. I think it is...
  11. Kobble

    Delray Beach ATP 250

    I have gone a few times. Very good in regards to the surrounding city and being able to get close to the players, and much more relaxed than what Key Biscayne used to be. For me, it was a back yard tournament I would go to every so often. Being in South Florida, it was very easy to get off work...
  12. Kobble

    Have you ever attended a junior tournament as a spectator?

    I went to the Orange Bowl. Watched Zverev, Tiafoe and a few others. That was about the only one I went out of my way for.
  13. Kobble

    Exercises that maximise weight loss but also beneficial for tennis

    Do spider drills. However, your shoes will get destroyed fast, and that will cost you alot of money.
  14. Kobble

    AO Tennis announced for PS4 and Xbox 1

    You need Super Tennis with the Game Genie.
  15. Kobble

    Strange match stats. If this was a real world tennis problem, I think a player might melt down on court.

    I don't think it is common for a player to regularly hit 1.5-2.0 times the number of winners as there opponent, significantly less unforced errors, signifcantly more break points, and close percentages on % serve points won, and still lose consistently. Anyway, I finally beat Sampras 6-4...
  16. Kobble

    Strange match stats. If this was a real world tennis problem, I think a player might melt down on court.

    Been playing Dream match tennis and and can't beat Sampras on grass with the Edberg character. Last two matches went as follows. He always seems to get aces a net chord luck shots. I outplay him from all parts of the court, but never convert the breaks. Best I ever did was a mini break in the...
  17. Kobble

    Science explains why you look bad on video

    I've been through it enough in multiple sports to where I have an idea of how good or bad. If your result are better, like more power with the same effort etc., your technique looks better 75% of the time. Simply, because something good is happening to create it. If it feels awkward, and the...
  18. Kobble

    Which type(s) of opponent is most likely to be your "pigeon"?

    Sounds like me. I am 5'9, slow (should be slow), and haven't hit a serve in months. Not really a good one in years. I think right now I would lose 10 out of 10 times. lol I need to get out there again. Rain, hurricanes, stress, had me just working mostly on my upper body strength. Actually...
  19. Kobble

    Djokovic plays points vs fan

    I remember top D1 players doing pretty well. Todd Widom and Wayne Odesnik were pretty good.
  20. Kobble

    Is Medvedev the new Miloslav Mecir?

    I think he is the closest guy I have seen to Mecir in a while. The smooth court coverage, selective strokes, and poker demeanor.
  21. Kobble

    What exercises should I use to get back into tennis after a month?

    Run, jump, squats, jump rope and stretching (hamstrings, calves, quads, and splits). Do that and you should be good to go. I took like 10 years off and was doing some workouts on and off. So, for about a month I did leg conditioning and felt ok.
  22. Kobble

    When was the last time I hit balls? Too much rain and hurricanes these days.

    Been so long I forgot. At least I discovered bucket drumming during the whole Florida Dorian panic. Oh, well, at least I have some useless upper body strength to come back with, and maybe a new sense of rhythm.
  23. Kobble

    Loud thwack of the ball like the pros

    Racquet head speed and poly strings. Poly is louder, imo.
  24. Kobble

    Best place to retire

    You pay alot in the states. I am considering to a EU country.
  25. Kobble

    Safin backhand. Ball gets up high on him, pushes him back, and difference.

    He was kind of like the next generation of Kafelnikov. Kafelnikov came out with no real glaring weaknesses. Safin came out with a bigger serve, forehand and backhand. You are right, though, he was hitting winners from positions people didn't really expect. With the bigger serve, many though he...
  26. Kobble

    Fav horror movie ???

    Halloween (1977) - Great scenery and setting. Felt very relatable. The Amityville Horror - Another one with a great setting and based on real murders. The Shining - The first horror movie that really gave me a bad feeling. Watched it alone during the day on tape when I was about 12, maybe.
  27. Kobble

    Crazy video

    When you don't care about dying young.
  28. Kobble

    NFL football player (Wiley) versus arm wrestler Devon Laratt

    I have seen a few of his play against amateurs. They are hilarious.