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  1. edberg505

    Tennis in Houston, TX

    I'll be in Houston, TX from Aug. 21-27 for a training. I'm looking for someone to hit with while I'm there for the week. Former D1 collegiate tennis player.
  2. edberg505

    Tennis in Pueblo, CO

    Im going to be in Pueblo, CO for a few days next week. Looking for someone to hit with while I'm there.
  3. edberg505

    San Diego Tennis

    Anyone up for some tennis next week in San Diego?
  4. edberg505

    Traveling to Phoenix, AZ. Tennis anyone?

    Looking for some people to hit with during my stay on April 23 - 25th. Anyone interested?
  5. edberg505

    James Blake lets Pam Shriver have it.;_ylt=AoIy4CpqAQT629WblqXgw.A5nYcB?urn=ten,250430 James gives Pam a verbal lashing after overhearing her talk while playing his match.
  6. edberg505

    Epic Beard Man

    My friend sent me this clip the other day. OMG, I can't stop laughing at it. Hahaha. Anyone who was ever a fan of Mortal Kombat will love this.
  7. edberg505

    Best points of 2009

    So, I just thought I'd make this thread because I'm sure I haven't seen all of the best points of 2009. 2 of my favourites. Federer vs. Del Potro. Nadal vs. Monfils. I'm not a big fan of either of these guys so I didn't see this matc, but...
  8. edberg505

    Babolat Hybrid Pro Hurricane/VS = awesomeness!

    I can't say enough good things about this string. Holy crap, I could do almost anything I wanted to with the ball. I don't know about Babolat racquets but I'm gonna have to give this string 2 thumbs up. The best part is, I didn't even pay for it!
  9. edberg505

    Largest snake found?
  10. edberg505

    US Open pictures

  11. edberg505

    Anyone here practice the art of origami?

    I used to practice origami when I was younger but stopped for a bit. Now I've picked it back up again. There are some pretty cool ones out there that have been created so I'm trying them out now. Anyone else here practice origami?
  12. edberg505

    Ancic with Mono again?

    Apparently Mario Ancic pulled out of the US Open because of a bout with mono. Nalbandian pulled out because he is still recovering from hip surgery.
  13. edberg505

    Can someone please inform me as to when the "strong era" starts?

    So, Roddick (who is from the weak era) beats a player from the strong era. So, is this still the weak era?
  14. edberg505

    Players divided over drug testing regime

    Drug testing article Wow, these drug testers are getting pretty darn strict.
  15. edberg505

    Miracle Fruit

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen and tried. It's a small fruit found in west Africa. Once eaten anything eaten subsequently with a sour or bitter taste will taste sweet. Yes it does work. My friend let me try one berry and it's crazy. Because of its miraculous way of making...
  16. edberg505

    This is how Obama got to where he his now! I so can't wait to see this movie. I saw this and nearly died laughing.
  17. edberg505

    Your favourite SNL clip?

    So, I was looking through a few old SNL clips and saw some gems. One of my favs was the Janet Jackson clip and the Cork Soakers. But there was one in particular that I can't seem to find. Do any of you remember the one where Bill Clinton (D. Hammond) came out to the to address the nation...
  18. edberg505

    Devin Britton stuns Benard Tomic 1st Rd US Open Jrs.

    Good to see a fellow Mississippian making some noise.
  19. edberg505

    Pathetic display of tennis from Fish

    Anyone watching this match? He could let me take his place and I could probably do just as well as he's doing.
  20. edberg505

    For the PS3 owners

    What theme do you have on your PS3? I just downloaded a few more but I basically use this one I haven't been able to find a single tennis theme though. I'm thinking of making one for myself.
  21. edberg505

    If Federer were to retire right now

    I've been thinking about this for a little recently. Especially since all these ridiculous post keep popping up about "Federer should retire", "The Federer era is over", if Federer were to retire right this moment how many people would be happy about it. I can tell you right this moment if he...
  22. edberg505

    17 Year old serves at 140 mph

    I was listening to Wimbledon radion on Sirius satellite and they reported that an Aussie junior by the name of Mark Verryth was clocking serves in the 140's. That's insane!!! The reporter said when he heard him serving that it sounded like cannon going off.
  23. edberg505

    Guess the NTRP Rating

    Well, here's another one of those threads. Guess the rating of these guys.
  24. edberg505

    PS3 owners: Are you read for Metal Gear Solid 4?

    Ok, to all the PS3 owners out there, are you guys ready for the Metal Gear Solid 4. I know it's only the beta but I'm a huge fan of the series. From all of the trailers and game play that I have seen I think this game is going to be huge. This kinda makes up for the fact that they pushed back...
  25. edberg505

    The world's worst parents

    This kid's mom probably kills puppies in her spare time. I'm pretty sure this is how serial killers are created.
  26. edberg505

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- Pete Sampras will face former world No. 1 player Marat Safin in an exhibition during the SAP Open on Feb. 18. Safin was granted a wild-card entry into the tournament Thursday. He will start his week by playing the exhibition against Sampras in a rematch of the 2000...
  27. edberg505

    Extended footage of an old video of me hitting

    So, I'm selling my camcorder in preparation of buying a new one and I wanted to make sure I got all the vids from my tapes. So, I found some new software that lets me transfer the video easily to the computer and decided to put up some old clips. Here is one of me hitting with my friend at...
  28. edberg505

    Women's World Cup

    Has anyone been keeping up with the Women's World Cup? Brazil beat the US 4-0. Check out the shot by Marta at the 2:08 mark. Quite possible one of the sickest shots I've seen in a football match, by man or woman.
  29. edberg505

    He's Baaaaaaack!!!

    Looks like Pim-Pim will be back in time to play on Sweeden's Davis Cup team. For goodness sake, please stay healthy this time. I'd like to see him in the top 10 by next year.;_ylt=AuNsnXF.VPcpa.34MZ7OFuQ4v7YF?slug=reu-davissweden&prov=reuters&type=lgns