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  1. BulldogLouisiana

    Talk Tennis Tennis Tips TV

    I shouldn't post ideas when I'm not fully awake.
  2. BulldogLouisiana

    Practicing Serves - Lower back pain

    I'm sure it's annoying that I announce I'm a pretty new player every time I post, but it always seems relevant. Plus, I don't want any other new people to take anything I say as sage advice. So, my lifestyle has gone from being very sedentary to playing tennis on hard courts 4-5 times a week...
  3. BulldogLouisiana

    FH and BH, same side of racquet?

    New(ish) player question. I'm a righty and use a SW grip for my FH, and an EBH grip on my OHBH. Unless I'm playing the net, I strive to stay with my SW grip most of the time. When a ball is hit to my backhand, I use my left hand to rotate the racquet (uh clockwise?), so that my index knuckle...
  4. BulldogLouisiana

    Pickle Juice - Nemesis to Muscle Cramps

    I live in Louisiana, and I'm possibly the worlds heaviest sweater. Not in the ugly Christmas sweater sort of way, but in the "Has that guy changed shirts three times already? We've only played one set" type of sweater. I drink tons of gatorade/powerade when I play, and I was still experiencing...
  5. BulldogLouisiana

    Joined my first league, and played my first match last night.

    It's not an official UTSA league, but it's pretty serious - because there is a spreadsheet involved. It's a men's doubles 6.5 summer league. I've only been playing for about 3 - 4 months really (I also played for a couple of months 3 and 4 years ago), and I'm pretty out of shape and not very...
  6. BulldogLouisiana

    Middle Aged Fat Guy Seeks New Racquet

    Hello Everyone, So, I'm a really out of shape gentleman in his early 40's. I'm terrible at Tennis, although I really love it. I've taken a few lessons, about 3 years ago - but developed Tennis Elbow and tried to keep playing through it. It got so painful that I nearly screamed every time I...