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  1. goober

    How does move up split up work for ESR teams?

    Technically they haven't played nationals yet, but the fall season counts as 2015. Do ESR teams still have to limit their roster to 3 players from the same team if they know the will be playing nationals in the October?
  2. goober

    better pet cat or dog?

    kids want something more the guinea pigs and hamsters:) Which one do you think would be better?
  3. goober

    What would you tell your kid

    So 3 kids witnessed another kid cheating on a test. There are not that many tests each grading period so the tests count a lot (30% of you grade or so). The teacher obviously didn't notice anything. They want to know if they should turn the kid in or not. The teacher gives hard tests and...
  4. goober

    Have you had a player sign up for your team univited?

    Let's say he got the team number for your team from someone else and just paid and signed up. You know who he is and talked to him about the team, but you didn't actually invite him on the team. Nice guy, average to below average for his level. Don't really need him for as a "body" or to help...
  5. goober

    Tennis doubles peptalk

    :) from bridesmaids- never saw it, but the parody of women's country club doubles not too far from reality?
  6. goober

    Mario Ancic at Columbia law school

    Interesting article for the 'Whatever happened to ...' question.
  7. goober

    questions about POG OS

    I have been meaning to try out this racquet for a long time. Now that I have some credit coming my way from the TW trade in program I may get around to it.:) Couple questions. 1. How good is this racquet for doubles. The high SW is a bit scary. It seems like it would be tough on reaction...
  8. goober

    Brad Pitt high school tennis photo

    hard to recognize the famous actor back in those days. Got to dig the glasses and track suit.
  9. goober

    mega millions

    How many tickets are you buying and what are you going to do if you win?:)
  10. goober

    default question

    If a captain states in an email he is defaulting a line, are you still required to bring your guy at the defaulted line to the match just in case? Or is an email good enough that you can send your guy home instead of to the match?
  11. goober

    Ever get gifts that are more like insults?

    This one set of relatives keeps giving us gifts for Christmas and other occasions which insulting and in some cases dangerous. Among the things we received: 1. Food expired 13 months ago- but it had nice wrapping. 2. A set of needles from an adult sewing set to a 5 year old. 3. Free...
  12. goober

    Are things back to the way they were before the mass bumpups in 2010?

    The great ratings bumpup of 2010 seems to have been completely nullified. Things are back to the way they were as far as I can tell. If anything that lack of bumpups this year is astonishing. Many players that were nationals and sectionals this fall did not get bumped. I remember the USTA...
  13. goober

    Have you ever kicked someone off your team midseason?

    or do you prefer to just play them very little and not invite them back the next season? If you did kick someone off your team midseason- how did it turnout and did you later regret it?
  14. goober

    can you get DQ'ed on ESR ratings?

    I just noticed in the ESR ratings, that a bunch of guys who were bumped to 4.5 are now back down to 4.0 just 8 months later and will undoubtedly be forming their super teams again. This includes guys that were in nationals and sectionals. Are these guys subject to DQ?
  15. goober

    Interesting article on the Wimbledon "match that never was"

    Sidney Wood won in walkover over Frank Shields who was instructed to default the 1931 Wimbledon final by the USTA to rest his injured knee for Davis Cup. Can you imagine that happening today?:shock...
  16. goober

    Ever have a captain quit in the middle of the season?

    He didn't quit due to injury, job/home issues or the like. He just decided that there was too much sandbagging going on and he was done. :shock:
  17. goober

    What do you think of the new USTA team management tool?

    Anybody started using it- thoughts? I would like to see a column that keeps track of who has paid their fees and who hasn't.
  18. goober

    Just in case you don't read enough about USTA league tennis here

    Yes, coming to a bookstore near you. A Player's Guide to USTA League Tennis Who is going to preorder?:)
  19. goober

    Any good doubles books?

    I have only read Art of Doubles (2nd Ed) which for a variety of reasons was ultimately unsatisfying. Is this as good as it gets or are there any other good doubles books out there?
  20. goober

    Serve grip questions

    1. I notice that I choke down on the grip considerably when I serve. The butt cap is at the level on the middle of my palm. I think I have done this over the years for better reach. But is this not a good idea? I don't really see any pros doing this. 2. Is it better to have your fingers...
  21. goober

    Captains-would you pay league fees/ court costs for a good player?

    For a strong player for whom money is an issue (or maybe they are really cheap:twisted:), and who basically won't join your team unless you pay for all of the costs- would you pony up? The court fees are pretty small in this case ($5/match).
  22. goober

    Microsoft selling windows 7 with anime lol?
  23. goober

    Women's thug soccer

    All this and all she got was a yellow card? Hmm where were the refs and what was her coach doing letting this player play on this way?
  24. goober

    43 year old, no prior pro or college experience gets 13 ATP points

    I found this story interesting. 43 year old Mark Ein, owner of the Washington Kastles and basically a high level club player entered the main draw in the Calabasas Challenger as a WC with pro Kevin Kim. They won their first round match 2-1 (retired). They lost their second round match 4-6, 0-6...
  25. goober

    Windows 7

    Anybody switching? Right now I am leery of switching at least until the first service pack despite the hype of how much better it is than Vista. I have one comp with XP and one with vista and they are both running ok. XP SP3 >Vista with SP2 > Windows 7 just released- is my current line of...
  26. goober

    Should teams be allowed to field players from away?

    I was looking at the Socal Women's team that won 4.0 Nationals this year. The team was made up of players that live very far from each other. Newport Beach, Pomona, Mission Hills, Westlake Village, Santa Margarita, San Gabriel, Azusa and Rolling Hills were some of the cities represented on...
  27. goober

    What's going on in college Labs these days?

    First a yale student is murdered in her lab and now a UCLA student gets her throat slashed in a chem lab by another student:shock:
  28. goober

    Colony Beach & Tennis resort to close.

    One of these days I was planning to make it out there for a tennis/family vacation. Oh well too late now:mad:
  29. goober

    One of TW's own quoted on Peter Doohan's webpage

    I was looking up some info on Peter Doohan. I found it amusing he quoted HOF poster Urban on his own web page next to his quote from Boris Becker:)
  30. goober

    Detailed write up on the Braasch vs Williams Sisters

    Never read a detailed account of what happened until I found this: Some interesting tidbits - Williams sisters intially claimed they could beat men ranked 200 and above. After the match they changed their claim to 300 and above...