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    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    I normally hit with an open stance forehand and play at an NTRP 3.5 level. I generally avoid hitting neutral/closed stance forehand. The only time I do is as an approach shot, using the front-to-front hop. Today, my wife (NTRP 3.0) asked me to help her work on her forehand. She uses almost...
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    Left eye dominance - play more 2HBH open / semi-open stance?

    What do you guys think about Patrick's advice to hit more open / semi-open stance 2HBH if you are left-eye dominant? If this is true, shouldn't it be tested on every player before focusing on training the neutral stance 2HBH which is most commonly taught?
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    Best response to low, short balls to middle?

    What is the best offensive response to low, short balls to the middle? I was playing today and attempted deep approach shots like I do for short balls that are more out wide, but got burned because they ended up too close to the middle, and the opponent had an easy on-balance passing shot...
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    Optimal way to hit a "pulling back" 2-handed backhand?

    I've been working on my 2hbh more, and looking for more opportunities to use it instead of overly depending on my 1-handed bh slice to bail me out of difficult situations. Today I was working on hitting the 2HBH in situation where I'm not able to get a proper forward weight shift, like out...
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    When to start developing the inside-out forehand?

    I play at a 3.5 level mostly recreationally with people at my club, 3-4 days a week. Since this summer, I've been working on my inside-in forehand and it is a pretty good weapon now. In a forehand to forehand exchange, I can hit short angles for winners sometimes, mostly I use it to set up a...
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    Cooling vs. dry shirts and polos

    I've been seeing advertisements for Artic Cool shirts and polos, and was wondering what everyone though about this new trend of "cooling" shirts (clima-cool, IBKUL, etc). Before, the trend was for "dry" shirts (eg. dri-fit, ultra-dry, quick-dry etc). For a while, there was an emphasis on...
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    Ideal Serve mix at NTRP 3.5-4.5 (singles) for HC and Clay?

    Assuming fairly good in-% for flat, slice and kick serves, and right-handed - what is your approximate mix of serves for deuce and ad sides when playing singles? Should you change the mix for hardcourt vs. clay? Right now, I used the same mix for HC and clay, but flat serves are definitely...
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    Intuitive Tennis - too heavy racquets responsible for tennis elbow?

    Recommendations for racquet weights: Beginner 250-270g Intermediate 270-300g High level 300-320g This seems to be in opposition to most commonly given advice which says heavier racquets absorb shock better, lowering the risk of tennis elbow.
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    Draw Play - Setting up passing shot winners

    A lot of my passing shot winners occur by accident when I hit a defensive or neutral ball a little short and the opponent comes to net. However, it looks to me like some pros like Federer purposely hit “draw” shots (like a gambit) that bring the opponent in and they hit an easy passing shot for...
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    Volkl Cyclone Tour and Tier One Black Knight - best co-polys for sensitive elbows

    Just wanted to post this here in the hope that it will help players who have sensitive elbows, or are looking for a good co-poly that will help prevent tennis elbow. When I got tennis elbow, it was from playing with a Babolat Pure Aero 2016 and hybrid of Volkl Cyclone 16 / GOSM 16 at 45/49# for...
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    Tubing broken / cracked grommets

    A few questions: How long? I‘ve seen 2 videos on how to do it. One video says to just extend the piece a little so that it goes as far as outside of the frame and sits in the string notch. The other one by Yulite suggests making it long enough to go into the neighbor grommet. Does that really...
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    Re-using balls after playing on wet clay?

    The clay courts I play on (Har Tru) are usually fairly dry. Today for the first time, the clay was very wet and after only a few games, the balls (fresh ProPenn Marathon RD balls) got very heavy and played like they were dead. I switched to another can that was previously opened which played...
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    Worth it to learn sliding on clay?

    I've been playing on hardcourts for most of my life. Only took up tennis seriously about 3 years ago. Currently playing around NTRP 3.5-4.0. I'm in my late 40s and in good physical shape. This month, I joined a club that offers har-tru clay in an indoor bubble during winter and outdoors...
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    Strings for seniors >70

    So my father-in-law brings me his racquet today. "Can you restring this for me? I was playing with it last week and it felt stiff." I look at the racquet - Head Ti S6 strung with some sort of silver monofilament. He also hands me a packet of string - Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro 123 in old...
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    Poly/poly hybrid cross strings

    I have been playing with Volkl cyclone / Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 hybrid at 45/49# for about a year now in my Pure Aero. I'm interested in trying some polys in the crosses to see if I can get increased spin production without losing the feel and power I get from a synthetic gut. Any suggestions...