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  1. kashgotmoney

    College Tennis for Colleges without Teams

    I will be attending a JC next year but they might cut their team due to budget. I will be transferring to a 4 year school in 2 years and hopefully playing tennis there. What are my options for the next two years? I am 17 right now and can play USTA Tourneys for 18's for the next year and a half
  2. kashgotmoney

    Youtek Speed Club

    This thread is for Youtek Speed users or future users of these rackets. There are 3 different versions which are Speed Pro, Speed MP 16x19, Speed MP 18x20. Please post any pictures you have,, share your setups, any opinions, questions. Enjoy! I will most likely buy the MP 16x19 soon.
  3. kashgotmoney

    Need to get new rackets...

    I have been playing with the Microgel Prestige for the last year and I have never thrown it but one of them broke on a serve and now I need new rackets. I don't like the new youtek prestige midplus, but i tried the new youtek speed mp 16x19 and loved it. like really loved it even with the crappy...
  4. kashgotmoney

    Signum Pro Hyperion 1.24mm Review

    I just strung this string up in my Head Microgel Prestige Midplus @ 54 lbs. My racket is customized to 12.1 ounces. As far as my playing style goes, I am a #1 Varsity Singles Player for my HS and I am a All Courter. I love being agressive from the baseline. STRINGING: I string this poly up in...
  5. kashgotmoney

    Violation of HS Tennis Rules

    Is there any rules against coaches coaching outside of HS for money and giving their players who they coach for money benefits on the HS team?
  6. kashgotmoney

    Help me please.

    I used to use synthetic gut until now because it breaks every 6 hours just about. one thing i like about it is how it plays good from start to finish on my mgpmp. one thing i did not like as much was spin. What string do i use that has more spin and durability BUT still plays pretty good from...
  7. kashgotmoney

    All Full Poly users.....

    Do you guys use your poly till it snaps or do you cut? if you cut, tell us what poly it is, and if u play till it snaps, also tell us
  8. kashgotmoney

    A poly that...

    I am looking for a poly that is really consistent as far as tension goes, something that doesnt die too fast. I am using pro line 2 right now and like it, I just want a poly with a little better tension maintenance than pl2. i dont want it to be textured as i am satisfied with my spin that i...
  9. kashgotmoney

    Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 vs. Topspin Cyberflash

    I currently am using Topspin Cyberflash 16 in my MGPMP at 54 and want a little more power. So I ordered PL2 in 17 gauge. any comparisons out there?
  10. kashgotmoney

    The Right String For Me

    Hello, I currently play with the Microgel Prestige Midplus customized with lead under the grommets. It is approxamately 12.1 ounces. I currently play with Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17 and I like the price, spin and power I generate from it. I have tried just about every single poly there is and...
  11. kashgotmoney

    Suggestion for TW

    I think it would be a great idea if TennisWarehouse started selling and using the poly bags for rackets with the TW logo on it. The bags you see most pros use, the plastic ones. That way people can buy em and not only will u guys b making money off it, but MARKETING!
  12. kashgotmoney

    Three Poly Comparisons

    Can someone in detail compare the Tecnifibre Black Code 17 to the MSV Focus Hex 1.23 and the Signum Pro Tornado 1.23? I currently use black code/xonebiphase and want a detailed comparison before i string it up
  13. kashgotmoney

    Is this Normal

    I used to use the prince ozone tour and pro tour strung at around 65 lbs with cyberflash. i also used a crank machine back then. a few months ago, i switched to the mg prestige mp and i also am using a new dropweight i bought. the mutual power hercules. i am using a hybrid of black code and x...
  14. kashgotmoney

    Need Help With Finding Crosses

    I have found the GOAT main string for myself so far and that is Tecnifibre Black Code 17. For my crosses, I have tried X-One Biphase and NRG2. I dont like how x one is initially stiff and softens up a lil bit. I like how NRG2 is lively and soft but dont like how it goes dead. Can you reccomend...
  15. kashgotmoney

    Differences in Tecnifibre Strings

    What do you feel is different in the following Red Code vs. Black Code X-One Biphase vs. NRG2 I have searched this but haven't got enough answers to this question. When comparing, please say which is better in the following Categories Power: Control: Spin: Tension: Comfort...
  16. kashgotmoney

    Good Luck Item

    What is your goodluck item or charm that you carry with you to practice or tournaments and all... Mine is a White Gold Plated Necklace that is always on me. What is yours?
  17. kashgotmoney

    Please Help with Staying Awake...

    My schedule: 5:20 running 4-6 miles 6:10 shower 7:30 school 11:30 Weights Class 3:00 schools out 3:15-3:55 - Nap 4-9 on the courts either practicing or working 9-10 dinner and shower 10-12, sometimes 2, homework. I maintain a 4.2 GPA and keep up with my tennis which I will play for...
  18. kashgotmoney

    My Perfect Smoothie for Practice/Matches/Workouts

    1 Bottle of 5 hour Energy ( Berry Flavor ) 2 Serving of Banana Flavored Muscle Milk Powder 3 cups of milk 1/2 Banana 4 Strawberrys 6 Raspberrys 1 packet of acai berry emergen-c
  19. kashgotmoney

    Any Comments on My Game

    Here is a Link of photos. It may or may not be enough to comment but just comment on what you see. What Improvements I may make. August 2009 Pics October 2009 Video Thanks
  20. kashgotmoney

    Can TW Please

    run a test on blackcode and put it on the string comparison tool. if its not too much to ask for, please do a test on x one biphase
  21. kashgotmoney

    ***Head Prestige Club***

    Talk about set-ups, problems, pros, cons, or just anything about the prestiges. Post as many pics as possible.
  22. kashgotmoney

    Head Microgel Prestige MP

    On the photo of the prestige mp, you guys are showing the mid version just to let you guys know
  23. kashgotmoney

    Mutual Power Hercules 680 Review

    Ok so my machine came this afternoon. Here is the review as promised. Ease of assembly: All I had to do is put the drop weight on, the clamps and the side supports, really easy. I had one question though and James from Mutual Power quickly assisted me on the phone. Clamps: Definitely better...
  24. kashgotmoney

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a machine.

    Here are my choices. Any comments and suggestions? Gamma Progression II 602 Mutual Power Hercules 680
  25. kashgotmoney

    What is the Actual head size of the flexpoint radical tour?

    title says it all. i kno it says 100 but is it smaller than what it says like other head rackets?
  26. kashgotmoney

    Rafa's String

    We all know he uses duralast. Even in the latest vlog it was mentioned he uses it.... will you guys change it under his profile on the website from pht to duralast?
  27. kashgotmoney

    This website, is a great website to improve your game for college tennis or to the next level. It is free, they have doctors and experts on nutrition, training, mental game, EVERYTHING. You can find other players in your area. Join Groups and get advice. Basically a facebook for...
  28. kashgotmoney

    Signum Pro Poly Megaforce

    You guys carry it in 1.29 and 1.19. Will you guys ever carry a gauge right in the middle such as 1.24?
  29. kashgotmoney

    Babolat Pure Drive GT Rackets

    On all 4 versions ( Pure Drive GT, Pure Drive GT Plus, Pure Drive GT Roddick, Pure Drive GT Roddick Plus ) Is the reccomended tension on the web page right? 50-66 for the non roddicks and 55-66 for the Roddicks. If that is right, that's great.
  30. kashgotmoney

    Eagnas Replacement Parts

    Any one buy any replacement parts from them? If so, How did it go, get what you need. There is 3 parts I need or else I will need to buy a new machine. I know they sell one of the parts for sure. I currently own the Eagnas 700. Has anyone ever had a problem with the part i have circled on the...