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  1. jimiforpres

    Anyone here from Austin?

    Wait, is your real name Andy? Or is that a Roddick reference?
  2. jimiforpres

    Anyone here from Austin?

    Just curious, does anyone here live in Austin? If so, where do you play (what club) and what level are you?
  3. jimiforpres

    Truth: The most difficult high school players

    Somehow, I think the best-in-the-state players are a little harder than a pusher. Pushers are easy. Just quit acting like you are so much better than them, respect their style, and play smart against them. Most people act like they are so good, and that pushers suck, so they try to dominate them...
  4. jimiforpres

    Smoke the second serve!

    You would have to be mentally very strong to be able to hit 2 first serves. Anyone can hit a first serve with abandon, because they know they will get another chance, but to hit a hard second serve is much harder, because you would be much more prone to tightening up and missing the serve on...
  5. jimiforpres

    Weight and Bench?

    Yeah, great thinking Phil, I started this thread to "brag" about my "macho" 120 bench press. I want the WHOLE WORLD to know that I can bench 120 pounds. I bet you are all impressed, I mean, 120 lbs, that's just unheard of for anyone to be able to bench. And how the hell is knowing Agassi can...
  6. jimiforpres

    Weight and Bench?

    How much do you weigh, and how much do you bench press(max)? I guess I will start off: Weight: 105 lbs Bench: 120 lbs
  7. jimiforpres

    How high is everyone ranked around here?

    how do you figure these things out? I am curious to see what I am ranked
  8. jimiforpres

    Building Muscle/ Getting Stronger

    actually, I am supposed to top out at 5'7", so most of my growing is behind me.
  9. jimiforpres

    Building Muscle/ Getting Stronger

    As of now, I am 107 pound, 15, and 5'5". I want to get stronger and build some muscle, so I was wondering what supplements are good for building muscle. I work out with weights 3 times a week, play tennis 3, take about 20 grams of protein, plus what I eat daily, and I eat healthy (fruits...
  10. jimiforpres

    a month til spring tryouts

    Even if you don't have the skills to make the team, you can make up for it with hustle. Always have a good attitude, stay focused and determined, but DON'T GET MAD. I am sure your coach would much rather have someone with a good work ethic and attitude on the team that a talented brat. Also, pay...
  11. jimiforpres


    I have good technique when doing pushups, and you are allowed breaks, I cannot do 100 pushups straight. And I think the efficiency remark meant that you should do them with bad technique, so you don't expend much energy. But I may be wrong.
  12. jimiforpres


    How fast can you do 100 push-ups? I just want to get a general idea of where I am compared to other tennis players.
  13. jimiforpres

    Check out this guy's Federer-esque forehand!

    That was such a lucky shot. He didn't set his feet or body up at all, he was just incredibly late and got lucky that it stayed in.
  14. jimiforpres

    Returning Serve

    The main thing that has really helped me is to take a short backswing, make solid contact, and keep your body going forward through the shot. That way, you get control from the backswing and power from your body. This really puts pressure on the returner and makes it so much easier to break...
  15. jimiforpres

    looks can be deceiving

    the same thing happened to me. I was playing doubles and one of my opponents was about 5 in the state at one point. At first he was very lazy, so I was thinking,"Wow, I thought he would be a lot better than this". Then he started to get mad because he partner was sucking, so on one point, my...
  16. jimiforpres

    Service targeting & Federer (or Sampras)

    A 4.0 player could not hit a target that small without trying. Federer could do it very easily, and so could every pro out there. Maybe not with their fastest serve, but they coudl easily hit their tagets if they weren't going for a first serve.
  17. jimiforpres

    Little kids on youtube

    These kids are okay, not exceptional. Why do they both hit their slices like that? It looks like they are hitting sidespin shots.
  18. jimiforpres

    Michael Chang Vid?

    Check out the other video one the site with the underhand serve. Classic Connors:p
  19. jimiforpres

    Adding Pace

    Hit flatter, use your wrist, use your lower body. The best way to increase your power is to use more of your body and hit through the ball
  20. jimiforpres

    New videos

    You have pretty good strokes, seem to be better than mine anyway. I have a two hander so I really can't comment on your technique on your backhand, but it doesn't sound as clean as your forehand.
  21. jimiforpres

    avoid becoming a baseline basher

    Try coming to the net more often.
  22. jimiforpres

    Need Racquet Characteristics to help tennis elbow!

    Small head is better Head light is better Low tension strings Bigger grip Proper technique
  23. jimiforpres

    Juniors in tennis

    it couldn't hurt...I would like that
  24. jimiforpres

    Wrist Movement

    You WANT some wrist in your forehand. If you are good enough to control it, it can dramatically increase your rackethead speed. Try serving without any wrist, it is a lot harder to get a good pop.
  25. jimiforpres

    Serve help

    If you want to have a good serve, you are going to have to have someone who can correct you when you are doing something wrong. It is extremely difficult to serve well just by being told what to do or watching what to do. Sometimes what you are doing feels like what you should be doing but it...
  26. jimiforpres

    16's SuperChamps?

    I think I am decent mentally. I rarely play a match where I can beat the guy with my strokes. I usually end up exposing some part of their game and attacking it.
  27. jimiforpres

    16's SuperChamps?

    I was in 14's champs but I aged up into 16s this month. I played my first ZAT and won it, beating the guy that won the consolation, the 2 seed, 3 seed, and 7 seed, plus a 14s champ who was going to age up in a month so he was playing up. My question is, what do I need to develop to move up...
  28. jimiforpres

    how does fed generate so much topspin?

    Federer has something you don't have...actually he has at least 10 things you don't have, so stop trying to imitate what he does and play your own game. The laws of physics are the same for everyone, whether or not it looks like he is brushing up much, he is obviously doing it because he DOES...
  29. jimiforpres

    Heavy pace shots need advice

    Just find a hitting partner who hits a ball you have trouble returning and play with him/her as much as you can. It will be frustrating at first but after a few weeks you will have no problem dealing with their shots. There are no shortcuts in tennis.