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  1. Spector

    Your shoe recommendation.

    I have been looking for a good wide fitting pair of tennis shoes as i have rather wide feet. I'm sure that a few of you out there also have wide feet and have found a good shoe. So what is your recommendation for a pair of shoes for me? If you could also include your reasoning that would...
  2. Spector

    String Savers

    Out of curiousity I'm interested in knowing where you guys place your string savers? As for me I kinda do a diamond shape around the sweet-spot.
  3. Spector

    Racquet Headsize

    It's rather interesting to see that in modern day tennis most pros are not using anything less than 95 sq. inch. Do you guys think that a main reason behind this is due to the increased ball speed which is created in modern day tennis?
  4. Spector

    Tennis Net Rules

    I'm not too sure whether I'm right on this so hopefully one of you guys can help me out: If you go for a shot, and the shot is fine, but after you make the shot and the ball is returned to the other side of the court you touch the net (even if your clothes touch the net) is the point given to...
  5. Spector

    Top Spin Tennis Games

    Has anyone else noticed that in the Top Spin Tennis games Tennis Warehouse's logo is in it. Did they have to pay for this advertising or did developers just put it in the game?
  6. Spector

    Hybrid tensions

    So its taken a while and a lot of reading but I have decided on the hybrid that I want to go for. Mains = Babalot VS natural gut Crosses = Luxilon ALU Power Rough The only thing still causing me a bit of confusion is the tensions. Atm I'm thinking I will go with 56 pounds for the mains...