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  1. dParis

    Pavlov's Dog

    Just a little news story to remind fellow golfing hacks out there not to get too down on themselves.
  2. dParis

    "A day which will live in infamy, except in Mountain View, CA"

    Who can forget FDR's words to the nation of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941, which announced the U.S.A.'s entrance into WWII? Well, Google can, apparently. While they commemorate milestones such as the 103rd birthday of some obscure French parakeet activist, or the 18th...
  3. dParis

    Cameron Hughes Wine

    Who's tried them? What are your thoughts? Particularly of the Lot Collection. Does anyone here know which vineyards particular lots come from?
  4. dParis

    What Laptop for 2014

    I'd like to squeeze 10 months of research and tech angst into about 10 hours. I'm considering these two lappys: Lenovo Flex 2, i7 2.0Ghz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD+8GB SSD and Acer V5-573p, i7 1.8Ghz, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD+126GB SSD No gaming on this baby. Mostly data bases - local and web...
  5. dParis

    Name that tune...

    Ok, I need help finding the name/artist of a song I heard in Trader Joe's recently. The only lyrics I have to go on are "rise and fall" which is repeated throughout the song and its run-out. Sounds a little like a Flaming Lips/Radiohead type song but I doubt it is either one. It was actually...
  6. dParis

    North By North West What's in a name, anyways? If you don't go with family names, what's wrong with being creative and unique? Better than the new wave of faux-creative named children like Gunnar, Madison, etc. running rampant...
  7. dParis

    RIP Slim Whitman

    The legendary country music singer/yodeler passed today at age 90. One of a kind. Perhaps his greatest performance and my personal favorite:
  8. dParis

    Musburger/Kathrine Webb Backlash (More reason to hate ESPN)

    Exactly who is it that is getting their panties knotted up by Brent Musburger's complimentary comments about Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb during Monday night's game? The "Boo-Yah!" Network (ESPN) has issued a statement saying Musburger "went too far" with his...
  9. dParis

    Isospeed Control Classic no longer available?

    Can't seem to find it. I thought as recently as last week there were 20+ units left. Is it coming back?
  10. dParis

    Iso-speed Professional Classic vs. Control Classic

    Is there a difference between these two strings besides the thickness? Professional is 17g and Control is 16g. I thought that I read somewhere that they are the same string.
  11. dParis

    Ball pocketing at the point of impact...

    I hope this question makes sense... Is it accurate to say that some strings deform, or pocket, more at the point of impact while the rest of the string bed, outside of the local impact spot, deforms very little - while other strings deform over a greater area of the string bed at impact...
  12. dParis

    Catching the service toss

    What is the most number of times in a match you, or your opponent has caught a "bad" service toss? How about the most times during a single point? In most 3.5/4.0 matches of mine, this might happen a couple of times a match. Maybe even a couple of times per set. If I told you one of my...
  13. dParis

    Is this shot even possible?

    In the Strings sub-forum a poster was describing the two two different types of forehands he hits. One was a flattish drive with enough topspin to keep the ball in. Okay, everyone should try to have this shot in their repertoire. The second type of forehand was the one that made me reach for the...
  14. dParis

    Stiff Hoop/Crisp String, Flexy Hoop/Soft String, or Vice-Versa

    I thought putting a crisp string in a flexible racquet would keep it from being too "spongy" and putting a soft string in a stiff racquet would keep it from playing to "boardy". I see that may be oversimplifying things as I read posts that appear to warn about putting soft strings in a stiff...
  15. dParis

    The Championships, Wimbledon... Really?

    The Championships, Wimbledon. Really? Apparently, The All England Club has hired Yoda to help write copy. Why is this say The Forums, Talk Tennis?
  16. dParis

    Laptop Opinion: Toshiba A660/5 vs Dell XPS 15

    After a search, it seems all the relevant posts are a couple of years old and computer tech seems to change by the week, so... I've narrowed down my search for a new laptop between the Toshiba Satellite A665-S5177X and the...
  17. dParis

    Bears vs. Packers: For all the marbles...(Almost)

    Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory;Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.You're the...
  18. dParis

    Weight Distribution Tool

    Just curious... Has it been done, or is there a way for someone/TWU to break down the weight distribution in a racquet? I thought it would be cool to see a racquet sectioned off in, say, 3 or even 6 parts (lower handle, upper handle, throat, lower hoop, middle hoop, upper hoop) and show what...
  19. dParis

    Pacific Classic Gut vs. Klip Legend

    I'm thinking about sticking my toe in the gut pool with either Pac Class or Klip Legend as they are two of the more "economical" natural guts but - comments have been all over the place for these two strings. "Great power/low (or no) power, durable/will break if you look at it the wrong way...
  20. dParis

    String Gurus, help buy my next string

    I'm thinking of changing things up a little on my next stringing and I would like some suggestions for new string from the community. My racquet is a Volkl Tour10mp that is usually strung with Alpha Gut 2K or Gosen OG Micro in the mid to high 50's. The Gosen in there now has gone a but mushy...
  21. dParis

    Attention Volkl XPerts: V-Engine Question

    I've dusted off my Tour 9 V-Engine (16x19) once again and I've been falling under the influence of its charms recently. It is a breeze to maneuver - even into the third hour of playing - and despite its low singweight, the racquet has plenty of power and plow through (missing from the PB9). I'm...
  22. dParis

    2010 Tounament Of Bad;Box_67607436_Inner_Div Chicago's #1 sports-talk radio's irreverent afternoon drive program hosts a 65 "team" tournament every year - The Tournament Of Bad - to coincide with...
  23. dParis

    Question about gauge and spin

    I believe there is a general consensus that thinner gauge string increases spin potential, but I believe I read a recent post (that I can't seem to find again) that suggested that a thicker (15g or 16g) string actually increases spin potential. Got me thinking... An 18g string may "bite into"...
  24. dParis

    2016 Olympic Games Host City Is...

    On October 2nd, in Copenhagen, the IOC will announce the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games. The four finalist cities are included in the poll above. What city do you think will host the 2016 games? I hope my hometown, Chicago, gets the nod but Rio de Janeiro looks to be the favorite. Also...
  25. dParis

    Dunlop Power Level Question

    Regarding the Aerogel 4d, I noticed in the product description that the AG200 power level is listed as low and the AG300 power level is medium-low. The swingweight and static weight of the 200 is higher than the 300 and the 200 is stiffer (62) than the 300 (60). The difference in headsize...
  26. dParis

    Teletubbies Question

    What is the purpose of the large pin-wheel and what does it represent? This show still doesn't make much sense to me but my two year old sure likes it.
  27. dParis

    Volkl in Chicagoland

    Does anyone know of someplace that has Volkl grip pallets - and will change them out - in the Chicago area? Thanks.
  28. dParis

    Crazy Carpet: Becker v Edberg DC 1989

    Anyone watching the 1989 Davis Cup replay, on the Tennis Channel - between Becker and Edberg, can see why there was a need to slow down the speed of the courts. I've been watching the match off and on for about an hour and a half and I've yet to see a rally longer than three shots on the fast...
  29. dParis

    Twitchy Rafa

    I know Nadal is a high energy individual and we have all seen his various grimaces, his rocking back and forth and know that he's the most famous butt picker of his generation - but he seemed extremely twitchy/nervous/distracted today. I'm watching a replay of the match on the TC and both Leif...
  30. dParis

    USTA ******* Open

    While driving back to my house today, I passed the local high school tennis courts. I saw they were packed and I also saw a booth and several banners set up. Thinking it was the high school state tournament, I decided to stop and check out some of the action. Turns out, it was the USTA Mid...