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  1. BulldogLouisiana

    Achilles heal brace.

    I've recently been having a lot of achilles pain. Went to a podiatrist and found out that I do have bone spurs on both feet. Was basically told that I just don't stretch enough. She did recommend sleeping in a nighttime splint (easy to google) is one of the best methods to help your Achilles...
  2. BulldogLouisiana

    do i need to change anything in order to add more power to my forehand?

    By suggesting the use of continental, the fact that his idea of tennis is bounce rallies with two deflated old balls was understood. I may have misinterpreted your statement.
  3. BulldogLouisiana

    Hitting up on the serve

    Would the Jolliteri Academy accept a visit from a squat, middle-aged-man from Louisiana? I'd seriously consider booking a trip up there. If you say no, I'll turn to the Jolluminati for help.
  4. BulldogLouisiana

    Shoe advice

    I got my first pair of Gel Court FFs about a month ago, and love them. I can't find them anymore, it seems like perhaps they discontinued the line? I just got some of the new Asic Solution Speed FFs (In the TW exclusive grey/gold) and they are the most ridiculously uncomfortable shoe that I've...
  5. BulldogLouisiana

    Does playing ping pong help or hurt tennis

    Quit trying to claim superiority. It's obvious you are North Korean.
  6. BulldogLouisiana

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Hi everyone, I really like my 93P, but I think I might have it strung a little tight. I see lots of recommendations for it to be strung between 42-46lbs, but would that also apply to using multi string? Currently, I use Technifibre Multifeel 17. I've had issues in the past with TE, so I...
  7. BulldogLouisiana

    First match at 3.5 40+

    I think your serve at 1:35 was in.
  8. BulldogLouisiana

    [video] 5.5 vs. 4.5 lesson

    Nice job admitting a mistake. It's becoming increasingly rare for adults to be able to do.
  9. BulldogLouisiana

    [video] 5.5 vs. 4.5 lesson

    I found myself getting haughty with @pencilcheck for @nytennisaddict , but then, @nytennisaddict has a way cooler mindset than me. I've been playing for less than a year and the only thing comparable about our games is we both wear shoes.
  10. BulldogLouisiana

    Great forehand vs great serve

    He has height on me as well, but I have a bigger heart! I'd assume I do at least, I've been fairly overweight for a long time.
  11. BulldogLouisiana

    Anyone remembers this crazy tennis dad story?

    All I see is a proud dad, and deservedly so.
  12. BulldogLouisiana

    Do you give 100% when you are feeling a bit rough?

    As a newer player, I'm completely obsessed. So far nothing has kept me from going out to the courts, even the day after I had two wisdom teeth removed. It wasn't pretty, and everyone was surely disgusted by the amount of blood soaked gauze I went through.
  13. BulldogLouisiana

    7.0 mixed dubs: poaching on your partner's weak serve

    I really struggle with every shot, but swinging volleys destroy me. I think that since I'm near sighted with a severe astigmatism, but have now reached the age that I sometimes need to use reading glasses, that my eyesight blurs and I actually lose the ball for a second on swinging volleys...
  14. BulldogLouisiana

    Is it me or him?

    I couldn't decide if OP meant that he's on the guys team, or on the opposing team...if he's the opposition, I love your idea.
  15. BulldogLouisiana

    What is your main singles strategy?

    Nothing about sureshs is pointed.
  16. BulldogLouisiana

    TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

    No, I was burning the scam artist formerly known as GD.
  17. BulldogLouisiana

    Recovery, supplements, routines for back to back matches

    Magnesium is great, but don't wait and take it for the first time during a tournament. Trust me.
  18. BulldogLouisiana

    TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

    You realize that if he said something offensive about your game..that's the greatest of compliments.
  19. BulldogLouisiana

    Ever seen a heavyweight Brawl on the court?

    If the roles were reversed, the Asian guys would have gotten the number of people that surrounded the bus correct. It's not a stereotype, it's just that white people are really bad at over exaggerating stories.
  20. BulldogLouisiana

    What is your main singles strategy?

    What's the relationship between these forums and Tennis Warehouse? I'd guess the majority of TW's sales are from these not tennis players.
  21. BulldogLouisiana

    What do you believe?

    I'm just a spectator on this here spectrum, but not everyone plays with a full can of balls.
  22. BulldogLouisiana

    New Trick: hit Opponent with Lob

    I played in my first USTA tournament a few months ago. Other guy hit a lob that was going 5 feet out, and I started to catch it..then remembered I couldn't and lowered my hands. Ball hit me dead center, right between my moobs.
  23. BulldogLouisiana

    Usta rating question

    You said that to @schmke , I don’t think this is going to play out as well as you hoped.
  24. BulldogLouisiana

    "How To Dominate Any Opponent In Your Tennis Matches".

    Eventually, some jerk named Zuckerberg will sue you.
  25. BulldogLouisiana

    You Make The Call:

    Very poorly, and it’s a real issue. If my partner says anything as I’m going to hit the ball, I’m especially likely to screw it up.
  26. BulldogLouisiana

    PapaProdigy vs. Ballbag (full match vid)

    The man to your right has never, nor does he ever intend to have, smiled.
  27. BulldogLouisiana

    You Make The Call:

    With my ADHD, that thrown racquet would make me screw up my return 95% of the time. I wouldn’t call a hindrance though.
  28. BulldogLouisiana

    PapaProdigy vs. Ballbag (full match vid)

    We here at Tennis Talk are way too savvy and apathetic for all of this YouTube Marketing 101 tease ****. I know what he’s doing, but I’m still going to watch 1/8th of the video regardless.
  29. BulldogLouisiana

    "How To Dominate Any Opponent In Your Tennis Matches".

    The likelihood is roughly the same percentage as getting them to play a match against you in the first place.
  30. BulldogLouisiana

    PapaProdigy vs. Ballbag (full match vid)

    This reminds me so much of myself. If you leave out the part about the intense training, and shoulder and knee health.