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    One of my favorite sites to fight boredom. Documentaries
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    How to Make Smart Babies.

    Been following this for so long so making a thread here. I'm sure most parents know about this, but being so important it may be interesting to others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The omega 3 connection is pretty old. In that...
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    Progress Doesn't Look So Appealing

    This is a forward looking video, I didn't really like the implications.
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    If Djokovic Wins RG...

    He will pass Nadal and Sampras on the ATG list. He will have the top five tournament double, no one has this. He has four slams in a row, only Laver. The H2H, positive against Federer and Nadal. More weeks at #1 than Nadal. More top five titles than Nadal. The new list ATG: Federer Djokovic...
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    In the forefront of medicine many have been waiting for something to really make a major difference. Dr. Mercola interviews Kristin Comella, Chief Scientific Officer at Us Stem Cell Clinic: It covers the process of damage to the body from exercise, injury...
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    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12

    And I thought I knew it all (no one agrees though :( ).
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    Boring Tunnels

    After seeing this I'm thinking I don't care about traffic congestion, I just want a ride in one of these tunnels.
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    Fed on Clay or Nadal on Grass?

    Fed is great on grass and Nadal on clay. Nadal has two slams on grass and Fed has one on clay. Who has the advantage on the others best surface?
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    Predictions for 2014.

    Rankings, slam results, rivalries, movers and losers included. I've got mine but will hold off for now. Try to keep it decent and somewhat respectful for once in your life please.
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    Janowicz: Can He Qualify for the WTF?

    There still are plenty of points up for grabs. But can Jerzy gain enough points to make it into the #8 spot? Right now he's 1135 points behind Del Potro so he needs to outperform the top eight by at least that much. The qualification cut will drop, it will probably be around 3,000 points...
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    Math Confusion

    1) X = .99999... 2) 10X = 9.99999... Subtract 1) from 2) 9X = 9 and X =1. So .9999.... = 1 and all is good. 1) Q = 1 + 2 + 4 + 8......... 2) Q = 1 + 2(1 + 2 + 4 + 8.........) Group terms 3) Q = 1 + 2Q Substitute 1) in 2) Solve for Q: 4) Q = -1 and then -1 =...
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    Nadal: 'I Am Not The Favourite'

    I thought this was a joke.
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    Monte Carlo News.

    Del Potro has accepted a requested WC into Monte Carlo. DelPo Gulbis will be there but has to go through qualifying again, his ranking is just a bit too low. It'll be good to see how Gulbis is progressing, he looks good so far this year. Fed's getting the girls potty trained as a valid...
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    Whole Foods Vows to Label GMO’s by 2018

    Gmo Story. This is good news, Big companies like Monsanto tried to squash this. They didn't want people to know what they were eating.
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    Nadal criticizes the Sao Paolo tournament

    World No. 5 Rafael Nadal has come out on Wednesday with some scathing remarks towards the organisers of the Brasil Open, a tournament which is a part of the ATP World Tour 250 Series. "It is unacceptable that a tournament is held in these conditions. The bounce of the ball is too irregular...
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    Greatest Grass Court Player of All Time.

    There's been Federer and Sampras talked about lately, largely ignoring the earlier ERA's before Borg. In those earlier ERA's grass was more prevelant so there may be other players who have some solid claims. It isn't just looking at titles, grass used to come in variations that could change...
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    Hulk Federer.

    Fed's been hitting the gym, I've noticed his chest muscles much more than usual. The important thing is his pursuit of excellence, he's still trying to get an edge. The question is will it help him? Maybe give more power to his BH. I don't remeber his arms having this kind of definition...
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    Intermittent Fasting

    This subject has been touched apon occassionally in threads so this article has a more complete coverage of the benefits and cautions for some people. The references are the bottom for those that like to have such things. :) As I mentioned in other threads, I like to limit calories early in...
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    Anyone Use MagicJack?

    My phone bill keeps rising so I cut off all the extra's on the landline. But now it's up to where it was before I cut off the extra features like call waiting etc. I was looking at MagicJack plus as a way to cut down on these increased charges that keep popping up. I'd like to hear some real...
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    Larry Bird and Magic Johnson?

    Saw this article about two of my favs, both had the winning edge and wouldn't back down. Here's the link: I know who was better, how's about you? :)
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    Who Can Stop Djokovic?

    After the year Djokovic "Shocked The World" one has to consider next year and if Djokovic is a 'one year' pony. He compiled one of the greatest years in tennis history. Who can give him some trouble on a consistent basis and what can be done by other players to derail the Serbian...
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    Vitamin D warning: Too much can harm your heart

    I noticed many take this supplement. Best to be informed so here's the article. What are your thoughts on the article's validity? It seems to be pretty straightforward reporting and there will be a lot of people looking at it so there's plenty of exposure. The time of the year is also of...
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    Great Guiter Songs.

    Can't get enough of the almighty guitar. Maybe I missed or forgot a few, if you have any good ones please post. I'll start it off. Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
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    Djokovic run beats my '84 streak - McEnroe

    Interesting comment about the strength of ERA's, highlighted in bold. By Martyn Herman LONDON | Wed May 18, 2011 1:48am BST LONDON (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic's 37-match winning streak...
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    RPN vs Agebraic?

    RPN vs Algebraic? I had always used a TI calculator which is algebraic entry. Until an electrical engineering student asked me why I still use the TI. So I got a HP and tried it out, the Reverse Polish Notation was so easy and intuitive. I never went back to the algebraic format willingly...
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    Interesting Supplements-Review

    This is a pretty good blog. It has some new supplements and their proposed benefits. The new star on the block is PQQ. Combined with CQ-10 it is synergistic. And references to some ways to use nutrients together to get a desired outcome. And another...
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    The Australian Open 2011: The Early Odds.

    Rafael Nadal: 2 to 1 Pros - The relatively slow, high-bouncing surface suits Nadal's game perfectly (especially given the world No. 1's new-and-improved aggressive tactics). In his last healthy visit Down Under, Nadal won the title by defeating Roger Federer despite playing the longest match...
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    Best Childhood memory(ies).

    I'll start this one off. I was about 12 at the time and lived near the edge of a small town. There was a road that ended about 2 blocks from where I lived. I used to go down there in all seasons of the year, but especially in early summer, and if you went a few more blocks there was a marsh...
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    Correct vitamin D deficiency before surgery, orthopedist recommends

    Chances are your surgeon or doctor missed this as many are not up to date on the latest research. However, keeping your vitamin D levels up at all times is optimal for best outcomes. Along with this calcium is needed with magnesium, boron, viatmin K(k2 in particular). In sports you will...
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    USO: 2009 Potro vs 2010 Nadal?

    Who would win? Be nice if possible? :twisted: