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    Shen I borrow an old racquet at a tennis place because I forgot my own, and the strings break, should I be paying for it?

    This reminds me of a hilarious real review someone left for a Babolat Pure Aero Lite on Amazon. They said it was a crappy racquet because the strings broke after 6 months of use. I mean, it is a crap racquet, but not because of the strings. :p
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    Inflation hitting the shoe market?

    The cost of shoes has doubled. The secret to affording tennis is to make more money, and look for deals on barely used shoes from TTW members...
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    My wife needs a New Racket - I suspect you fine people can get me some good options.

    ProKennex Q+5 would be perfect.
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    Beginner Serve Help Day 9 - Serving from the Service Line

    Try the continuous motion drill suggested in this new video from JM Tennis. One of the problem you have is your are swinging right to left when you contact, which prevents proper pronation (or internal shoulder rotation as Chas likes to say). At contact, you want the racquet be going left to...
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    What is YOUR string of the year?

    I've not played Volkl V-Square in a full bed, due to reviews from other people on this board that showed the sharp edges result in very early notches in mains and early breakage. I can play with it in the mains in hybrid with round poly without breaking it for over a month. I need to cut it...
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    String setup for 42 degrees f, 6 Degrees c?

    That cold, I would string at 45#.
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    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    I found this excellent video from OTI that goes over how/when to hit open stance vs. neutral stance FH. It also shows the proper footwork for recovering to baseline after hitting neutral stance. I'm definitely going to work on combining the 2 using the drill that's shown in the video.
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    Congratulations to Hubert Hurkacz

    He is a solid player, and appears to be a very nice guy, too. Good for him!
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    Avery racquets.

    I like Tom Avery’s YouTube content, although it’s a bit “old school”. However, his racquet company went out of business a long time ago. Any Avery racquet you buy will be used or “new old stock”, so I wouldn’t bother with them when there’s so many excellent options at every price point.
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    Shouldn't we be further along in instruction?

    Beginner lessons vary a lot in quality. I’m really a big fan of the QuickStart system for juniors, and beginning adults can really benefit from starting with Green Dot balls, which don’t bounce as high and travel in the air slower than regular balls. The regular way of starting adults with real...
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    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    I found 2 interesting research articles on relationship between open stance forehand and injury. The first study looked at attacking OS, defensive OS and attacking neutral stance. They only found a significant difference in forces and extreme joint angles between DOS and both AOS and ANS...
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    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    I normally hit with an open stance forehand and play at an NTRP 3.5 level. I generally avoid hitting neutral/closed stance forehand. The only time I do is as an approach shot, using the front-to-front hop. Today, my wife (NTRP 3.0) asked me to help her work on her forehand. She uses almost...
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    what do you use to record yourself

    Negative reviews of the camera are frightening! How long have you been using it?
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    Anyone know where to find the ERT 300 tenniscomputer?

    Contact the manufacturer directly?
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    Beginner - Racquet decision

    My daughter is 13, and has been playing tennis since age 8. She started with the Babolat Pure Drive Lite. Each year I added some weight to the handle using BluTac until it was the same weight as a regular Pure Drive, then I bought her a Pure Drive 2021. She complained that it felt too light (it...
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    Left eye dominance - play more 2HBH open / semi-open stance?

    Here is the same video saved on youtube:
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    Left eye dominance - play more 2HBH open / semi-open stance?

    What do you guys think about Patrick's advice to hit more open / semi-open stance 2HBH if you are left-eye dominant? If this is true, shouldn't it be tested on every player before focusing on training the neutral stance 2HBH which is most commonly taught?
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    Beginner Serve Help Day 7 - Weekly Review

    I think the shadow swing doesn't look bad, but the problem is you are ignoring the fact that your tossing arm motion is incorrect. Please watch this video and practice!
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    Beginner Serve Help Day 7 - Weekly Review

    Toss is too far to the right. Should be in the direction of the T at 1 o’clock or to the left of the T at 12 o’clock. Racket face should be slightly angled at contact to the left rather than completely vertical. At contact, you should be facing slightly sidewise to the target rather than facing...
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    String that is cheap and last very long?

    As long as you don’t have problems with tennis elbow, Tourna Big Hitter Silver 16 is an excellent value.
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    What is your winter indoor plan ?

    2-3 sessions per week, 1.5 hours each at the fitness club, which costs $325/month family and $10 per half hour for indoor or bubbled clay court. TBH, I like the winter (Nov to Apr) because 1) I play less so my body recovers a bit from the regular season, and 2) since I’m paying by the half hour...
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    Concerns about poly hybrids: shaped'n'stiff mains?

    I’ve been playing with soft poly crosses in a poly/poly hybrid for a while now. No problem at all with mains getting locked. It is the crosses that get locked because the mains get notched from snapping back. But still very playable.
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    USTA 3.25 league player looking for form help

    Good looking serve motion! As already stated, toss to 12 or 1 o clock will be better, and help with proper weight transfer. The only other major issue is that you are arching your back backwards, and this can lead to back pain/ injury. I think this is due to squatting rather than pushing the hip...
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    How many sets of spare grommets do you get?

    I just get 1 set. Just replace the specific piece if one grommet cracks. I save the replaced piece and cut off individual grommets to be used as replacements like Fittex ones.
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    What is YOUR string of the year?

    For me, Volkl V-Square 16 with Diadem Flash or Tier1 Ghostwire 16L crosses. It plays amazingly soft, huge spin potential, just the right amount of power, and very long playability.
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    hybrid tension differential - 3 lbs rule of thumb?

    I always string multi or syn gut +4lbs vs poly if it’s in the crosses. I think the idea is that poly is less elastic than nylon, and we want to reduce the elasticity of the nylon to match the poly so there is more consistency in the string bed. However, I’ve played with +4lbs and also identical...
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    Tennis camps in Mexico (Yucatan)

    No, I don’t, only with Rafa Nadal Centre. I’m going again this winter - can’t wait!
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    Interesting info about playing in the sun

    One of the tricks I learned was that when you know you have the sun in your face, hold up the ball to the sky and figure out where you need to toss it so that the sun isn't directly in your eyes. This may require that you move laterally along the baseline, either toward the center hash or more...
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    If tennis doesn't find an American player in the next 3 years it is financially hosed.

    US Tennis market will be fine. Tennis Warehouse / Nike / Adidas and all other tennis brands have no trouble finding new heroes from other countries to help with their marketing in the US. They can also "reviving" their previous apparel issues - Nike has been very successful with their "heritage...
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    What's better than full bed Confidential?

    It is quantum superposition. One does not know if the string will be too powerful or underpowered until hitting the ball.