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  1. LinePainter

    Prince Tour Diablo Midplus

    Just got this as an early christmas gift from a customer of mine who collects racquets. Never used, plastic still on handle!
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    Odd Racquet Vibrations

    Hey Guys (@drakulie @travlerajm ) So I customized and strung a racquet for a friend of mine and while he loves the new weight and balance of the frame but says he's feeling a lot more vibration than he does in his stock frames. Using the TWU customization tool, I put 11g on the pallet at 1.2in...
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    Janko Tipsarevic v. Kei Nishikori Matchup

    Hey TT, My coach has asked me to find a player that I would want to model my game similarly to. After some consideration I chose Janko Tipsarevic. I was looking thru his H2Hs and saw that he was undefeated vs. Nishikori someone who I also thought to model my game after but decided not to. As I...
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    Not sure what's wrong with me

    So I'll give you guys a rundown of my overall physical healthy history and my problem. I've always been very active, played tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming, etc. since I was 5 years old. I've never had any serious injuries, I got diagnosed with patella tendinitis when I...
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    AeroPro Drive Plus Sale

    Hey TW, Do you guys know when the next price drop will be for the AeroPro Drive Plus or if there will be any discount for ordering multiple racquets? Thanks
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    Artengo Raquets?

    Hey TT, I was watching Oliver Marach play and I saw he was using an Artengo racquet. I really can't find much information, other than that they were developed with help from Nicolas Escude and Jerome Haehnel. Anyone on here play with one?
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    [2] David Ferrer (ESP) vs [5] Dominic Thiem (AUT) - 2016 Rio QF

    What looks like to be the best match of the tournament, we've got: David Ferrer aka THE LITTLE BEAST vs Dominic Thiem aka THE DOMINATOR This is the first meeting between these two champions of the red dirt, should be in for a battle as both are in good form, especially Thiem who is coming...
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    I'm a dummy and want to switch racquets again, any suggestions?

    I switched to the IG Radical Pro about 3 months ago, and while the racquet feels great on contact, and I get a lot of power on all of my strokes, it's simply too hefty for me. I guess I underestimated the Swingweight along with the balance, because I just can't get enough RHS right now. With a...
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    To TW: Will you be carrying new Fila gear?

    Hey TW, Will you be carrying the new Fila clothing and shoes that Andreas Seppi is wearing in this Australian Open? Thanks!
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    Andreas Seppi Fila Shoe

    Does anyone know what shoe Seppi is using in the Australian Open this year? Thanks!
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    Dominic Thiem Coaching

    I really worry with Thiem that he is teamed up with Gunter Bresnik, the man who created the gullwing forehand. Obviously Thiem is a very gifted player, but he seems to end up hitting the same wall against top players, he gets impatient and tries to just hit through them but from 12ft behind the...
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    Head Youtek IG Radical Pro Review

    Hey TT, I know this is an old racquet but I figure this could be of use to someone. First off, I can officially say I'm a racquetoholic, luckily these 3 radicals only cost me $100. After tinkering with my Pure Aero for more than 2 months I came to the realization that maybe I should try...
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    Junior Tennis Racquet Mindset

    Hey TT, So I've been working at a tennis academy, and what I've noticed is the amount of young kids i.e. 8-12 years old using racquets in the Aero, Pure, Burn, Instinct, etc. lines. From a development prospective, I understand having the correct weight for the player is a factor but by using...
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    Looking for 3.5-4.5 Hitting Partner North Jersey

    Hey TT, I have a proposition to make, I basically get free indoor court time late at night and I'm looking for someone who would like to hit for 2-3 hours a couple times a week. I don't mean to sound rude but I'm looking for someone with a technically sound game i.e. no junk ballers. I'm 19...
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    Wilson Burn 100 QC

    So I was bored at work today and decided to test out some companies quality control on the PTC. Babolat actually performed better than expected I tested 3 Pure Aeros and 3 Pure Drives and they were all within a gram of each other and were all within 1 SW point. Head was a tad questionable with 3...
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    Pure Aero Experiments

    What's up TW, 2 months ago I bought a Pure Aero and while I've been happy about the overall feel and how it has helped my game I still thought there was fine tuning to do. After, trying Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro at 54lbs, then 51 lbs as well as RPM Blast 16 at 51lbs, I soon realized my arm...
  17. LinePainter

    Jack Sock using Blackout frame?

    In the Tennis Warehouse Youtube video about Babolat POP, Jack Sock is hitting at around the 1:20 mark with a black frame that only has the white babolat markings on the lower part of the frame but everything else on the racquet is black. It looked to be more of a box beam construction around...
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    Found some classics in the basement

    Like any tennis family there's a large stack of old racquets in my basement, I found a T2000, a Prince Pro but I have no interest in those really. They're great history pieces but not serviceable in today's game. Today however, I found a Prostaff 85 and a Prince Graphite 90 in an old tennis bag...
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    2015 USO R4: [9] Marin Cilic v [27] Jérémy Chardy

    This is probably the most interesting match of the day for me. Chardy is having a great summer hard court season and after a tough win against Ferrer, where it looked like he was losing the plot for a couple games, he pulled through. Cilic is coming off a 5 set win over Kukushkin, and while he...
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    Berdych Outfit USO 2015

    [/IMG] [/IMG] \ Why does H&M do this to Berdych, I know he didn't want to sit under Federer and Nadal at Nike and just be a model for the 'Challenger' line and the Zoom, but come on. This is the worst outfit yet, It's like Miami Vice takes tennis. Tomas, I know you like your name to be written...
  21. LinePainter

    Will Harrison ever be relevant?

    I'm a fan of any American player, and especially with the US Open coming up, I'd like to see some Americans do well there. After seeing Harrison won his first two qualifying matches in Winston-Salem, I thought his final opponent Francis Tiafoe would not cause very much of a problem for him...
  22. LinePainter

    Crew Socks vs Ankle Socks: The Showdown

    So just by looking at the ATP tour, not a single player wears ankle socks, so therefore crew socks must be an integral part of tennis, right? Where does TT stand?
  23. LinePainter

    Dunlop's Future

    I've always been a big fan on Dunlop, especially their 200 series of racquets. They always have some of the closest tolerances, and just feel like quality. However, I do not see a lot of players on tour with Dunlop and their new iDapt series has been a complete failure in my opinion. I'm a huge...
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    Coric vs Zverev

    In a match between the two youngest top talents in the top 100, who do you think will pull through? Zverev played pretty well against Cilic in Washington, maybe the big German can cause some problems for Coric. Who has the most potential out of these two and where do you all see both of them going?
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    Has Anyone Else Purchased The PureAero?

    Has anyone else been able to purchase the PureAero. I bought mine at the Rogers Cup in Montreal last week, I pretty happy to get it 15 days before release but I was really surprised when the Reps said they were for sale and not just there to show off the product.
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    Shoe/Sock/Brace Combo for feet/knee/hip problems

    Hi TT, Since I was 11 I've had patellar tendonitis and have recently developed low arches, some hip tightness, and really bad ankle pain when playing. I'm in good physical shape but any sort of playing really gives me pain. I've looked into ankles braces such as the well-known ASO brace and...
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    Rosol/Gulbis Spat Montréal 2015

    On court 5 yesterday at the Rogers Cup, Gulbis and Rosol got into an argument for reasons I could not see. However, I did see Gulbis clearly yell 'come on' right in Rosol's face during a changeover. Both player's are hot headed but Rosol is known for not being liked on tour, á la Murray. Just...
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    Babolat PureAero

    Just got my hands on the new Pure Aero! I'll have it strung by Friday and I'll put up a review, after the weekend. Hopefully all the hype from the Babolat Reps is deserved.
  29. LinePainter

    Would Soderling have been able to break the top 3?

    Soderling is the only person to beat a healthy Nadal in the French but sadly he was never able to recover from Mono. Could he have been a true great and won multiple slams?
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    Question for Troy

    Hey Troy, As someone who just started playing Tennis when they were 19, how did you become a 5.0 by your age where many players who start when they are 4 or 5 never really break 4.0. Your ability is really a big motivator for me seeing as I am just starting to take tennis seriously and I...