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  1. Vanhool

    Serena's Latest Bra Commercial

    Helpfulrena is concerned for your safety. Please follow her instructions carefully! If you don't wear a bra, you obviously would never watch such a commercial, so please disregard ;)
  2. Vanhool

    BJK Documentary will reshow after Gibson's

    I was setting up my timer for the Althea Gibson documentary and saw it's part of their American Masters series. They did a great job with their BJK doc (first athlete they ever featured). Turns out, they are showing the BJK one again right after the premier of Althea's! I have recommended the...
  3. Vanhool

    Althea Gibson Documentary Airs 9/4/15

    PBS will air a new dicumentary about Althea Gibson at 9pm 9/4/15. lots of other things going on in her honor.
  4. Vanhool

    SERENITY NOW (sorry Seinfeld fans - it's a Serena article)

    More grist for the thread deletion mill. Some of the same ole, but with quite a few interesting tidbits sprinkled in. Can't get the image of Bartoli removing Serena's shoes and tape for her out of my mind :D
  5. Vanhool

    Serena and team remake Beyoncé's 7/11 video for Vogue

    What the title says. It's awesome, of course! :D
  6. Vanhool

    Serena's NY Times article Not that long...discusses the Wimbledon incident, fed cup gripes, the young guns, her coach, her pursuit of a holistic medicine degree, and Venus.
  7. Vanhool

    Best women's player of two generations?

    I have long established I don't believe in a GOAT. I do believe in the best of their own generation. But what players have been the best of two generations? How do you describe a generation? I'll start with Serena (you all can please fill in the others). Coming up, she got to test her mettle...
  8. Vanhool

    Mattek-Sands/Safarova in AO 15 Doubles Final!

    Title says it. Working today so can't embellish much, thought some would want to know. Match is today. TTC is showing it. Go Bethanie!!! :D
  9. Vanhool

    Li Na will be on 60 Minutes tonight

    Basically, what the title says...Li Na to be featured on 60 Minutes (CBS) tonight. Was ignoring IU basketball when a commercial caught my attention, thought some folks on here might like to know :)
  10. Vanhool

    I wish the DC/Jones fight would just start already!!!

    I want DC to beat him, but I think Jones will win. DC's wrestling > Jones'. Jones' striking (incl kicks and elbows) >> than DC's. My wife thinks DC will win, but I don't think Jones will let him get in close enough to get the takedown and execute his plan. What do you think?
  11. Vanhool

    2015 Hopman Cup

    Fun little tune up for the Aussie swing. Who you got? Last year's champs: Cornet and Tsonga. This year Paire will play instead of Tsonga :( Serena will not defend for her 470 pt Brisbane title and will instead join forces here with Isner. Last year, Isner and Stephens both bombed out with...
  12. Vanhool

    ESPN 30 for 30: Unmatched (Evert/Nav rivalry documentary)

    I watched this on Netflix last night and it was grrrrrrreat!!! It's the two of them hanging out with a glass of wine, driving in a convertible, walking on a beach, chatting and laughing. It's their rivalry from their perspective - interviewing each other in a very informal setting (with of...
  13. Vanhool

    WTA Beijing Premier Mandatory 2014 discussion

    Ok someone has to start this. I was going to put a poll, but are seeds really relevant anymore? :) (and I'm tired) Top half of the draw seems much harder than the bottom half to me. Maria to face fewer obstacles than Serena. I like her chances (but I'm rooting for Serena to defend).
  14. Vanhool

    Your user name in the "other" forum? Other members' names?

    After lots of lurking I joined another forum that's not affiliated with any stores and it has way more members than this one. I like that on TTW I pretty much know who the trolls are, the mixed bags, the nice guys, etc. I have been avoiding posting in the other one because I don't want to go...
  15. Vanhool

    Charleston 2014: Venus vs Genie

    It's on espn right now
  16. Vanhool

    WTA Miami 2014 General Discussion

    Nobody started one, so I will. I don't get why these two tournaments are back to back. I'm still exhausted from last week. Racists were doing Serena a favor, giving her a permanent free pass. :twisted: Anyway I just wanted a place to post congrats to all the (mostly) young Americans that...
  17. Vanhool

    Why did Serena lose AO 2014

    Purpose of this poll: I'm bored. Note there is no option for Ana outplaying her because it's Serena we're talking about here :)
  18. Vanhool

    AO 2014 WTA discussion thread

    What? No thread yet? Venus/Makarova up in less than half an hour! Plus Robson/Flipper, Dani/Watson, Kerber/Gajdosova, Bencic/Kimiko, available as live stream on espn (plus whatever they're airing on TV).
  19. Vanhool

    Billie Jean King featured on American Masters

    Last Tuesday (9/10/13), Billie Jean King was the subject of American Masters on PBS. I almost didn't watch it...she's a little overexposed lately and I was kind of bored at the idea, but I watched it last night on dvr and I'm glad I did. It was really good. You can still catch it online at...
  20. Vanhool

    I roar with Serena, The Golden Lion Out Of Compton

    I roar with Serena, The Golden Lion Out Of Compton, she of the glorious mane and glittery diamond claws, she who prowls inside the baseline pouncing on the serves of her mouselike foes, she whose catlike agility can catch all droppers, angles and lobs of those who would try to outfox her, she...
  21. Vanhool

    WTA Carlsbad Final Azarenka vs Stosur

    On now. Anyone watching? Right now Stosur's up 2-0
  22. Vanhool

    Serena wins female tennis player and athlete of the year, the world yawns "duh"

    Espys happened and Serena cleaned up. So expected, not one comment about it here. Thought I'd make a thread to commemorate the occasion anyway. She wasn't there because she's playing a tournament. Vika and Masha were....
  23. Vanhool

    Sharapova and coach part ways

    From the shreaker's own mouth: "After almost 3 years of working together, Thomas Hogstedt and I decided to part ways. Due to personal issues, he was not able to travel in the near future and we both agreed it was the right time to move our separate ways. I am very thankful for all his work...
  24. Vanhool

    Why did Serena lose Wimbledon 2013?

    OK, I'm bored. I'm over the disappointment of Serena losing and the roller coaster ride of a slam without the top 3. Nothing happening in women's tennis now except 2 low tier red clay tournaments. :???: So why not stir up a troll's nest? I've included fan favorite excuses and a little bit of...
  25. Vanhool

    Suggestions for Cincy?

    I'm thinking about going to Cincy this year and was looking for some advice. I plan on getting a ticket package that has parking in the closer lot. Is traffic in and out of the lot a big deal? Like, is it worth getting a hotel within walking distance to avoid traffic or should I just stay...