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  1. fullwesternforehand

    Shaped poly in crosses?

    Yes. In general, 18x20 don't have much movement and having shaped strings has the string act like a hacksaw. I would go round poly cross, or just full shaped knowing the notching would happen relatively quickly
  2. fullwesternforehand

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: NEW colors of Yonex POLYTOUR REV!!!

    What color are you reviewing? White Tension(s) used for playtest: 52 pounds Regular string set up: Hyper G between 49-53 in my babolat pure drive 2015 Control/Power/Spin: I didn't get to hit with the purple version, but I was on the orange playtest and will use that as a point of...
  3. fullwesternforehand

    Babolat Pure Aero 2022

    I wanna say the pure aero PJ will be like the pure drive, but with yellow instead of blue. I've played with the aero family since the 2007 cortex version, and I can say they change it every year just a bit until it gets too far in one direction, then they slowly go back. The 07 and 10 version...
  4. fullwesternforehand

    Pure Aero 2021?

    Yes, babolat official thread confirmed somewhere that the aero 22 wont get an official release this year, as opposed to previous years. Next January we should see something
  5. fullwesternforehand

    Technifibre Triax - Do not buy!

    Triax is overpriced, i usually give it to a player who doesn't care about strings or use it as a cheaper cross
  6. fullwesternforehand

    The increase is here…….

    I assume lack of production and covid has been the "excuse" to drive prices up. My question is, can they keep sales that high when fed is gone. I'm sure babolat will follow suit, and head eventually. If they ever make a rafa autograph pure aero it will sell like hotcakes at 299
  7. fullwesternforehand

    blade vs prostaff

    Prostaff will give you more feel and better volleys with, blade has a bit more power and is better for groundstrokes IMO
  8. fullwesternforehand

    Solinco Tour Bite Rough

    I've used TB rough, and it is very unlike regular TB. It is very lively and soft, and is almost like an ALU rough alternative. String is very slick and has a lot of movement for spin, as opposed to the bite seen in TB
  9. fullwesternforehand

    Fritz and Tiafoe and Nike

    Fritz and Tiafoe are poster childs for american tennis, at least for the men. IF nike comes around to drop them, Fila would probably be a good shot as they love sponsoring americans (isner, sam, mackie, etc)
  10. fullwesternforehand

    Dunlop LX - $300 beginner racquet??

    I find it strange how Dunlop thinks they have a market strong enough for any racket to go above the 240 mark. Having no poster child or even a consistent top 20 player using it, it seems pretty ballsy of them to assume they'll sell. Heck, even babolat struggles to sell racquets above the 240...
  11. fullwesternforehand

    Diadem Solstice Pro and Solinco Revolution 16/16l?

    Revolution at 16g IMO is too thick of a gauge unless you like really stiff strings. Best way I can describe it is hitting with a wooden board, but with a bit of bite. The string is not soft whatsoever, and waaay harsher than hyper g.
  12. fullwesternforehand

    Best Non-Swirly Pure Drive Paintjob

    R2D2 2015 paintjob has been my favorite, alongside the 2009 smurf blue
  13. fullwesternforehand

    How do you see the racquet industry moving forward?

    I just hope prices of racquets drop when a “new” exclusive version or world changing tech comes out. Head failed miserably with their mxg line, thinking if by making it 299 they would build supply. Babolat sorta succeeded with making the pure drive and aero vs, but selling in only pairs wasn‘t...
  14. fullwesternforehand

    Any US residents ordered from TW Europe?

    Anyone else have any insight on how covid may have impacted things? I‘m looking into buying about 380 worth of stuff, and wondering about the fees that i’ll get later on. I don’t mind paying it, but I would like to know what it is before I get a magical bill one day months later
  15. fullwesternforehand

    How long before rackets wear out ?

    I would think pros are also not afraid to chip their racquets, or hit the ground on slices. My guess is they rotate through racquets so much every year, pros often give them away or donate them. That could be said for top 100 and above. One lower pro I found selling his racquets on an app offer...
  16. fullwesternforehand

    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but this isn’t a pro staff mold right? Its the older six one model that came out some years ago with the blx tech
  17. fullwesternforehand

    "deadest" Solinco poly

    Revolution 16g is pretty dead, almost un-useable to the average player. Have a reel just sitting around
  18. fullwesternforehand

    Toroline Wasabi

    Just got my strings in the mail, funny how they decide to go for longer bags instead of the typical square packaging. They also come in half sets for easier stringing (Thanks toroline on behalf of all stringers!)
  19. fullwesternforehand

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Yonex REXIS & SPEED

    Yonex multis, hmmm, wonder if they are trying to cut into that market as well. Some fun colored multis could be fun and marketable. Poly Rev is a nice bright orange, hopefully their multis are same as well
  20. fullwesternforehand

    Toroline Wasabi

    They have a promo for 9 bucks for all 3 colors/versions of wasabi. Plus, it had free shipping. Even then, 3 bucks isn't bad for a poly so I ordered some to check it out.
  21. fullwesternforehand

    Hyper G Full Bed vs Hybrid?

    If you like the control and mutedness of hyper g, full bed. If you want to soften it up and play livelier, hybrid is the way to go. Hyper G is pretty much muted anyways, so don't thing a syn gut is gonna make it all of a sudden super powerful, but the hybrid will liven it up a bit
  22. fullwesternforehand

    Same string , different colour .... do they play the same ?

    Generally polys play slightly different due to the dyes. The general rules of thumb are Black: muted, control oriented Blue: crisp Red: powerful Green/yellow: a combination of power and control Silver: lively Not to say there aren't such things as powerful black polys or muted red polys, but...
  23. fullwesternforehand

    APD 2013 vs. APD GT

    I have played with all models of the aero, and can comment that the gt was the most stable feeling of the line. The 2013 was the most user friendly, and honestly probably the best aero they’ve ever made in terms of feel and power. So if you want stability/slightly toned down, gt is the way to...
  24. fullwesternforehand

    What does TW offer in extra racquet services?

    Hello TW, is there anywhere on the website where it lists what extra services you offer? For example, racquet customization/matching, etc I was thinking about getting the new rafa aero (starburst color) but saw somewhere in the YouTube comments where troy mentioned for an added fee they can...
  25. fullwesternforehand

    Approximately how soon before new release does current version go on sale....

    Probably about a couple weeks after the new model comes in because they want to get rid of the older ones. My question is, they have both the v7 and v6 blades out right now. So will the v6 drop significantly? I remember the old days of racquets being 199 when released, and the previous gen...
  26. fullwesternforehand

    Pure Aero/Drive Users - Who DOESN'T use poly?

    When I first bought my stringer, all i used was forten nylon to practice stringing. It is a very VERY cheap nylon, but a very neutral and not powerful string. Helped tone down the power of the aero at the time
  27. fullwesternforehand

    Is this racquet cracked?

    It seems to be the paint perhaps cracking, but not the racquet. I have that same aero model and seems to be a trend, perhaps a factory error in paint application. Overall, nothing to worry about
  28. fullwesternforehand

    Rackets have gone up in price

    Tennis equipment has always been expensive, and people wonder why it is considered an “elite” sport. Shoes are in the 150 range, and new racquets in the 250 range? I think 200 per new racquet was the standard, but now companies take advantage and make a “pro” line and bump up the most popular...
  29. fullwesternforehand

    Yonex Poly Pro Tour - 3 colors

    I feel like just in general the color dye has the same properties in all polys. Black polys are generally more muted, blues are comfortably firm, yellow is lively, and red has a softness element to it
  30. fullwesternforehand

    Comfortable alternative to Solinco Revolution

    From personal experience, I can tell you that Weiss Cannon ultra cable js a good comparable alternative. Revolution is good, but I have a love hate relationship with it. Another pick of mine to replace it is hexonic