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  1. abmk

    Federer 2015 vs Djokovic 2021

    Comparing the years in which they both turned 34. Slams: AO: Federer lost in 3R to Seppi. Djokovic won it. Obviously, Djokovic was better. But if Fritz had held his head/was as solid as Seppi, he could've taken out Djokovic who was hampered in that match. RG: Federer made it to QF, losing one...
  2. abmk

    Roger Federer FIRST Battle In Wimbledon (18 Years Old)

    Those returns in the points starting at 2:09, 2:54, 9:17,9:30 :cool: 10-15 return passing winners in the highlights by my count from Fed. The raw talent is clearly visible in these highlights Fed broke back with Kafel serving at 5-4 in the 1st set, but got broken again. had SP in 2nd set...
  3. abmk

    The other Grand slam encounter b/w Sampras and Courier in 1995 - the US Open one

    The AO 1995 encounter them b/w them is a classic. But this one is about their other Grand Slam encounter in 1995 - at the US Open. Overall: Sampras serves really well. For most of the 1st 3 sets, Sampras is inconsistent off the baseline , less so at the net though there is clearly...
  4. abmk

    Mario Ancic: Brilliant ATP Shots!

    from ATP site on the occasion of Ancic's 37th birthday
  5. abmk

    Musetti vs Dimitrov Acapulco 2021 - some entertaining tennis

    Some really entertaining tennis b/w these 2 guys at Acapulco 2021 - youngster Lorenzo Musetti and Grigor Dimitrov. Great point to finish the match!
  6. abmk

    Wimbledon 2007 final - Nadal's best passing shots display? (with conditions)

    Was this Wimbledon 2007 final from Nadal his best passing shot display against someone approaching the net atleast decently and playing atleast decently at the net? There was nothing wrong with quite a few of fed's approaches, yet Nadal passes him/forces the error - some of them ridiculous and...
  7. abmk

    Baghdatis of AO 06 final > Medvedev of AO 21 final, AO 06 > AO 21 (in terms of competition faced by Fed/Djokovic)

    Baggy in AO 2006 final played well for 2 sets before feeling the effects of the pretty tough draw. (Roddick, Ljubicic, Nalbandian) Med in AO 2021 final played good tennis for one set before playing absolutely mediocre on the next 2 sets. So obviously Baghdatis of AO 06 final > Medvedev of AO...
  8. abmk

    From match point down to US Open champion!

    In chronological order in open era: 1975 - Orantes (Vilas in SF) 1986 - Navratilova (Graf in SF) 1989 - Becker (Rostagno in 2R) 1996 - Sampras (Corretja in QF) 2003 - Roddick (Nalbandian in SF) 2011 - Djokovic (Federer in SF) 2016 - Wawrinka (Evans in 3R)
  9. abmk

    Djokovic in slams in 12-14 vs from mid-18 to AO 21 and the era from 16 onwards

    Djokovic played 12 slams in 12-14 , from AO 12 to USO 14. Won 3 of them. Djokovic played 10 slams in mid-18 to AO 21. Won 6 of them. Djoko was in his prime in 12-14 and significantly better than in mid-18 to AO 21. 12, 13 were pretty good years, competition wise, 12 even more so. 14 was...
  10. abmk

    2006 and 2015 similar level years, 2006 a little better IMO

    2006 vs 2015: At the slams: AO 2006 > AO 2015 (little better) Federer, Baghdatis, Davydenko, Haas, Nalbandian, Ljubicic, Roddick > Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Berdych, Nishi, Kyrgios, Raonic Federer < Djokovic (by a little, Djoko more consistent, but did have the worst performance among the...
  11. abmk

    Demolishing the rubbish myth of Safin playing well in only 2 tournaments

    Many around here seem to be harbouring the myth that Safin played well in only 2 tournaments. - USO 2000 and AO 2005. That's utter and complete bollocks Short version : Apart from the 2 slams, guy made 2 more slam finals, played well at YEC 2004, won 5 masters titles, made semis of all slams...
  12. abmk

    2005 a considerably better year than 2015 in men's tennis

    2005 vs 2015 2005 AO vs 2015 AO : Safin, Federer, Agassi,Hewitt, Nalbandian, Roddick>> Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Berdych 2005 FO vs 2015 FO : Nadal, Federer, Puerta, Davydenko, Coria ,Canas, Robredo, Ferrer, Gaudio > Wawrinka, Djokovic, Murray, Tsonga, Federer,Nadal, Nishi 2005 Wim vs 2015...
  13. abmk

    2004 a significantly better year than 2014 in men's tennis

    2004 vs 2014 2004 AO vs 2014 AO : Safin, Federer, Agassi,Hewitt, Nalbandian, Roddick,Ferrero b/w > and >> Wawrinka, Djokovic, Nadal, Berdych, Federer 2004 Fed > 2014 Wawrinka 2004 Agassi ~ 2014 Djokovic 2004 Safin > 2014 Nadal 2004 Nalby > 2014 Fed 2004 Roddick > 2014 Berdych no equivalents...
  14. abmk

    Tsitsipas beats peak Nadal !

    Nadal won 35 sets in a row in slams. Of course he's at his peak. Great effort from Tsitsipas to take 3 sets in a row from him after that. What it tells us?
  15. abmk

    Federer has broken Murray in every set in grand slam matches except AO 2013 SF

    USO 2008 final: 6-2,7-5,6-2 AO 2010 final: 6-3,6-4,7-6(11) (They broke each other once in the 3rd set) Wim 12 final: 4-6,7-5,6-3,6-4 (Fed did break Murray in the 1st set with Murray serving at 2-1) AO 14 QF: 6-3,6-4,6-7(6),6-3 (They broke each other once in the 3rd set) Wim 15 SF: 7-5,7-5,6-4...
  16. abmk

    Federer Nalbandian AO 2004 Quarterfinal

    A lot of the hitting and shotmaking in this match was incredible. Two of the finest ballstrikers of this century going at it hammer and tongs. IMO, an under-appreciated match. Enjoy the highlights!
  17. abmk

    Federer vs Fognini Wimbledon 2012 highlights - very entertaining

    A really good highlight reel match b/w Fed & Fognini. Some amazing shots and rallies. Fog is a really talented ballstriker, Held by his lack of good serve&mentality Really glad he got that Masters win in Monte Carlo in 2019 (including beating Nadal) Fed of course showing why he is Santoro...
  18. abmk

    Federer > Djokovic > Nadal - average # of top 10 opponents faced in slams in which they made final

    vs top 10 opponents: Federer = 67 matches in 31 slams where he made final = 2.16 Djokovic = 57 matches in 27 slams where he made final= 2.11 Nadal = 53 matches in 28 slams where he made final = 1.89
  19. abmk

    Federer's Year ending championship wins and rating them

    Here's a look at Federer's winning year ending championships. 2003 : RR: a thriller vs agassi playing well in the RR. a roller coaster match. Fed saves 2 MPs in the 3rd set and clinches it. dominated both ferrero and nalby (neither of them played that well). But still Nalby one of his toughest...
  20. abmk

    Prime level fed beats prime Djokovic at RG 2011 (only prime to prime level match there) and snaps streak

    Prime level fed beats prime Djokovic at RG 2011 in 4 sets and snaps his 41 match winning streak. This is their only prime to prime level match at RG. Enjoy!
  21. abmk

    Prime Fed vs Djokovic at the USO : 1 set lost in 3 matches (including prime level djoko in USO 08)

    Prime fed beat Djoko in 07 in straight sets Prime fed beat prime level djoko in 08 in 4 sets Prime fed beat Djoko in 09 in straight sets So only 1 set lost in 3 matches - including 1 where Djoko was prime level (USO 08) and having a pretty good year Enjoy!
  22. abmk

    2012 Fed (8th best Wimbledon) beats peak Djokovic convincingly at Wimbledon 2012

    This is Fed's 8th best Wimbledon (after 2003-09). Yet he convincingly beat peak Djokovic in 4 sets at Wim 12. Enjoy!
  23. abmk

    Federer > Djokovic prime to prime at slams except on plexi AO

    Prime to prime: 1. Federer obviously better at Wimbledon. Won 5 in a row and 6 out of 7 Wimbledons, only losing 7th final in 5 sets. Best 5 years (2003-07) has better service AND return stats than Djokovic in his best 5 year stretch (11-15) or even best 5 years(11-12,14-15,18) Federer from...
  24. abmk

    A rarely talked about performance/match: Federer vs Ferrero AO 2004 semi

    The ballstriking and rallies in the match are pretty good. Ferrero had won Madrid on indoor HC in 2003, made the final of USO in 2003 (beating Hewitt and Agassi back to back). He was becoming a potent HCer. In this match, Ferrero played pretty well in the 1st and 3rd sets, only dip was in the...
  25. abmk

    The Player Who Ended the Greatest Streak (5+ YEARS) in Tennis History - Le Sod aka Robin Soderling

    This was the match that ended Fed's 23 semi-final at grand slams streak (from 2004 RG to 2010 AO) For context, next highest is Djokovic's at 14 (from Wim 10 to USO 13) Federer played an excellent 1st set hitting 16 winners to 3 UEs (23 winners+errors forced to 3 UEs) with Le Sod playing some...
  26. abmk

    Federer > Djokovic > Nadal - average # of top 10 opponents faced in slams won

    Federer = 42 matches in 20 slams won = 2.1 Djokovic = 35 matches in 17 slams won = 2.059 Nadal = 37 matches in 20 slams won = 1.85 Edit: Thanks to @AnOctorokForDinner for the stat. I knew it was close like an year and half ago w/Djokovic. Hadn't realized gap w/ Nadal would widen so much.
  27. abmk

    Top 5 at each slam for the top 5 of the open era

    Rating the top 5 events at each slam for these guys (including combination of actual performance and peak/highest level possible) Federer: AO: 2007,2004/2005,2010,2009 RG: 2006,2007,2011,2005/2009 Wim: 2006,2005/2003,2004,2007 USO: 2006,2004,2005,2007,2008 Nadal: AO: 2009,2012, 2017...
  28. abmk

    Federer losses in slams at prime vs Djokovic losses in slams at prime - against non ATGs

    Federer (2004-2009) AO 2005 - to Safin USO 09 - to delpo (Kuerten was an ATG on clay and turned back the years, so excluding that) Djokovic (2011-2016) USO 12 - to Murray Wim 13 - to Murray AO 14 - to Stan USO 14 - to Nishikori RG 15 - to Stan Wim 16 - to Querrey USO 16 - to Stan 2 vs 7...
  29. abmk

    Another 2 best points ever !

    AO 2013 4R : Djokovic vs Stan 42:32 - Stan saves MP - of course ending with a BH DTL winner. The Matchpoint that ended it all. The best matchpoint (to end a match) that I've seen:
  30. abmk

    About that point in the 5th set of the AO 2017 final

    About that point in the 5th set of the AO 2017 final From a comment: RM3 years ago 13:24 - you could see when he hit that forehand up the line, his feet were telling him to go forward, to get to net, but the brain and years of being burned by running Rafa forehands up the line stuck in his...