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  1. BGod

    Novak reveals his schedule and.. that is all folks

    Well, Medvedev, Zverev, Rublev are others. Tsitsipas only said he'd get it this year but never know. Could be a 73 Wimbledon type situation except that tournament was a success despite.
  2. BGod

    Who is more talented: Thiem or Nalbandian?

    Common guys I'm all ears. If we want to be even and compared 01-04 with 16-19. Fed dominated while Safin, Roddick & Agassi floated they weren't exactly firing everywhere. I think 2018-19 were sufficiently solid seasons. Now if we go 2005-2008 then that's another discussion.
  3. BGod

    Week of 18 October ATP250s at Moscow & Antwerp

    Feeling Karatsev.
  4. BGod

    2021 Antwerp R1: Frances Tiafoe vs. (WC) Andy Murray

    What a match. I think WCs were designed pretty well exactly for the reason they are used, to put lower ranked players in due to marketing or perceived quality play not reflective of ranking due to injury, surface, etc. In cases such as Andy Murray, Wawrinka, Delpo or possibly in the near...
  5. BGod

    Who is more talented: Thiem or Nalbandian?

    Compared to Nalbandian in 01-04? Thiem 2017-2019 was same if not stronger. Can't see argument being weaker but go ahead.
  6. BGod

    Medvedev withdraws from Moscow

    And this was clear since even before USO. I know it's a 250 but I always find it weird seeing an ATP tournament only needing 4 wins for the title (even if only 4 seeds get that benefit). Petersburg should be upgraded to 500 already.
  7. BGod

    State of tennis: haha

    It's hard to say if they played good in relative terms to how serious the top contenders were taking it. I of course had to look up the draw and not surprisingly Fed played a war against Verkerk so cannot give much credit to Henman there and Roddick was in a high after winning USO and it was a...
  8. BGod

    Which American had the highest potential since Roddick, and why?

    Hard to argue with Isner's results. A Masters title with 4 other finals and 8 other Semifinal exits. The Slams might leave a lot to be desired but consider this eye popping fact: 7 R16 exits, Verdasco, Murrayx2, Berdych, Federer, Ferrer, del Potro across all surfaces including 3 at the French...
  9. BGod

    State of tennis: haha

    This and Miami definetly reminds of the late 90s era. Woodruff, Ferreira, Pavel, Grosjean, Canas, Mantilla. Norman, Enqvist, Corretja, Pioline were higher level guys but still in the same mold of also rans. Can't wait for Paris with such previous champions as Sock, Khachanov, Henman, Berdych...
  10. BGod

    Who is more talented: Thiem or Nalbandian?

    You know, for how big a Nalby fan as I was, Thiem actually put up more consistency in a tougher era and that's worth something. Nalbandian has like 3 really epic tournaments and not much else. He had the talent but he didn't get the results.
  11. BGod

    Poor Dimitrov... got destroyed again LOL!

    Well Gasquet made Wimbledon SF at 29 and French QF losing to Murray at 30. Is that a possibility for Dimitrov? I think this tournament showed he can still muster a deep run if the draw opens up and he gets a solid win in good form. It's not like we have to look at Wawrinka, Busta has kept...
  12. BGod

    2021 BNP Paribas Open (Indian Wells) Final: Basilashvili vs Norrie

    So I pretty well saw no matches whole tournament due to running my business at peak season and finally have time tomorrow and this match is 7pm ET which is late for me as I'm leaving for prior plans. Normally I guess I wouldn't care but I have a feeling this match will be pretty great and...
  13. BGod

    2021 BNP Paribas Open ATP M1K, October 5-17

    This is absolutely what Dimi was made for, a great win and the draw opens up for him to finish. Really hope he completes.
  14. BGod

    If Nadal didn't have his own era, then did he have the toughest competition? - 18 slam finals against Fedovic!

    So like I guess you argue Vettel being so great sandwiched between Schumacher and Hamilton? Nadal's longevity is not yet at Fed or Connors level so he doesn't get the points for overlapping and it's still his French Opens that kept him "consistent". He hasn't been a grand contender for the AO...
  15. BGod

    Is prime, non-injured lost gen better than next gen?

    They're definitely about the same. Thiem is part of Lost Gen, Cilic/Delpo as others have said is not, I guess Kei kind of is but in terms of dates not so much. Tsitsipas and Shap are the only one where if they're on they seem better than the also rans but Thiem was pretty great when he was in...
  16. BGod

    2021 BNP Paribas Open ATP M1K, October 5-17

    Oh I got Dimitrov but he needs to win 1st set and even if he does feels like it goes 3. Man will be tired for final, as far as Masters go. No, he isn't. Pretty clear his absolute ceiling is vulturing 3 Slams, like Cilic could have done if not Fed. I feel with Roddick he simply said that...
  17. BGod

    Is "el peque" really 5'7". I highly doubt it

    You see him on television and he does seem shorter, more in the 5"4-5"5 range. But overstating your height in sports is typical. It's quite rare to have an exact height listed. Part of it is shoes since that legitimately does give a player an inch up but most from what I've seen give themselves...
  18. BGod

    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    Tsitsipas would have exact same points as Med if he won IW. It's over as I don't see Med playing Petersburg only because he'll know YE is completely off the table while he should aim to defend WTF not just for ranking but the money to be made there. And he'll obviously play Paris. I mean it's...
  19. BGod

    2021 BNP Paribas Open ATP M1K, October 5-17

    Dimitrov has a real shot of winning this thing now. Really easy path to the final now though he'll need another top effort to beat Zverev or Tsit.
  20. BGod

    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    Historically you could site Gimeno who won his first at age 34 in 1972. Given the state of the tour it's possible we see more of that as with more recent examples Korda and Gomez were at 30 giving Dimi little time. He needs to convert secondary titles to gain steam though. If he won IW for...
  21. BGod

    Can Djokovic reach 400 weeks at no 1?

    After Med's loss unless Novak completely skips rest of season and AO I think he'll get it. Would really suck if he lost the ranking because of vaccination protocol and never got it back.
  22. BGod

    Hewitt, Kafelnikov, and Roddick- who is the best

    Roddick then Hewitt then Kafelnikov. But Hewitt had a short window although it was pretty grand. The back to back YE is really hard to top when Kafelnikov didn't win a single Masters in comparison. But Yevgeny made 2+ SFs at 3 Slams and a lot of SFs at the Masters level. His longevity should not...
  23. BGod

    Best version of Djokovic to lose in USO Final?

    You can eliminate 21, 16 and with all do respect to Fed, 07 as well. So it comes down to 10, 12 & 13 with Murray being at his peak so not to confuse the names. But I think Nadal in 2013 was one of the strongest USO forms I've seen in my life winning the Triple Crown that only Rafter and Roddick...
  24. BGod

    Djokovic has never won more than 3 slams in a row at a single slam before

    Ignoring the fact Threepeats in tennis are themselves rare LMAO. Sampras achieved it twice both at Wimbledon. Lendl did it once at USO, failed to accomplish a Threepeat on two other occasions (FO, AO) McEnroe did it once at the USO and a single title defense elsewhere at Wimbledon. Connors...
  25. BGod

    I sincerely wish that Andy returns to top 10 or even top 20

    He can definitely get into the Top 50 just how the tournament is structured and will get all the WCs he needs. However, 0% chance at a Slam and somewhere in the area of 5% chance at a Masters. He would need like the perfect draw for a Masters but it can happen at the lesser venues. His...
  26. BGod

    Rank these USO wins: Raducanu ‘21, Andreescu ‘19, Osaka ‘18

    Andreescu is top and I go with Osaka beating Serena over anyone Emma faced.
  27. BGod

    I Stand By Roger: Flight of the Golden Eagle of Victory

    Great video, although knee damage videos are difficult to watch.
  28. BGod

    Slams won by ATGs you think look odd in hindsight?

    Not so much a weak draw like with some of Sampras' titles or whatever, but due to the time, form, etc. I have 3 that I witnessed personally (on tv obviously). Becker's 1996 AO. First round exits before and after, absent in 94 and first round exit in 93. So to summarize, in 5 seasons he played...
  29. BGod

    Number of slam finals lost in straight sets

    Betting wise I remember this well and yes he was the favourite in both. The 2006 French of course is interesting because he lost both Clay Masters finals to Nadal but they were extremely close and of course their epic in Rome. The thought process was those were Masters and Fed was now the Slam...
  30. BGod

    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    There's a lot of variables at play. Obviously Nadal 2007-2011 was a better version than anything Novak came close to beating. But on the other hand, Fed really should have won in 2006 and even 2007 and had a great opportunity in 2011 as well. So you look at mental endurance. But the short...