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    QoC (Quality of Competition) at Wimbledon, Federer vs Sampras

    This is a thread for the uninformed people at the General Player Discussion who somehow seriously believe that Federer's competition from 2003-2009 was somehow as strong or stronger than the field that Sampras faced from 93-2000. Please post your thoughts on the matter. IMO, Sampras had a...
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    Does Tennis need to be sped up?

    If the 3rd set of the U.S. Open was any indicator of this, I would have to say yes. Not because of the fact that it would benefit the game (it would), but because of the players health. Both Nadal and Djokovic had to play long rallies in the 3rd set on what is typically known as a fast...
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    An Important Lesson for Nadal "fans" today

    This is an important lesson for the Nadal "fans" who have crawled into their caves to hide their faces from embarrassment. You all know who you are; it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. It was utterly pathetic what you guys were doing in 2008 and 2009 when Nadal was beating Federer...
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    No excuses please

    No excuses for Nadal please. Novak was simply the better player today. Nadal came in 100% healthy, off a FO victory, playing extremely well the entire tournament. There is nothing that Nadal could have done today; Novak has simply elevated his game to a level that Nadal cannot match at...
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    Nadal Djokovic match-up and surfaces

    It is funny when thinking about it, but I'm starting to think that clay actually hurts Nadal more in his match-up against Djokovic than it does help. I think mainly it is because Nadal can't really penetrate through the court as well as he does on the HCs, and his backhand becomes an even BIGGER...
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    To all Federer fans that say Federer's serve is so good Yes, Federer's serve is good, but even he clearly knows that there are people with better serves than him. Thank you have a good day. Was sick and tired of people saying Federer has a better serve...
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    Serena Williams Injury Update So supposedly Serena Williams has some sort of bone infection, which is potentially very dangerous. As long as she responds to the anti-biotic treatments she will be fine, but it could get bad if she doesn't. She...
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    Nadal Health Issues (Discussion about his future)

    At a fairly young age Nadal is already starting to have some serious health issues that one would expect from a late 20s or early 30s type of player. I think that the wear and tear of playing such defensive tennis in his earlier days has caught up to him, and that the fact that he played that...
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    Full Ace Tennis - Tennis Simulator Game

    Anyone recently tried this? I've been playing the demo and despite some technical issues with the game (mainly animations), the fundamental basics such as the physics of the ball, ball speed, and player movement are rock solid and very identical to how pro tennis is played. It is...
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    Will Nadal retain the world #1 in 2011?

    Will Nadal be able to defend the majority of his points in 2011? I see Djokovic being able to make up alot of ground considering he didn't exactly do well until after Wimbledon (although he was consistent making it to the QFs or better for the most part). The big thing is that Nadal is...
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    Nadal's fitness is overrated

    Nadal's fitness is clearly overrated if a 30 year old crippled (bad back) washed up hack with a crappy backhand like Federer can show him up in the fitness department. According to many Nadal fans (by their own testimony), he was gassed after only clocking in 4 more hours then Federer at the...
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    would Gustavo Kuerten beaten Nadal at the WTF?

    With wins over Agassi and Sampras on a quick indoor carpet surface, would Gustavo Kuerten have beaten Nadal at the WTF?
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    Nadal was lucky today

    Nadal is lucky Haase got injured, if he didn't, Haase would have won that match! He was in total control! *troll mode off* I will find it very funny that Nadal fans will all say that injuries are part of the game yet they are allowed to use injuries as an excuse for Nadal's...
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    Roddick's Evolution as a Player

    I wonder, has there been any other player that has evolved in so many different ways like Roddick has? Like, a person who totally just changed the way they played their game. He's gone from : 1. Surf and Turf 2. Attempted to S&V constantly 3. Pure Defensive Baseliner / Counter Puncher 4. Uh...
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    Is this the strongest era ever?

    With so much parity, giants such as Birdman, Ljubicic, and Baghdatis stepping up to the plate, is this the strongest era ever?
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    Ferrer vs Baghdatis

    Is anyone watching this epic?!
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    Tennis Video Games

    You know what I would find very interesting for a tennis video game is if they made a video game that was ultra realistic and played from a first person view, instead of a top down view. A reason why alot of tennis video games aren't great simulators is because you can see the whole court, while...
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    Public Opinion of the ATP / ITF

    What is your opinion of the ATP / ITF currently?
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    Without Federer's secret racquet he would be nothing

    Without Federer's mythical secret racquet which specifications are unknown to us all, he is nothing.
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    Evaluate : D1 vs WTA Pro

    Bradely Klahn versus Jelena Jankovic We have a bunch of women's activists thinking Jankovic is destroying Klahn here, and that Klahn is going full steam and trying 100% :rolleyes: based on 2 minutes of grainy footage.
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    Who will have the better career?

    Out of the 3 young top competitors.
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    I garuntee Del Potro to win in the final

    And if not, I will put "I am a clown" as my signature.
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    Dimitrov Forehand Is it just me or does that forehand like very similar to Federer's and Verdasco's?
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    ATP and the ITF should...

    Standardized everything to make everything fair. Here's what I think should happen : 1. All courts will be indoors now, and played on indoor hardcourts. This way weather and bad bounces will not play a part in tennis matches. 2. Players have at most only 20 seconds to serve. There is no...
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    Goran is Manlier than Nadal

    Proof : Goran played Wimbledon 2001 with a near blown shoulder, was unseeded, a wildcard, had to play in consecutive days due to rain, managed to get past a hostile British crowd and an onfire Henman in the semis, and still manages to win in the final despite having no game outside of his serve...
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    Pam Shriver is surpassed Djokovic

    in ticking off a drunk New York crowd. I didn't think that was possible. BTW I totally messed up the topic, it should read : Pam Shriver has surpassed Djokovic
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    Murray is absolutely pitiful

    Since GameSampras is not around, I will have to do the honors for him. "What an absolutely pitiful performance by Andy Murray today. Losing to Marian Cilic?! Who is that guy?! Even if he lost today, at least he could have put up a fight! So friggin ridiculous. Roger Federer once again...
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    Federer's forehand creates Tornados

    I have visual proof.
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    The Sad State of the WTA

    Two top 20 players, one a slam champion this year, just got beat by Kim Clijsters who hasn't even played a serious match in over a year. They weren't even close matches to be honest. Please do explain to me how someone can do this. Next thing you know we're gonna be having Henin...
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    Dream Match Pro Tennis

    Anyone play it? I find it's the most realistic tennis game out there (despite the fact that Nadal's serve is slightly too effective).