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  1. J011yroger

    Tier 1 Prototype

    @TierOneSportsOfficial was kind enough to send me a prototype of a new string to demo, just broke it. Review to follow. Ok, String arrived in a nondescript envelope looking somewhere between Christmas lights and earphone cords, but fortunately strung up normally with no ill effects from the...
  2. J011yroger

    40+ 9.0 nationals, November 12-14.

    Anybody going? Would be cool to meet up with more folks from the boards. @schmke your services will once again be required. J
  3. J011yroger

    This is my Boomstick!

  4. J011yroger

    Give us a blazing fast indoor hardcourt!

    One of those early 90s indoor club courts we had to play on where you could see the shine of the lights like a basketball hardwood and a short backstop. Cool temperatures and regular duty balls. Turn all these guys loose and see what happens. J
  5. J011yroger

    Jack Sock is the Apex Park Player.

    Hustling his dad bod around the court, serving with a forehand grip, avoiding backhands wherever possible, preferring doubles. Great to see! J
  6. J011yroger

    Let down by my coach.

    I have been coached by one of my greatest supporters @LeeD for many years now but he failed to even show up in the thread for my greatest ttw match up to date against @MaxTennis . Max was illegally coached on changeovers by @nyta2 while I was left to fend for myself. Many times I went to my...
  7. J011yroger

    Playing in 2022 leagues with a 2019 rating?

    What a time to be alive. What happens if you play an early start league and then get bumped at year end? Is it up to each section/region as to how to handle it? J
  8. J011yroger

    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    Lackluster effort from both companies... J
  9. J011yroger

    Tri Level, Mixed, and Men's for a self rate?

    Hey guys, Here Tri-level starts first in September, running through December, Mixed starts in November, running until April, and then Men's runs May to July. If a new self rate plays all three categories how is their rating calculated? Can you strike out of any category at any time? Do...
  10. J011yroger

    Why can't TW get clay shoes?

    Come on guys! J
  11. J011yroger

    Where are the 40+ 5.0s playing in 2022?

    2022 was going to be my year until they got rid of 40+ 4.5+. I'll keep playing 18+ obviously and mixed but it's really slim pickings. Adult tournaments were getting lame before COVID here and now it's a joke. J
  12. J011yroger

    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    Can't believe my year is over. Played one mixed match in November, and 3 men's matches and I was done for the year by July. I checked the tournament scene and it's pretty bleak. Seems like people just aren't into it. Tennis is booming, courts are full, selling racquets and stuff, lessons...
  13. J011yroger

    Defiant Generation Fit?

    How is the length on these suckas if I am halfway between sizes? J
  14. J011yroger

    Nike polo sleeve openings?!

    Who tf designed these shirts, and didn't they think to have a grown man try them on? I'm not putting on any gunshows out here and I can't fit my arm through the hole. You would have to look like a Dr. Seuss character to fill out a large shirt and have such noodle arms. J
  15. J011yroger

    The Jollettieri Academy

    Ok, Once a month I will do a free lesson for someone on a topic of your choosing, video and post it. I will select the topic from whatever gets the most votes, and choose the student based on the topic and who is available. If my video editing sucks, or this stops being fun I will stop. If...
  16. J011yroger

    Why can't you put a tennis court in a greenhouse?

    Seems like a comprehensively superior option to a bubble. J
  17. J011yroger

    Match charting software and apps?

    Anything good out there? What are you guys using lately? J
  18. J011yroger

    Basic video trimming and splicing?

    What are you guys using these days? I don't need anything fancy. J
  19. J011yroger

    These new VCores don't suck.

    Details to follow. J
  20. J011yroger

    Best Android Phones?

    I have had Galaxy phones the past several years since HTC has fallen from grace, but the new ones seem so cheezy with the plastic backs, even though the camera is supposed to be awesome, is there anything better out there? New Samsungs are getting lackluster reviews. Should I give up and go...
  21. J011yroger

    So now we can't buy Nike clay shoes from TWE?

    I am really struggling to understand the thought process. Asics the same? They sell things for profit, I have money and want the things. What's the issue? J
  22. J011yroger

    Why are so few players from Spain chokers?

    Even the second tier guys have throughout history seemed to be incredibly mentally tough. J
  23. J011yroger

    Has anyone been to the Monte Carlo Masters?

    Thinking of going next year and didn't know what to expect. J
  24. J011yroger

    WTF is with the short laces on Nikes?

    I have very narrow feet and have spent my entire life with miles of extra lace and giant loops etc. Since the 2nd year of the Vapor X I can barely tie my shoes and double knots are out of the question. If I had normal width feet it would be impossible. J
  25. J011yroger

    Cilic's shiny boi!

    Looks amaze. Might clear coat one of mine. J
  26. J011yroger

    AD side T slice serve.

    Hey guys, Looking for good video or GIF of this serve, I know Gasquet hits a nasty one. Feel free to post your own video if you can do it. Ball lands in and curves left crossing the baseline left of center. J
  27. J011yroger

    What do you call a player who...

    Plays with the shot selection of a counter puncher, but the ball quality of an aggressive baseliner? J
  28. J011yroger

    What is up with Madison Brengle's serve?

    It didn't used to be like that did it? J
  29. J011yroger

    Shapo doesn't lose a single point on serve.

    First set against Fritz. J
  30. J011yroger

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Coming Summer 21. J