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  1. fednad

    Smart "NadsyPantmove Novak -

    Played a close match, touched and sniffed victory and then let Goffin win.... He realized that it will be difficult against Nadal so he avoided playing him the same way NAdal has preserved his head to head always. Good move Joker !
  2. fednad

    Nadal to win Acapulco and everything this year !

    Look at the way he has bounced back at such an old age after battling injuries. He was not fit in Aussie Open 2017 final and got unlucky. But check his game in Acapulco and the way he is making mincemeat of a GOATing Cilic. He will be YE #1 and has an almost certain shot of winning the remaining...
  3. fednad

    Roger Federer considered retiring after his 2017 Australian Open win Maybe this explains that the comment "I hope to see you next year. If not, this was a wonderful run here and I can’t be more happy to have won...
  4. fednad

    Nadal to win US Open

    This US open has Nadal written all over it. For those who disagree... This Nadal has US open written all over him. He has literally cruised in fourth round defeating such tough and quality opponents. He seems unstoppable - a force of nature. He was ridiculously good against Kudurova or whatever...
  5. fednad

    Example of how racket technology has changed tennis.....

    Nadal-Wawrinka match: Third game, first point in second set at Monte Carlo: That is - First point at 1-1 in second set with Wawrinka serving. Post more such examples here
  6. fednad

    Djokovic - 3rd round

    Who is Djokovic's opponent in 3rd round of Monte Carlo ? I am sure it will be some mug who won't even show up.
  7. fednad

    Seppi hammering Djokovic !

    He just won a game and then a baseline rally too ! Please comment.
  8. fednad

    Which part of Dimitrov's game over Federer

    Would you chose ? That is, say, if you have to model you game only from shots of these two players, then which shot of Dimitrov would you imbibe over Federer's?
  9. fednad

    Federer - Underrated "Come on!"

    Federer broke Dog to go 6-5 up in second set and shouted a manly "Come On". And, I just realized, that his deep guttural "Come On" is one of most underrated aspects of his game which has forever and under the shadow of mighty Hewitt "Come on". It is time we admit it's contribution to his...
  10. fednad

    Hypothetical: If Joker Wawrinka meet in US Open?

    If Joker meets Wawrinka in US Open, whom do you think will have the upper hand in the below two scenarios? 1.) They meet in semi-final 2.) They meet in finals
  11. fednad

    A generation that did not step up

    Every generation sees a great champion and then sees young turks come up, challenge him and eventually dethrone him. When Federer was 26-27, Nadal and Joker had come to the force fully. Nadal had started much earlier on clay, anyways. Then Nadal and Joker, both wrestled, with Murray doing his...
  12. fednad

    Nadal's next match

    I checked schedule and order of play and could not find Nadal? When is his next match at Wimbledon scheduled ?
  13. fednad

    Nadal ranking

    What will be Nadal's ranking now after the QF match result ?
  14. fednad


    Halep trolled Kirilenko 6-1, 6-0 :shock: :shock: Halep for the title!
  15. fednad

    I like Sampras, but the only reason he won Fourteen slams = no Nadal

    Sampras was good but he could win 14 majors only because Nadal was not there. Please discuss.
  16. fednad

    The charm of Lisicki

    There is something about Sabina Lisicki that gives her a sensuous appeal. She will not fall in the traditional defintion of beauty and is heavy bodied too. But, somehow, she captivates attention as a woman and has the capacity to put many marriages on the rock. What is it in her that is so...
  17. fednad

    Hypothetical Match: Johny Mac vs Serena

    OK, I read this post ( and actually wondered if Johny Mac can beat Serena today in a tennis match of 3 sets. What do you guys reckon? Also, consider different surfaces.
  18. fednad

    FO Semi - Who will be more nervous

    Which of Joker and ****** will be more nervous and why? Give your call and reasons to believe so.
  19. fednad

    Fed will beat joker in the semis....

    I saw joker against Mayer. He cannot handle slices properly which specially bite and skid on the grass courts. Fed will beat joker in straight sets or in 4 sets.
  20. fednad

    Is this the future of Tennis

    Retrievers, who can turn defence into offence. Players who have no obvious weakness but have no obvious killing strength also. Racket technology and slow surfaces have made it next to impossible to hit aces even for the world's top players. First, it was the the US open final and then today's...
  21. fednad

    Which H2H will reverse first

    Fed vs. Joker: 14 -10 ****** vs. Joker: 16 - 13 Which will change first in favor of Novak (or become equal first)? Would Novak first cut the deficit of 4 against Roger or would he cut the deficit of 3 against Rafa earlier? And any guesses latest by when it would happen?
  22. fednad

    Aus Open 2011 winner

    It will be Murray beating Djokovic. Nadal and Fed will both lose in Semis (unless Nadal gets fatigued out early and retire).
  23. fednad

    Davy win over Nadal a not a win!

    Davy's win over Nadal is not a real win. Had NAdal not been sick, he would have bagelled Davy left, right and center. Nadal was coughing between the changeovers. He was this much sick! And, the warrior that he is, in the last few games, Nadal gave a glimpse of the eventuality that would...
  24. fednad

    Why all this hate for Pam Shriver?

    When she only has a disconnect of mouth and brain. What else she is supposed to do! She is married to (Ex) james Bond and years of living has turned her into a bond girl - dumb. Forgive her and let us all move forward
  25. fednad

    The Federer Anit-Jixing thread for round 3. Roger willl lose to Arnaud Clement

    Fellow fed brothers,friends and all my dear good natured (arrogant and carrying man-purse etc.) brethren of the troll-brotherhood, I joined this forum of late again and realized that some black magic woodoo practitioners have started Fed-Jinxing threads on this forum which is the real reason why...
  26. fednad

    How to keep track of a thread?

    How do I keep track of a thread which is live? I usually refresh the browser page but seem to miss the flow and posts in the process. Is there any easier way to do so?
  27. fednad

    Verdasco is Nadal's duck

    Verdasco and other Spanish players are Nadal's duck. Please share your valuable thoughts on this thoughtful thread on this thoughtful forum full of tennis experts.
  28. fednad

    If MURRAY beats Nadal this time rouund!! Nadal HAS A PROBLEM!!!

    While people have been flaming Fed for getting beaten by Murray 4 times in a row (5 if you include the exhibition), they are ignoring the fact that if Rafa gets beaten today, it will be 3 times in a row for him (4 if you include the exhibition). While Fed seems to be in decline, for Rafa (and...
  29. fednad

    A question about Darren Cahill

    I have heard so many people on this forum suggesting that Fed should hire Darren Cahill as his coach. I have few questions regarding that: 1.) Has Cahill a reputation of being a good coach? 2.) Which players has he coached in the past and how did those players results change under him? 3.)...
  30. fednad

    Wimbledon slow speed and high Bounce

    In case, this issue has already been discussed, please point me to it.Otherwise, I would like to hear on this one: We all know that Wimbledon grass speed has been gradually slowed down over the last decade. But this year the speed seems to have suddenly slowed down as compared to last year and...