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  1. Hood_Man

    Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer are both well known clay court specialists This isn't a bashing thread about clay court skewing or anything, I just thought it was hilarious how understated that History section is.
  2. Hood_Man

    Convince me to root for Nadal

    Friends, Romans, Trolls, lend me your ears. Perhaps it's the anticipation speaking, or maybe the alcohol, but I offer you Nadal fans (and neutrals) a challenge: Convince me (a Federer fan), someone who was left devastated after the 2009 AO loss, and frustrated at the repeated Federer...
  3. Hood_Man

    Andy Murray Squeezes Toothpase
  4. Hood_Man

    BBC Wimbledon 2013 Coverage to be...

    Awesome 8) :D
  5. Hood_Man

    US Open 2015: The New Schedule Also, more prize money for the players :)
  6. Hood_Man

    Is this glass half empty?

    I'm not going to argue the volume of the contents - they're 50%. Half of whatever was contained inside it was consumed in a presumably rule compliant manner. But we all know that until someone tops it up, it will not feel complete.
  7. Hood_Man

    Henman vs Santoro/McEnroe vs Wilander

    ITV4 in the UK (no idea for the rest of the world sorry). Play begins at 12:00 pm today with John McEnroe taking on Mats Wilander in the Legends singles Final in the royal Albert Hall. Then at 5pm we have Tim Henman taking on Fabrice Santoro in the ATP Champions Tour final. Format: Two sets...
  8. Hood_Man

    I see your Bear BlueB...

    ...and I raise you, 17 horses! I wish they were sheep so I could say "Only in Wales" :twisted:
  9. Hood_Man

    Kai-Chen Peng vs Heather Watson - Osaka Final

    Watson up a break 3-1 in the first set.
  10. Hood_Man

    2012 Wimbledon Quarterfinal: Tsonga vs. Kohlschreiber

    Tsonga won the first set tiebreak, Kohlschreiber has just held serve for a 4-1 lead in the 2nd, and I didn't see a thread for this one :) (5 poll options, obviously Kohly can't win this in 3 sets now)
  11. Hood_Man

    Hewitt vs Karlovic - Queens/Aegon 2012

    Karlovic leads the H2H 3-1, including that famous shock victory in the first round of Wimbledon 2003, and Hewitt will be aiming to get his first win over Karlovic on grass :)
  12. Hood_Man

    Sao Paulo Final - Almagro v Volandri

    I couldn't see a thread, apologies if there actually is one! They're into a deciding set, Almagro winning the first set 6-3, Volandri coming back and winning set 2 6-4. Their first decider since 2008, will it be 5 wins in a row for Almagro or will Volandri snap a 5 year losing streak...
  13. Hood_Man

    Anyone watching the Aegon Masters?

    Anyone been watching? ITV4 in the UK, I forgot it was on and tuned in just in time to see the end of McEnroe v Leconte, McEnroe currently serving for the match at 5-1 in the second set, having won the first 6-3. This evening though sees Tim Henman v Fabrice Santoro! Really looking forward to...
  14. Hood_Man

    Metz - Open de Moselle Final

    Tsonga won the first set, and Ljubicic came back from a break down to win the second set in a tiebreak, and they're on serve in the third with Ljubicic serving first. Tsonga has a break point!
  15. Hood_Man

    Can I de-warp an old wooden racquet?

    I was doing a clear out today in my mums garage, and as I was going through things I found her old wooden racquet . Trouble is it's bent in shape slightly over the years, and I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any ways to straighten it out again, if it's even possible? I don't...
  16. Hood_Man

    Murray's hotdog... in string form!

    Murrays between the legs shot animated with string :) Only a few hundred views, deserves many more :)
  17. Hood_Man

    IW 2011 Doubles Final: Federer/Wawrinka v Dolgopolov/Malisse

    Who's going to win? Will Federer and Wawrinka steamroll their opponenets after straight setting the defending champions yesterday, or will Feds loss to Djokovic this evening still be playing on his mind, allowing Dolgo and Malisse a chance to snatch a victory?
  18. Hood_Man

    R. Nadal vs R. De Voest, 2nd Rnd Indian Wells

    Didn't see a proper match thread for this :) Nadal in 2 I think.
  19. Hood_Man

    Wimbledon 2007 Final video

    Can anyone tell me what Nadal says at the end of this rally? The point starts at 2:14, and Nadal says something around 2:28. To me it looks like a response to a comment Federer makes as the ball lands out, but I...
  20. Hood_Man

    Today I realised something...

    I watched today's match between Federer and Falla with my jaw almost permanently attached to the floor, and my heart beating through my chest, with a fear and dread that I had not felt in any Federer match before. As a fan of Roger's for many years I've still not come to terms with the idea...