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  1. QuentinFederer

    Thiem using full poly

    At WTF Dominic Thiem is using a full bed of red poly. Almost certainly this is RPM rough which he has been using as a cross recently.
  2. QuentinFederer

    New Dunlop Srixon

    Hi TW, I’ve recently seen on Kevin Anderson’s Instagram story that he is practising with a new paint job. This paint job was also seen at the announcement of the new Dunlop AO ball. Do you guys have any more info relating to the new racquets?
  3. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    Roger Federer’s 2017 resurgence was near perfect. 2 grand slams and 3 masters after several barren years and knee surgery. He finally managed to consistently beat Rafa. He may have skipped a huge chunk of the year, had a back issue through the US Open swing, and had a flat WTF, but his 2017 was...
  4. QuentinFederer

    Tourna leather Grip

    Has anyone on here used the Tourna leather grip? If so then how thick does it feel compared to other leather grips? I have been using Wilson leather on my grip 3 K6.1 18x20s but it has left the grip half a size smaller. I have been using gamma hi tech grips recently get the desired grip size...
  5. QuentinFederer

    Yonex Vcore SV 95 Review

    I have recently bought this frame and thought I'd share a review here. In short, this racket is close to perfection. It's very hard to fault it. Specs: Weight: 346 g inc string, grip, dampener SW: 328 Bal: 9 HL String: poly tour fire 1.25mm 50lbs Grip: leather + supergrap No lead added, racket...
  6. QuentinFederer

    Janowicz switching to one hander?

    I've just seen Janowicz has posted a video of himself hitting one handed backhands on Instagram. Hopefully he will use this new backhand in matches.
  7. QuentinFederer

    Raonic now using tournagrip

    I am watching Raonic play Mahut in the Citi Open and Raonic is now using what appears to be tourna grip.
  8. QuentinFederer

    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    Denis Shapovalov has announced on social media that he is now using a Yonex Vcore SV 95. He had previously been using a Wilson 6.1 18x20.
  9. QuentinFederer

    Timea Bacsinszky

    I'm not a regular watcher of the WTA, especially on clay, but Timea Bacsinszky is a pleasure to watch. For the last few years I've been following her progress and she is a very complete player. Her backhand is arguably one of the best in the game. Timea also seems like a really cool person off...
  10. QuentinFederer

    Limited edition blade

    Hi TW, Is the limited edition Wilson blade 18x20 CV going to be sold by TW Europe?
  11. QuentinFederer

    Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough

    Hi TW, I've noticed that big banger original rough doesn't seem to be available at TW Europe (or any other shops in Europe) but is still listed on the US site. Are Luxilon discontinuing the string or are they just not selling it in Europe anymore? Thanks, QF
  12. QuentinFederer

    Denis Shapovalov gives umpire black eye

    Denis Shapovalov has just given the umpire a black eye during the Davis cup tie between Canada and GB. He had just been broken by Edmund, and in frustration smacked the ball into the stands... except it didn't get that far. It hit the umpire clean in the eye. He was disqualified. Such a shame...
  13. QuentinFederer

    GOAT Confirmed

    Roger, you have done it again. Bring on Wimbledon. I bel19ve!!! We have witnessed the best final ever. Congratulations to both players, especially Nadal. He is such an inspiration and an amazing player. He has been such a worthy rival for Roger. I am so grateful to both players for their...
  14. QuentinFederer

    Chondromalacia in my left knee

    Hi everyone, I have recently developed chondromalacia in my left knee. Between the age of 10 and 14 I had it bad in both knees, but for the last 7 years I have been pain free. Since early Decembehas slowly been getting worse and I'm starting to worry that it might be with me for a a while. Has...
  15. QuentinFederer

    I bel18ve in you Roger

    Come on! This is draw opening up.
  16. QuentinFederer

    Thiem using full bed RPM Blast?

    Has Dominic Thiem switch to a full bed of RPM Blast from his usual gut/poly hybrid? I'm watching the Sydney 250 and his mains look to have more light reflecting off them then you'd find from a gut string.
  17. QuentinFederer

    Wilson Burn 95

    I have just purchased the Burn 95 from TW Europe without demoing. What can I expect from this frame? How does it compare to the RF97?
  18. QuentinFederer

    How far can Jack Sock go?

    How far do you all think he can go? I've been impressed with his form lately, and it's been nice to see him utilising his volleying skills. I can see him getting into the top 10 next year and who knows how far he can get after that.
  19. QuentinFederer

    Pure Strike 18/20 1017

    Does anyone know when @Babolat Official plan to release the new 18/20 Strike in the UK/Europe? Edit: title mean to say 2017
  20. QuentinFederer

    Old Pro Staff 97S

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about picking up the older 97S and would like to know how people feel it compares to the RF97, PS90 2014, hyper 6.1 18/20, PS95 2014? I'm a fan of the classic feeling Wilson rackets and it'd be interesting to see how the 97S compares. I've not tried out any spin effect...
  21. QuentinFederer

    Why has the 6.1 been discontinued?!

    I've recently managed to acquire a Wilson Hyper 6.1 18x20 in new condition and it is an amazing racquet. I had never previously used a 6.1, and I could very easily switch to this frame from my RF97. All that's stopping me from making the switch is that I only have one of them. Why on earth have...
  22. QuentinFederer

    Delpo's Wilson frame

    Hi everyone, I know this has been debated before but there still hasn't been a conclusive answer. What is Delpo actually using?
  23. QuentinFederer

    Wilson Juice Pro 96

    Hi everyone, what are your thoughts on the juice pro? I have a chance to pick a brand new one up at a very good price, but I'm not sure about the extrnded length. Thanks, QF
  24. QuentinFederer

    Marin Cilic US Open 2016

    I think Marin has a really good opportunity to claim his 2nd slam title. He's come off the back of his first Masters title, he's been in very good form since the grass season, and both Djokovic and Murray look beatable for him. He is playing a very complete game right now, he is serving very...
  25. QuentinFederer

    Grigor is back!

    Grigor Dimitrov is playing some great tennis this week in Cinci. I hope that he can carry this form and confidence through to the US open.
  26. QuentinFederer

    Gary Lineker

    Anyone else watching Gary in his pants on MOTD? I think it's fantastic that he's actually done it!
  27. QuentinFederer

    Yonex Vcore SV 95

    Does anyone have any information on this racket? I wanted to try the Vcore 95D but never managed to find one. Is the new SV 95 likely to be a similar racket? Thanks, QF
  28. QuentinFederer

    Smashed my first racket today :(

    Today I smashed my Wilson 6.1 pro staff 90 blx, on the very first time I used it. I wasn't in a great mood anyway, I hit 3 straight easy shots into the net and I just smashed it. The hoop broke into 4 pieces and now I'm just feeling like a total moron. I've never even thrown my racket before, I...
  29. QuentinFederer

    Thank you Sam Querrey

    Thank you to Sam Querrey for the 21st birthday present!
  30. QuentinFederer

    Older Racquets

    Hi everyone, are there any online shops where I can buy older racquets? I would like to try and find a Head Liquidmetal instinct tour XL and a Wilson Ncode tour 90. Thanks, QF :)