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  1. edmondsm

    Nadal withdraws from French Open

    Nadal has very strong clay court season, blazes through first two rounds of RG, IOC announces slew of failed doping tests, Nadal suddenly has debilitating wrist injury.
  2. edmondsm

    Rafa needs a Becker

    You can't fix old. Nadal is over the hill physically. Because of his physical, intense style of play, losing a step was always going to affect him more than the average player. Frankly it is stunning he lasted this long.
  3. edmondsm

    Can a Frenchman win the French?

    Even if they could the French fans don't deserve it. They can't even show up on time when there countryman is battling in the semis.
  4. edmondsm

    Rio a must- win for Rafa?

    He definitely needs to show (himself more than anything) that he can win titles. If he can't finish off a touney like Rio then his chances in Paris are not good.
  5. edmondsm

    Most wasted talent?

    Sorry, but this post is just silly. If John Isner and Karlovic can crack the top 15 serving and staying back then so could Dent. He's way more capable from the baseline than a couple guys that are pushing 7'. Lose 40lbs?!?! How big do you think the guy was? He turned pro around the same...
  6. edmondsm

    Serena ties Graf on the third try

    It would be poetic because Steffi and Serena would both have 4 RG titles, and 22 total.
  7. edmondsm

    Most wasted talent?

    Taylor Dent. Don't get me wrong it was fun watching a guy still try serve & volley on every point, but come on man, get a clue. The guy had a huge serve and moved pretty well, if he would have accepted reality, that serving and volley on every point is a dead strategy, he could have been top...
  8. edmondsm

    Nadal is Finished....

    I have counted Nadal out multiple times. His ability to come out of injuries and slumps is otherworldly. I am done, saying he is done. However, this time feels a little different. It's a longer slump, he's not a young buck anymore. The clay court season will tell all. If he goes another...
  9. edmondsm

    Hewitt has an awful Masters 1000 record

    Obviously Nadal (27 titles), Djokovic (26 titles), and Fed (24 titles) care about the masters 1000 events. There are several players with NO slam titles but much, much better MS series records than Hewitt. Tsonga has 2 MS titles for christ sake.
  10. edmondsm

    Hewitt has an awful Masters 1000 record

    11 MS titles was a big deal until about 5 years ago. Agassi had the record with 18. Now those numbers have been trounced by Fed, Nadal, and Djokovic. What struck me was how many touneys Hewitt had to miss altogether, and then many of the ones he did play he made very early exits. There were...
  11. edmondsm

    Nadal: "I don't know if I'll get back to #1. I am #5 and it's okay"

    Yeah, there is nothing wrong with #5 in the world.
  12. edmondsm

    Hewitt has an awful Masters 1000 record

    Delpo didn't have any staying power at all, always injured. Stan at least showed up to the MS touneys. He's barely missed any in 10 years. There were years where Hewitt was playing great at the slams and hardly even getting out of bed at the MS events. 2006 he made the 4th round at the FO...
  13. edmondsm

    Hewitt has an awful Masters 1000 record

    I had never realized this about him. Here's a guy who won two GS titles, but only two MS titles.....and they were both at Indian Wells in back to back years. There are years where he had great showings at the slams and was just terrible at the MS events. In 2005 he made the AO final and...
  14. edmondsm

    Ferrer vs Gaudio: who had the better career?

    Ferrer without a doubt. Gaudio got red hot at the right moment and good for him. That's how history will remember him. Ferrer is an iron man who could have easily won a GS title if the cards had fallen like they did for Gaudio in 04'. The fact they didn't in no way detracts from the fact...
  15. edmondsm

    Rafa Movement Issue?

    Yeah he's slowing down. It happens as the years tick away. Same thing happened to Fed. There was nothing he couldn't do with his forehand 10 years ago. Now he looks like he can't quite get in position to hit it as well. The movement going away is a bigger deal for Nadal though. He relies...
  16. edmondsm

    How can people claim this as a "weak era"?

    Seems like you highlight Fed getting drubbed by Rafa in the FO final, but then make an excuse for Novak when the same happened against Stan. Seems to me there is more pride in getting whooped by a 14 time GS champ in his prime then a 2 time champ on a hot streak.
  17. edmondsm

    Agassi suggests Nadal should shave his head

    I concur. Just let it go buddy.
  18. edmondsm

    Fed greatest frontrunner ever

    I think you've got a solid point. Funny that he became close friends with Tiger Woods, because Tiger was the greatest front-runner in the history of golf. I believe he didn't once come from behind on Sunday to win a major.
  19. edmondsm

    Does anybody know why Hingis doesn't play Singles?

    If she only plays dubs then the testers won't bother her. Gets to play tennis and use cocaine as she pleases.
  20. edmondsm

    Can anyone stop Federer from winning the FO in 2016?

    Does the OP realize that the guy in his profile is an avowed racist?
  21. edmondsm

    is anyone else surprised by Juan Martin Del Potro?

    It's not that black and white man. Some times your genetics just aren't there and you are more injury prone. Tommy Haas stepped on a tennis ball during a warm up and blew his ankle out. Monica Seles got freaking stabbed. Injuries and their aftermath are not always in our control.
  22. edmondsm

    is anyone else surprised by Juan Martin Del Potro?

    He was a fixture at the top of the game for a few years, always steadily rising and improving. Then it just fell apart.
  23. edmondsm

    Andy Murray's finals record in Majors

    For Lendl it was mental. In Murray's case his rivals all do everything just as good or better than him. All things being equal they will beat him more often then not.
  24. edmondsm

    Do you really consider the Grand Slams to be of equal value?

    His first coach, an Australian, died in a car accident while on a safari that Roger and his family recommended he go on.
  25. edmondsm

    Do you really consider the Grand Slams to be of equal value?

    I bet Sampras would trade a Wimbledon for an FO. I know he really wanted to win that title once. You saying the USO is lower than the FO is ill-informed. Historically the big events were Wimbledon and the USO. The FO was on a lower tier and yes nobody cared about the AO except Australians...
  26. edmondsm

    10+ slams will be a norm.

    The Aussie Open was not important. That was my main point. The slam counting was also not happening. The economics of the sport were totally different. McEnroe and Connors could play an exo in Madison Square Garden and make more money than a Wimbledon win.
  27. edmondsm

    Federers final tally

    C'mon man, you know there is no quantifiable way to say that era was weak. To the contrary, most retired top pros who know much more than you or me say that pro tennis is harder than ever. It is rough to see a hero like Sampras get overtaken when we all thought his record would stand for...
  28. edmondsm

    Federers final tally

    Funny. Imagine if you came in this thread and not only said Fed would catch Sampras but also there is this skinny little 17 year old dirtballer named Nadal that's going to catch Sampras too. You would have been laughed out of the room.
  29. edmondsm

    Which of the 4 most important things to Djokovic will he achieve in 2016

    I honestly think he could finish the year 90-1, but if that one loss is at the FO he will look back with regret.
  30. edmondsm

    10+ slams will be a norm.

    It's true tennis is much more "all-court" now. The best player from the baseline will be the favorite to win any slam. This is a relatively new development. There is also this issue of slam-counting. This idea of having 4 majors and they are the defining accomplishment of a top pro, that...